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Offers Edit

List NEW information at top - please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under Word on the Street

  • UTSA (01/05) Latin American (Second Hand)Q. Reliable? Very | Lit position? Yes
  • NYU (12/28) (Offer accepted) Q. Firsthand? Yes
  • Holy Family (12/20) (Received rejection post-campus interview. Safe to assume someone has accepted an offer)
  • Villanova University (12/17) (accepted)

Campus InterviewsEdit

List NEW information at top - please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under Word on the Street

  • Harvard (1/17) (second-hand, reliable)
  • University of Alabama - Birmingham (1/18)
  • Arizona State University (1/18)
  • Daemen College (1/15)
  • Utica College (1/15)
  • Union College (1/11)
  • University of Arizona (1/11) (second-hand, reliable) 
  • University of Kentucky (1/10)
  • Columbia University (1/10). Congrats! Did you hear via email?
  • Syracuse Non-TT VAP of Spanish and Latino Literature
  • Syracuse University (12/20) Colonial Transatlantic (second hand - reliable) X2 [reposting it, someone erased it]
  • Texas State U (1/8) congrats! Q1:Did they contact you by phone or email? is this the Linguistics position?
  • University of New Mexico (1/4)
  • Rider University (1/5)
  • Rockford University (1/3)
  • Middlebury (12/14)
  • West Virginia University (12/14)
  • Appalachian State (12/17)
  • Carnegie Mellon (12/20)
  • University of Maryland at Baltimore County (12/20)
  • UNC Charlotte (12/19)
  • Colby College (12/19)
  • Auburn University (second hand - reliable) Q: Was this colonial or 19th/20thc narrative? A: 19/20th C. narrative. 
  • Texas Tech (12/17) Q: Is this Lit or Linguistics? A: TT Assistant Professor of US-Latino Studies
  • New Mexico State University (12/17)
  • Texas Tech University (12/13) (Hispanic Linguistics) Q: Does this mean you were invited to campus? When did you receive the invitation?
  • University of Florida (Syntax) (12/13) 
  • Georgetown (12/12)
  • Penn State (Golden Age) (12/10, 12/16) x2
  • Ithaca College (11/30) 
  • Cornell University (11/29) X3
  • UChicago (Medieval)
  • UTSA (11/21) Q: Which position? Lit
  • Villanova University (12/3) (Colonial Latin American Studies) 
  • UW Eau Claire (11/19)
  • University of British Columbia (Mexican Literature) (11/8)
  • University of Nevada, Reno (11/8) X2 (Are these interviews for the lecturer position? A: No, TT in Translation/Interpretation)
  • Holy Family University (11/2) X 2

Skype/Phone InterviewsEdit

List NEW information at top - please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under [ Word on the Street

