Demographics for 2013-14 Rhet-Comp Job SearchEdit

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ABD (early):

ABD (will finish this academic year): 16

Ph.D. in hand (one-year, VAP, Lecturer, post-doc): 3

Ph.D. in hand (unable to find full-time academic employment at the moment):

Assistant Professor: 9

Associate Professor: 1

Full Professor:

Lurker: 2

Search committee member: 3

Total: 34


Primarily working in rhet/comp: 19

...primarily working in a field besides rhet/comp (with strong rhet/comp background): 2

...primarily working in a field besides rhet/comp (without strong rhet/comp background):

Candidates whose primary specialization is technical / professional communication: 2

6/5 PositionEdit

Um, seriously? 13:35, November 5, 2013 (UTC)

Whence UNC Charlotte? Edit

What happened to the UNC Charlotte position (Coordinator of Writing Resources Center)? Does anybody know? I saved the ad on my computer, but now I can't find the position on UNC Charlotte's jobs site or on the UNC general jobs site. 00:43, November 14, 2013 (UTC)

I don't have the answer, but a possible answer is that the funding for the position was pulled/not approved--searches can be halted for all kinds of reasons job-seekers can't see, but that's the main one in my experience.

No request for new materials, but no rejection either? Edit

What does it mean when you don't get a request for more materials, but haven't received a rejection either? Some of the jobs list both as having been received and I haven't received either yet. Anyone know? (and yes, my application was submitted properly with a confirmation)

If we were talking interview requests, it usually means that you didn't make the short list, but you fit the job well enough that you're being kept in a backup pool of candidates to be reached for in the event that the almost totally illogical process of a job search leaves that position unfilled and the committee finds itself scrambling to avoid a failed search. Some places seem to send rejections out very quickly, and others will send no rejections until the whole process is over.
But since we're talking materials, it's possible for committees to send out staggered requests, which I've seen happen occasionally. Let's hope that's what's going on here!Rhetorician (talk) 18:51, November 21, 2013 (UTC)
Yeah, I'd second the above. This thing really is a marathon sometimes that makes utterly no sense by the end of it all. I've had request for materials come in later in the game (perhaps because the first round people all withdrew, took jobs elsewhere at better places, or they got more material and simply didn't like the pool they had? who knows!), and I've also just never received a rejection letter ever. (you eventually find out from around the when someone posts on here that they accepted an offer). True story: I once got a rejection note a full 13 months after I applied for the job. Hang on tight. 
So no one has heard anything about the University of New Hampshire or the U Mass Boston job? No one has a friend of a friend who got a rejection letter or something? I have to assume they have issued invitations for interviews by now. Thoughts? Just wanting to know something one way or the other.
  • RESPONSE: I have not received anything from them either, and was wondering what was going on.
  • MLA Interviews are now listed for UMASS Boston Job on front page (12/18). UNH: MLA interviews scheduled 12/20 per front page. 

Thank you mods! Edit

Thank you moderators of this wiki for making it one of the best organized pages of the jobs wiki. You do a great job keeping the page tidy and consistently formatted so it is easy to read and update. 16:24, December 10, 2013 (UTC)

From a Search Committee Member Edit

Dear Everyone,

My unversity has just completed preliminary interviews. It was an awesome and also heartwrenching process. There are so many incredible candidates among you. And such delightful human beings. We wanted to bring at least half of our interviewees to campus, and we'd love to hire 3 or 4 of them, if we had the lines. I hope you all find good positions!! Hang in there through this!

Search Committee Member

Dear Search Committee Member,

Thank you for this kind note. I was rejected from the first round of Landmark College's search, and though you are not probably a member of that search committee, that interview was an exceptionally positive experience. Truly a conversation among enthusiastic peers who seem to care about their field and students. I was impressed by the professional yet personal process, short that it was. Someone will likely feel quite lucky to land there.

