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It felt it was just yesterday we sat on the front yard and talked about the old times and laugh our hearts out ,live every moment as though there was no tomorrow. Walking down the street I could hear the laughter and the pain we once shared; now they are empty and lonely. When I look back on these times my heart cry and I wonder why it has end to soon. Every night before I go to sleep I call out your name even though you are not there. As I step out the door my eyes search for you as though you are there somewhere near. Nights are the hardest time of the days when everyone is asleep and all is still, I stay awake and take out our old pictures look at them and smile and say to myself, “this is why I was born”. Remembering the first time when you held my hand it brought tear to my eye cause it was the first time I knew I belong somewhere to someone. Life was such an easy game to play when you were there but it has become a battle to be won everyday because I am helpless and not strong enough. The day you walk out of my life was a sad day it felt as though it was world’s end cause the heart pound faster and tears felt like rain streaming down my face and everything around was all lie because I knew nothing was right anymore. I could see angels take your hand and wave me goodbye I pinch myself to make myself realize it was not real I ran back home to see if you were there but you were gone a fact I had to live with , it isn’t so easy to let go of the one who is so dear to your heart . Now all I have are dreams of you so I wish on the stars somewhere you are thinking of me too!


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