  • Augusta University (1/15) Q. Email or phone call? Congrats.
  • Concordia College (1/11) TT or 3-year? Tenure Track.
  • Durham University (UK) (1/9) x2
  • Trinity University (1/6) x2
  • Idaho State University (1/3) x2
  • Muhlenberg College (12/31)
  • University of Wisconsin-River Falls, Spanish Professor (12/26)
  • University of Florida, Spanish Lecturer (12/18)
  • University of British Columbia, Caribbean Literatures and Cultures (12/7)
  • Weber State University (12/14)
  • South Dakota State University (12/10)
  • University of Florida (12/16) Colonial Studies
  • Bowdoin College (12/15) x2
  • Wake Forest University (12/13)
  • Harvard University (12/13)
  • University of California Santa Barbara (12/13) x2
  • University of Maryland at Baltimore County (12/11)
  • The College of Wooster (12/11) X 2     (12/17) x1 Was this later date invite after the initial short interview? I know that they are doing two rounds of interviews before campus visits. A1: No, first I ever heard from them was email 12/17 to set up a sykpe, no short interview. Felt like maybe I was a second-string candidate? Who knows
  • Saint Mary's Indiana (12/10, Second Hand) x 2
  • St. Bonaventure University (12/10) x2 Phone interview
  • Northern Arizona University (12/10) x3 Phone interview
  • University of New Mexico (12/7) Q1:Did they contact you by phone or email? And was this for the Assistant or Assistant/Associate position? Thanks! A1: Email, for Assistant position
  • University of Dallas (second hand, reliable), Skype Interview
  • Colby College (12/7)
  • Syracuse University (12/7) x2 Skype interview - Colonial and Transatlantic Studies. 
  • Stetson University (VAP) (12/06)
  • Rockford University (12/6) Phone interview
  • Elon University (12/6)
  • NYU (12/5) x2 Visiting Asst Prof in early modern
  • Arizona State University (12/5) x3
  • Lycoming College (12/4)
  • UNC Charlotte (12/4)
  • Temple (12/4) NTT General Spanish Education
  • University of Miami (12/04) x2
  • Eckerd College (12/04)
  • Temple(12/3) NTT E-Learning Coordinator x2
  • UC Riverside Literature and culture of Latin America -- Interviews taking place this week. (Second hand. Very reliable).
  • Temple (12/3) NTT Coordinator of E-Learning
  • West Virginia University (12/3) x2
  • Rutgers (11/30) x3. A1: Is this for the position in Lusophone studies? A2: Yes A1: Would you mind telling me what's your area of specialization in the field of Lusophone studies? A2 - Gender and sexuality; cultural studies. A1: Thank you, and good luck! A3: Not A2 obviously, but my area is Ling. A4: Race and gender Q2: A2 and A3, are any of you ABD? Many thanks and good luck! A3: Thanks! PhD in hand. A4: PhD in hand, this would be my second academic position.
  • MIT (11/30) Which position? A1: Latin American Studies
  • University of Virginia (11/19) Position? A1: Assistant Professor, NTT; (12/7) Associate/Full Q2: Does anybody know anything else about the assoc/full position in Peninsular? Thanks 
  • Appalachian State University  (11/29) X2
  • Elon University (11/29) x2
  • Middlebury College (11/29) x3
  • Georgetown (11/28) x2
  • Pacific Lutheran (11/27) x2
  • Utica College (11/26) x2 Phone interview
  • University of Colorado - Denver (CO). (11/26) Skype interview
  • North Central College (11/24) x 2
  • Mount Holyoke College (11/21)
  • UC Riverside (11/21) x3 Which position? Peninsular
  • Cornell (11/20) x2 Lecturer Spanish Language
  • U of Chicago (11/20) Position?
  • Auburn University (11/20) TT Latin American Narrative x2
  • Auburn University (11/20) TT Colonial Latin America
  • Texas Tech University (11/20) TT Lit. and Culture
  • New Mexico State University (11/19) TT x3
  • Christopher Newport University (11/19) Lecturer
  • Davidson College (11/19)
  • Kansas State University (11/16) x4
  • Texas Tech University (11/15) Hispanic Linguistics x2
  • Santa Clara University (11/15) Assistant Professor of Spanish (Applied Linguistics).
  • University of Florida (TT in syntax) (11/10) 
  • Grand Valley State University (11/8) x2
  • UT San Antonio (11/9) Lit. (Second Hand) x2
  • Michigan State University (11/8)
  • Ithaca College (11/8)
  • Carnegie Mellon (11/8) X 2; (11/12); Is this for the TT position or the teaching professor? A: This is for the teaching professor. They didn't post a position for a TT position. Q:Hi, could you tell me what's your field? And do you know if they are interviewing for more than one field? THanks!  A2: Carnegie Mellon also advertised a TT Asst. Prof. in SLA, language could be Spanish, Arabic, or Chinese.  I applied for that one and have not heard anything yet. A3: For the teaching professor position, my field is 20th century peninsular.
  • UW-Eau Claire (11/2) TT
  • Villanova U (11/01) Literature
  • Penn State (11/02) x2 This is the position in Early Modern Peninsular Literature? Yes, it is. Thank you so much for your answer! May I ask if they contacted you first by email? Or they just called you? Just by email.
  • U Nevada - Reno (11/01) Have they invited for the campus visit for the lecturer position?
  • UT San Antonio (10/31) x2
    • Is this for the linguistics or literature position? A: Ling. I also want to know if this is the position the Linguistics position. A2: Yes, it was for the Ling position.
  • Holy Cross (10/21) x2 Skype interview for 10/29
  • Cornell TT (10/24)
  • Georgia Tech (10/21) Lecturer
  • CSU Fullerton (10/19) — TT
  • University of British Columbia (CAN). Assistant Professor of Spanish (20th/21st-Century Mexican Literature and Cultures) (10/16) x2
  • Holy Family University (9/28) X 2