Grateful, though rejected, Candidate 15:12, December 27, 2013 (UTC)

I wanted to add that I'm also on a search committee that recently finished preliminary interviews, and I feel the same way as the original poster above: our committee agreed that literally 10 out of 11 would be okay, and we wanted to bring 7 to campus for visits (though of course we can't afford that). The applicant pool is amazing; I'm heartily impressed. 23:50, January 15, 2014 (UTC)

Cuny SearchesEdit

I've noticed that most of the CUNY searches have been relisted, and/or have been under review for a while. Does anyone have information that can be shared on the real time status of those searches, including whether or not the relists mean that those who have previously applied are unofficially out of the running, or if those universities seek to increase the applicant pool, or...? 15:11, December 27, 2013 (UTC)

  • City College CUNY scheduled MLA interviews as of 12/28/13 and Baruch College CUNY seems to have scheduled Skype interviews around 12/17 (according to front page). No info. available on other searches yet. Una74 (talk) 23:00, December 28, 2013 (UTC)
  • Thank you for responding. I am especially interested in the job ad relists for Lehman, Medgar Evers, and CUNY's Tech schools, including if anyone knows more about the real time status of those searches. A few other of the CUNY schools have reposted job ads, too. 14:03, December 29, 2013 (UTC)
  • Is it me or do some of the CUNY job ads just keep circulating, with no confirmations to applicants? I have seen at least six CUNY ads reposted, and having applied to four, have received neither confirmation nor rejections from any. 
  • CSI Assoc. comp rhet just sent a rejection email saying they have decided not to fill the position? 21:08, February 20, 2014 (UTC)
  • New York College of Technology asked me to do a skype teaching demo. Is anyone asked to do the same?
  •          ANSWER:  Yes on the Skype teaching demo.  It is a standard part of their preliminary interview. 

Salary Expectations in the Cover Letter Edit

Salary Expectations in the Cover Letter

I've come across a job posting that requests that candidates include their salary expectations in the cover letter.  This is not too common in our field, but I have seen it before. I'm wondering how others respond to such requests in their letters.  Thanks! Thecandidate (talk) 19:26, January 3, 2014 (UTC)

Wow and hmmm. I would state something along these lines toward the close of the cover letter: "As requested in the job posting, my salary expectations are..." Specifically, I would state a round number of my current salary, express that I expect a similar salary based on the location and cost of living, including any reasonable salary/cost of living/performance based salary increases that were not awarded due to state/university cuts (which include many of us, sadly). I would probably also add that salary, based on reasonable factors, may be negotiable. Most importantly, I would keep it short and neutral but honest and reasonable. Does that help? 14:18, January 5, 2014 (UTC)

That is along the lines of what I was thinking: short, neutral, honest, reasonable. However, I don't think I will include my current salaray as I am hoping to move out of a NTT into a TT job. I honestly don't know if I would accept a job that pays the same as my NTT position now.Thecandidate (talk) 19:19, January 6, 2014 (UTC)

Campus Visit Invitations and Next StepsEdit

I can't believe all these places that did MLA interviews still haven't issued invitations for campus interviews. Yet, I'm seeing only a couple of updates saying that they have. If you've heard anything, or know someone who has, please update the wiki! Happy job hunting to all.

I would expect a lot of activity on the wiki today. This is the first week of school for most universities, so they're likely meeting late in the week. Some schools have to run the finalists list by the dean, which slows the process. Of my 5 MLA interviews, I've only heard from one. I don't think it's just that people aren't updating the wiki. I think search committees haven't finalized decisions yet. 

