I had a tenure-track position but left before I came up for tenure and the reason is the department chair. During my annual review we had a nice chat, and there seemed to be no problems. When I received my annual review there were problems. First, she stated that I hadn't published anything, which was a flat-out lie. She even acknowledged my article during our meeting, and publishing was not a high priority in the first place. She stated that I wasn't on any committees, which was another blatant canard. Her MO was to join a committee, quit it and then ask me to replace her. I was on several committees, while she said I was on none. The university exempted faculty from committees for the first two years anyway. The only student ratings she discussed was the one class where I received mediocre ratings, while my other class ratings were good to excellent. The final straw, however, came when I discovered that she was trying to get me to do her work on a grant. She had a grant to put classes online. I had completed one of the classes, and she kept demanding the contents I had created. She kept obfuscating when I asked about being paid. A colleague told me that the grant was done, she had been paid and was just waiting for my contributions. Avoid the education department at The University of Findlay at all costs!

The University of FindlayEdit

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