MLA InterviewsEdit

List NEW information at top - please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under Word on the Street

  • College of Wooster (post-Skype) (12/20)     (12/22, also post-skype) Q: Was this a lecturer position or TT? Thanks! A: TT
  • Bowling Green State University (12/13) phone call
  • Lehigh University (12/13) email
  • University of Texas, El Paso (UTEP) (12/13) x4 Congrats! Were you notified via email? A: (not OP) I got an email that looked like something automated, requesting more info. Once I logged in there was a message with the MLA invitation. Thanks!
  • Saint Joseph's University (12/5) X 2 Q: Congratulations; was this via phone call or email? Thank you. A: email
  • University of Alabama - Birmingham (12/5)  x2
  • Columbia University (12/4) x2 Q: Congrats! where you informed via email? A: Yes. 
  • Wabash College (12/4)
  • University of Kentucky (12/2)
  • Texas State U (12/2)
  • Boston University (11/30) x 2
  • Union College (11/27) x 2
  • University of Arizona (11/26)
  • Occidental College (11/26) x2
  • Skidmore College (11/21) X 2
  • Rider University (11/13)
  • Pitzer College (11/9)x 2

No he visto ningún anuncio que diga que estarán entrevistando en el MLA, ¿ya nadie entrevista en el MLA? A1: No se sabrá de entrevistas de MLA sino hasta más tarde en noviembre y diciembre. A2: Yo he visto algunos anuncios que dicen explícitamente que no entrevistarán en el MLA sino por medio de Skype.

Additional Materials RequestedEdit

List NEW information at top - please post "Have you heard?" questions below, under Word on the Street

  • Durham (Assistant Prof. Hispanic Studies, letter of recommendation, 1/8) x2
  • MIT (Latin American Studies, letters of recommendation, Oct. 27)


