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Critical TheoryEdit

Loyola, New Orleans (11.10.08)

  • MLA interview scheduled (12/1) Q: Had you heard from them before the interview request or was this their first contact? First contact
  • Q: Scheduled by email or phone? By phone
  • Rejection, by mail, received 12.12 (x2)
  • Notification of no campus visit via snail mail (1/12)

University of California, Riverside (11/17/2008)

  • This is a position in postcolonial theory—check the postcolonial page for updates

University of Nebraska (11/1/2008) Literary and Critical Theory

  • dossier requested 11/10 (x4)

call to schedule MLA interview 12/2 (x3) campus visits scheduled 1/2

Rider University (11/3/2008) Literary Theory

  • Search postponed till next year. If anyone has additional info about why the search was postponed, please post.
  • The email sent to applicants explained that the cancellation is entirely due to budgetary

concerns. They do hope to receive funding for next year, and urged applicants to resubmit then.

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