Heck, for non-MLA, or post MLA positions, a bunch of searches have not moved. At all. As in, no preliminary interivews, at least as far as the wiki bears out. I called a couple of HR departments to check on the searches, and -yup- still open, just nothing happening. I admit that my compartmentalization skills could be better, but I also suspect that search committees could move along, little doggies. It is NO fun being in limbo. 14:35, January 19, 2014 (UTC)

1/23/14 - My family is getting tired of my neurosis, so I thought I'd bring my frustration to this forum. Wow. This process is demoralizing. I started out of the gate early, with a steady rush of Skype interviews. Six total. Only one school told me no thanks, but I am aware of others that continued with campus visits. I got one campus visit before Christmas and have heard nothing. Sorry if I sound complainy. If I didn't have my dissertation to keep me warm, I'd be even more distraught. Best of luck to everyone. I hope we all get jobs :-)

I appreciate the company. It's brutal out here. I am exhausted from waiting on various searches that are at various stages. Here's to jobs all around! 21:44, January 24, 2014 (UTC)

I want to extend a thank you to any search committee members reading this who sent prompt post-first-round-interview rejections to candidates and/or rejections before first-round interviews. It's a real relief just to know one way or the other. I wish more people would update the wiki! I know I'm preaching to the choir here. Still, I'm waiting for half a dozen or so decisions from places I interviewed with, and I know that they have invited people to campus by now. Really, they just have. But I want confirmation! -- either here or directly from them. 

1/31 - Does anyone think there are schools who still haven't yet scheduled campus visits after MLA interviews? I'd expected to hear something by now, and I don't know whether to keep hoping or assume I've been ruled out. I feel like I'm waiting for a phone call after a first date that I *thought* went well. Ugh. This is no fun, y'all.

1/31 - Forgive this response to the above post if it seems obvious, but my consolation about not being invited yet derives from the fact that at least 3 people posted having been invited to initial interviews on the wiki for the job I am waiting to hear back on. I figure if those 3 had been rejected or invited to campus, then they would have posted (I certainly would have). So, because no one has posted an update, I'm hoping that means no movement from the search committee. Maybe you can figure the same? Hoping for ya!

Shifting Job DescriptionsEdit

Just need to vent for a second--shifting job descriptions are driving me nuts. I just had a phone interview with a very nice school. They had asked for a large number of different documents and materials ahead of time, which were very specific and a pain to put together, but I thought, "Hey, I really think I'm a good fit for this position, so I'm going to pull these things together." In their job listing they said the candidate needed to be able to do at least 3 out of a list of things. I am well-prepared to do most of the things they mentioned--about 5 out of 7. Then, in the phone interview, they focused on a completely different area--not one of the 7 originally listed! If the orginal job listing had focused on this area, I probably would not have applied for the job. In all of the copious additional materials they asked me to send them, this area was never mentioned. I represented myself and my strengths completely honestly to get to this point in the interview process, only to find out they really want something else! This has happened to me more than once. Please, search committees, decide what you really want ahead of time. Do not waste all of our time. 17:36, January 26, 2014 (UTC)

That is some horeshit. Sorry. What a waste. A similar incident occurred to me last year, and the non mentioned position thing was the FIRST interview question, and a super important one, it turns out. I was like, what what? Needless to say, I was not invited to campus [unsigned]

A friend told how he was also a perfect match for the description, but the committee (well, someone in authority) changed the description to something entirely different AFTER campus interviews. The new description on the university's website matched the person hired. 

I guess a committee might not know what they want until they see it, or perhaps a retirement or faculty member leaving could change your needs. But don't change the description for all to see. Just hire who you want. 22:31, January 28, 2014 (UTC)

1-28-14 The same thing just happened to me, but it wasn't as overt. I was a finalist for a position that had very specific experience requirements. In an odd sort of twist, I discovered the name of and googled the person who was hired. This person listed none of the aforementioned experience, and in fact, seemed to have an entirely different focus and background than the job description targeted. However, this person DID have an impressive CV with some great publications. My takeaway is that even if a job is in a "teaching" (as opposed to research) school, lots of publications trump all other accomplishments. My other takeaway is that even when the campus visit goes very well, and the chair sends several complimentary e-mails afterwards, the only sure sign that you will get the offer is when you get the offer!

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