  • Arizona State University (1/22) - Email, no interview
  • Central Washington University (1/17) - email
  • Lehigh (1/17) X 2- email, post-MLA. Email, no interview. 
  • Augusta State - (1/16) - email
  • Ithaca College (1/10) - email x4
  • University of Pennsylvania - email
  • NYU (1/9) - email x2
  • Durham University (1/8) - email x2
  • University of Wisconsin - River Falls (1/3) - email Q1: Are you the same person who had the skype/phone interview above? A. No. I never got a Skype/Phone interview.
  • Elon (1/2) X2, pre-interview x4  
  • University of Maryland–Baltimore County (12/21)x2 Q1: Was this pre or post skype interview? Thank you! A1: pre.
  • Kansas State U (12/20)
  • Holy Family (12/20). x3 Rejection post-campus interview, so presumably the position has been filled. Received notification both by e-mail and regular mail. Q1:Was everyone notified after doing the campus visit? If so, 3 of us were invited to the campus, did they have an inside hire? A: No, I did not have a campus visit. Just a skype interview.
  • PLU (12/18) rejection post Skype x2
  • Ball State University (12/18) - Email - position cancelled x3
  • Bemidji State University (12/17) E-mail. Pre-Skype interview. x2
  • Carnegie Mellon (12/17) X2 Paper rejection letter in mail, post-skype interview
  • Michigan State University (12/17)  X 3 email   Q1: was this pre or post skype? Thank you! R1: Pre R2: Some of these are candidates that didn't get an interview too. Q2: Did anyone who had a Skype interview recieve a rejection at this point? 
  • Northern Arizona University (12/13) X2 Q1: Was this pre or post phone interview? R1 Pre
  • University of British Columbia, Caribe (12/12) x3
  • Santa Clara (12/11) x1 Q1: Was this for the Applied Linguistics position?
  • University of Coloarado, Denver. Instructor of Spanish (12/10)
  • Allegheny College (12/10) x4
  • Boston University (12/07) x2
  • Carnegie Mellon (12/7) x9
    • Q1: Was this pre or post-skype interview? R1: In my case, it was pre- skype interview. R2: I believe they just sent out their mass rejections this week.
    • Q2: Is this possition for L2 linguitics?
  • Davidson College (12/6)
  • San Diego SU (12/6) x4
    • Q1: Was this pre or post-skype interview? A1: pre
  • Rutgers U (12/3)
  • Virginia Tech (12/03) x5, 12/04 x1
  • University of Miami (12/03) X7
    • Q1: May I ask what kind of rejection you received?  I applied, but I didn't receive any rejection, nor an interview. A1. I got an email with "Unfortunately, we were unable to include your application among the list of finalists to be interviewed" A2. They sent the email to the mailbox associated with my Interfolio account. Make sure you look in that one if it's not your main one.
  • U of Nevada Reno - Lecturer (11/28)
  • U. of Nevada Reno - TT Spanish Assistant Professor for Translation/Interpretation Studies (11/28)
  • U of Oregon (11/27) x4 - Q: Were these rejections emailed to applicants? A: yes
  • Morningside College (11/25)
    • Q1. Are you sure this was a rejection? I recently received an acknowledgment from them that at first glance looks quite similar to a rejection.
  • Holy Cross x3 (11/20, after Skype interview).
    • A2: I also got an e-mail saying that they were now doing “campus interviews,” which I can only assume is as good as a rejection considering I’m not one of the candidates going.
  • New Mexico State University x 6 
    • Q1. By email? Seems really quick to get a rejection... A. 2 e-mails. One from the chair, and another automatically generated from hr. 
  • Emory University - Contemporary LatinX Studies
  • Daemen X5   Are you ABD? A. I have PhD in hand. Thank you.
  • UBC (MX)
  • Cornell TT (11/5, after Skype interview).
    • Q1: May I ask what your field is? A. Latin American lit, twentieth-century transnational+gender. 


  • Ball State University (12/18) email:  "The University has decided to not fill the position at this time.  We may decide to post this position at another time."
  • Morningside College
  • U. of Miami (11/28) Applicant Information Survey x7
  • Saint Mary's College (11/26) X 2
  • Muhlenberg lecturer (11/19)
  • Elon U (10/22)
  • Northern Arizona U (10/22)
  • University of Montreal (11/05), (11/21)
  • Boston University (11/07)
  • Rockford University (11/13) x4 Q. In an email, an HR rep requested 'required salary'. What is the answer one should give? A1. You need to do your research and compare against the type of university jobs where you're interested in working and consider cost of living and your own family and debt situation. A good place to start to see what is competitive is here: but there are also different ranges for different fields. I think I saw that modern languages tend to come in about 4% under average. I'll say that this is a terrible HR practice that further concentrates power in the hands of the employer who, in this market, has so much power already. I categorically refuse to give a number. I typically answer something like "I'm very excited about the possibility of working with you and I'd hate to reduce the compensation conversation to just a number when there are so many other elements to a comprehensive offer. If through the interview process we still think that we'd be a mutual good fit I'm sure we'd be able to work something out."  A2: You can check sites like GlassDoor too, that might help get an idea of what salaries are like at a particular institution. In my experience, the few times that salary has come up early in the interview process (usually immediately prior to arranging a campus visit), it has been so that the school can confirm that you're willing to work for 40k, so that they don't waste resources flying you out there only to have to turn down an offer with an absurdly low salary. I don't have any advice on how to respond to the HR request you received tho :( A3: has pretty good data, but it is for all professions, not just languages, so I would take A1's advice regarding 4% under average with this tool as well.

