I have issues with the way Dumbarton Oaks fellowships are distributed. For the last 1, 5 I have conducted an independant research regarding this issue and have discovered that for many years these fellowships are distributed to American scholars predominatly. Even though they are advertised as highly competative fellowships offered to students all over the world, this advertising is misleading. People who have been given fellowships are almost 90% from American Universities. Also, there are instances when these fellowships are given to people from same universities (few years in a row), to students supervised by a same person. Most of these applicants are not widely published autors, some of them only have 1-2 publications. Knowledge of languages is not taken into consideration and single applicants are prefered over married people. Moreover, people who previously worked at DOAKS are prefered. I want to invite all of you who applied to this fellowship to give me your inside. Finaly, people anounce their fellowship before the rest of applicants are informed. Mayby we can do something  together...

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