Word on the streetEdit

  • Any news on UC Santa Barbara post-Skype?
  • Has anyone heard from New Jersey City University about the Peninsular TT position?
  • Still nothing on Montreal?
  • Any news on Michigan State, post-Skype? A1: none here A2: Thanks for sharing.
  • MIT (lit): anyone heard anything post-skype? Was anyone invited to acmous visit or received letter of rejection?
  • Any news on Davidson College post-Skype interviews? A: Campus interviews have been scheduled (second-hand).
  • New job offer for TT Spanish / French at Creighton University. See Job Postings section.
  • BU--Any word on campus visits post-MLA?
  • USC - Aiken ran a search through Nov. 17. Now they have posted the job again on Jan 11 with review starting Jan 14 and requesting mailed to them documents. Does this seem odd?
  • Did anyone ever hear from Middlebury after Skype interviews last month? I know it is likely to go to the inside candidate, but I wondered if anyone else had been invited to campus.
  • Any news on Trinity University post-Skype interviews? A: I think it is still too early for news (I interviewed recently).  Q: Thank you!  
  • Any news on Saint Joseph's University post-MLA? A: yes, visits scheduled last week. Thank you!
  • Any news on Emory?
  • Any news on Swarthmore College? Did they even have MLA interviews? A1: Totally wondering the same...I was really excited about that position and I reached out to follow up re: my application and no one got back to me.
  • Anything on Pitzer post-MLA? A: Nothing, but this is a weird position, isn't it? A2: Indeed. The job ad did not make apparent everything they seem to want...good luck!
  • Any news on Elon U post interviews?
  • Any news on Mount Holyoke, post interviews? No...A2: Thanks for your reply :)
  • Any news from UC Riverside, Peninsular post-Skype? Has anybody received a callout for campus visits?
  • Anyone know what's happening at MTSU?
  • Any news from Yale? Last year they advertised then never hired anyone. Same thing all over again?
  • Any news from Trinity U?
  • Did Montreal contact candidates?
  • Has anyone heard about the Wartburg College position? Thank you for your response, yet a another for my lengthy and growing list of rejections :( A1: Nothing post-phone interview.
  • Has anyone heard from Northern Arizona U post-telephone interviews? A1. Nothing here, but I guess campus visits must have been scheduled...
  • Has anyone heard about the Denison U position?
  • Has anyone heard from University of the Bahamas? Q2: Seconding this question
  • Colorado State-Fort Collins? No news yet? (1/12) | Rockford University post-telephone interviews?
  • Anything from Princeton or Swarthmore College? A1/OP: Answering part of my own question - I contacted Princeton directly and apparently they are currently holding their first round of interviews.
  • Any news from Fashion Institute of Technology? A1: Nope. Someone else asked this below, though.
  • Anything from Montreal? 
  • Anyone heard anything from NW Oklahoma State? The deadline passed quite a while ago.
  • ¿Todavía sin noticias de Harvard? Alguien ha dicho que tiene entrevista. Gracias, no sé donde tengo la mente
  • The status of the Ball State job was changed to search cancelled. Can anyone confirm this? 'R1: Where did you see this? I was planning on submitting my application tonight. R2: I haven't seen anything and the application submission website is working, so I wouldn't pay much attention to that anonymous comment. Apply. OP: Look below in the jobs section of available jobs, someone this morning edited the job submission down there to say search cancelled. I already applied and my application still says under review but was just curious why someone changed the job on this page, that is all. OP: To confirm, Ball State has cancelled the position. I just received an email from them stating they have decided not to fill the position at this time.
  • Any news from UT-San Antonio (Hispanic Linguistics) post Skype interview? 
  • Any news on the position at Colgate University? 12/15 Skype interviews were conducted on the week of December 17-21
  • Any news from Bridgewater State University? Nop, nothing yet... A1: I've heard unofficially that they wont be contacting any candidates until January
  • Any news on Bates College? None. Would be hard to imagine them not hiring the VAP, very impressive publishing record. A2: yeah I had to pick my jaw up off the floor after looking at that record
  • Any news on Carnegie Mellon post Skype interview? Rejection letter in the mail today
  • Any news on The College of Wooster (OH)? Skype interview invite 12/11
  • Any news about the Fashion Institute of Technology? They had an Oct, 1st deadline for applications. Same with Bronx Community College. A1: I was wondering the same! I applied to FIT, Barnard and CUNY Queensborough (deadline mid Sept) and haven't heard from any of them :(. Best of luck! A2: Me too!  A3: I wouldn't hold my breath on Barnard - they posted the identical job description last year and, according to last year's wiki and my own experience, it seems like they never interviewed anyone for the job (and never even responded to emails or sent rejections).
  • Anything on the UBC Caribbeanist position? 
  • Any news from the University of Dallas? Looks like there are Skype interviews scheduled (someone recently updated the Skype/Phone interviews section higher up on the page).
  • Any word on the TT Spanish Peninsular Lit position at New Jersey City University? A1: I got nothing. Good to know I'm not alone on getting nothing so far, at least. I'll post the second I hear anything (if I do).A2: Great, thank you! I will do the same. Their deadline was 12/09 I think so it may still be too early.
  • Any news on MIT Lecturer in Spanish position? A. Nothing of nothing. Nada.
  • Any news on Augusta? A1: De momento, nada.
  • Any news on Muhlenberg?
  • Any news on the Harvard Mexicanist position? Nada de nada.
  • Below is a comment on the overwhelming amount of apps submitted to Northern Arizona but nothing else. Any news from them? 10/22 was a long time ago compared to other places announcing interviews and visits.
  • Anything from Bowdoin? Nada
  • Any news from University of Texas El Paso?
  • Any news from Montréal?
  • FYI, a committement over the last many years to hire only white european or American men is not a committment  to diversity, and certainly not where we want to go in medieval Iberian studies. You can add early modern postitions to this situation also. Most of the Medieval and Early Modern positions in the past two years have been given to male Europeans or Americans. The visting postions have been left for women in the fields.  I appreciate these comments very much and hope this veiled discourse can be continued so that they are not deleted because this really needs to be said in the Iberian realm, as it is being said in others. R1 As far as I know, one of the few positions of those two fields last year went to a man from Puerto Rico; other to an American woman with Latin American heritage, and other to a woman from Spain... (you can check last year's announcements and the websites of the institutions if you want). So I am referring to half of the positions last year (don't know about the rest), and just talking about last year. R2 Sitting at the IMANA table with me at Kalamazoo this year were three new hires in Medieval Spanish literature. One was a Hispanic man, one an American woman, and one an Arab. In fact, I, the white American male, felt left out because I had not gotten a tenure-track hire. R3: To the person who made this post originally: what source were you basing your comments on? R4: I think the initial poster is referring to a specific embattled job. If I am correct, they are definitly right, no question about that. R4: It seemed the original person was speaking in general terms about many different types of positions (medieval Iberian studies, Early Modern, and then commenting on VAPs). I did not get the sense at all that they were referring to a specific position. R6: To R1 and R2: Supporting diversity means reversing the historical trend that is today perpetuated. It would only be fair for universities to stop considering candidacies from European and American white men for a decade. That would be a real commitment to diversity and a way for white male Europeans and Americans to understand what we feel. Especially the field of Medieval Iberian Studies is desperately in need of feminine voices. R7: To R6: If you are trying to be funny, then ha ha. "Feminine voices," especially, make for passable comedy. But if you are serious, shame on you. It scares me to consider that I might be working alongside somebody who holds this kind of abhorrent views and not even know it. R8: I did not pretend to be funny and I do not know why "female voices" are funny. Maybe it's that my English is not good. I also do not know why it is "abhorrent" my view. Without a clear measure that prohibits the hiring of those who dominate the field, you will never reach any kind of diversity. The norm will be always reproduced. R9: You can't be bothered to look up the difference between "female" and "feminine" even after it's been pointed out to you and you don't seem to value linguistic competence enough to work on it. I'm a tenured academic (female but not particularly feminine) and I'm often on search committees. In my experience, people who assume they aren't getting hired because of unfair preferences aren't very attractive to search committees. One always expects such candidates to blame everybody else for their mistakes once they are hired, and it's tiresome. Good luck with your search but please remember that your colleagues of either gender or any ethnicity are not your enemy. 
  • Anyone heard from Bowling Green?
  • Any updates about Texas State University literature position? Thanks! 
  • Any news from U Virginia? A1. This is not a real job search. They are doing this for the second year in a row because of an ongoing situation with somebody. Applicants wait forever and never hear anything. I have a close friend involved in the situation, which is how I know. Q2. Are you talking about the position in Spanish Peninsular Literature, 15th to present? A2. We hired last year ( and are running a second search this year, also in Peninsular, to replace recent retirements ( I teach in the department, but all of this information is on our website for the public. The job market is hard enough without crazy rumors. Let's try to support each other here. A3. Appreciate the information from within the department. A4. But, are they scheduling interviews at all? Q3. Qué pasa con esta gente de Virginia? Han empezado a entrevistar a alguien? No hay noticias por ningún lado A1. Yo sí tuve una entrevista con U of Virginia. Me dijeron que tenían que hacer más entrevistas entonces supongo que no soy el único a quien han entrevistado (obviamente). Q4. Gracias por la información. Es para el puesto de Peninsular, verdad? Podrías decir si la(s) entrevista(s) fue(ron) reciente(s)? Más o menos cuándo? Gracias! 
  • Anything on the U Miami job? A: I recieved the affirmative action form today. For some reason their webpage isn't working today. I have a feeling that there is an inside candidate, but who knows. Good luck! A2: Hmm...wondering how to interpret that...think it's a mass email to everyone who's applied? A3: I feel like it was a mass e-mail, too. The webpage worked perfectly when I tried it. What makes you think there’s an internal candidate, A?
  • Any news on the Boston U. position?
  • Does anyone know who is in the search committee for the Columbia U job? They have a new top professor in the house and was wondering if he is part of the search.
  • Any news on the Virginia Tech position?  A: I haven't heard anything, 11/28/18.  FYI, this position was created as a spousal position.  A2: 12/4/18 It's been filled.
  • Anything from Bowdoin? Nada.
  • Q: Any news on the University of British Columbia Caribbeanist position? 
  • Any news on the Columbia U. position? 
  • Q: Anyone heard from Wabash College in Indiana? 
  • Q: Any news on the University of British Columbia Mexicanist position after Skype interviews? 
  • A friend just told me that Northern Arizona U received more than 140 applications. A1. Most universities get over 100 applications for a TT position. A2. I got my TT in 2009, after the Recession hit, and there were over 300 applications for the position I got. It was on OK school but definitely not an Ivy and not in a desirable location. So the market is getting better. A3 Original Poster: The number surprised me. Thank you both for your insight.
  • Middlebury TT is 100% an inside higher. I know exactly who they plan on highering. It will be a spouse higher.  -A1. Jeez, they could have mentioned it. I spent weeks working on that application and hurt my back doing so. What does an institution lose by telling the truth? Or just saying "there's a good chance we'll hire one of our own"? A2. I feel your pain, A1. I have suffered from this myself and I've also been on two search committees where we wanted to give a TT position to our adjuncts because it would be unfair and wrong to deny them a chance. We would have loved nothing more than to do that and not declare a fake search. But the HR did not allow us to do that. We were told to conduct a bona fide search and we had to fake that we were doing it. The legal was hovering over us every step of the way to ensure we were really interviewing. It was horrible to look at the hopeful faces of candidates during Skype interviews knowing that we were deceiving them. At least, we wiggled out of doing any fake campus visits. I don't know what a search committee can do to prevent this kind of truly dishonest and vicious thing. There should be a possibility within the system to promote existing VPs or adjuncts without conducting thse fake searches but currently that lies outisde the purview of faculty. The best of luck to you with your search!
  • Q: Environmental literature, Any news on Oberlin Environmental Studies job?
  • Pitzer Spanish/French: Language proficiency in one of the languages could be just enough to teach basic levels. 
  • At the College of the Holy Cross, there is a Visiting Assistant Professor that completed his PhD with Albert Lloret at UMass-Ahmerst. He does Catalan studies in Early Modern Spain and one of his directors is the husband of a professor at Holy Cross. I would not be surprised if they offer him the TT in Golden Age. He is already teaching Golden Age as VAP at Holy Cross this year. A2 Muchas gracias por la información, un favor como este para la comunidad hace que merezca la pena seguir esta página (y "seguir adelante" también). A3: Maybe so, but the VAP is there because their previous specialist announced a departure late last year. The VAP was very likely hired before they even had an ad crafted, beyond obvious factors of whether or not he and the dept. fit together. It's important to apply and try to understand trajectories of position offerings before assuming internal candidates, though of course, they exist. A4. Yes, UMass is a pipeline for Holy Cross. We are nearby. Many spouses work in both campuses, and a quick search through the program page will reveal many UMass PhDs. If the specialist who left early is who I think it is, HC was never going to hire that person as a TT anyway. A5. The specialist who left was John Cull, who retired and moved to Virginia. After that, they posted a VAP position, and now they have been authorized to open a TT. This nepotism is common in Jesuit universities. A6: "Inside candidates" are not the problem and should not be villified in this forum. They struggle alongside the rest of us. They are mostly adjuncts.  Not fun. Nepotism is not good, I agree. But the insiders are not the problem; they are comrades in this struggle. abrazos. A7: I agree strongly with your point, A6, but I'm also concerned with how you are 'outing' a candidate's experience on the job market. I do not think you should be sharing the personal experiences of another candidate, unless, of course, you are the candidate and you decide to share this information willingly. This is a small world, and it is very easy to find out who is who from the information given on this forum. A7: Thank you for your post. I agree. I will delete. A8: I knew a VAP who worked there, an early modern specialist. He was maltreated. I can’t recall all the details anymore. It was back in the late 2000’s. Am just putting this out there as a reminder that some of these jobs are hell holes, so if you don’t get an interview there, later on you discover that you dodged one. Just sayin.’ A9: Well, all I know about Holy Cross is that they asked for a teaching video and never watched mine (can track views on YouTube). Understanding that it's probably because the other docs weren't quite on a par with their expectations, I still see this as a sign of negligence and disrespect toward their applicants' time. A10 That's actually a good point, I've just checked as well and they didn't watch my video either... (and it took me time to figure it out how to do and record it, only for this position) I also consider that this kind of things are a stupid waste of time. A11: The same thing for me, they even sent me an email because I had not included the video in my application (I also thought it was a waste of time), I finally recorded the video and sent to them because I thought they were interested in my application, but I never received an answer after that. 

Free advice (especially for colleagues new to the market)Edit

  • Wishing all the MLA-ers the best of luck! A1: Thanks!!!!!!! A2: Thank you, and same!!!
  • Would American Univerisites or Colleges typically sponsor candidates for VAP positions or would that only happen with TT jobs? A1: Depends on the University/College, some do, some don't. A2: It also depends oh how soon you get the offer. Your chances of getting sponsored are much higher if the institution does not have to look for express procedures to sponsor you. Thanks, A1 and A2. Would most VAP positions for 2019 be advertised by now or do you reckon there should be more coming after Christmas? A3: More VAP positions will come out after the holidays, especially as people begin to accept/reject offers. They can be announced quite late into the semester actually.
  • How does everyone prepare for Skype interviews here? I have had a few go really well, and a few go really not well, and just looking for advice in general on how to approach them.
  • The Professor is In?
  • What would you guys say about short skype interviews? Interviews that instead of lasting 30 m. last 10? To me is not a good sign. It seems that the research committee already made up their minds. What do you guys think? A1: I don't necessarily think this is a bad sign - I actually received a job following a 15 minute skype interview that was slated to last 30 minutes. I think it also depends on many other factors. A2: Conversely, I'd say that it's not necessarily true that longer interviews are always a good sign; last year, my MLA interview lasted over an hour, and yet I still wasn't invited to a campus visit... A3: sounds crazy; out of curiosity, may I ask what exactly was discussed in the ten minutes? A1: Thank you so much for your responses, I really appreciate them! A3. This was a Skype interview with a top Liberal Arts College. All the questions were about teaching and the person's contribution to the department and the college more generally. The person responded each question in 2 minutes or so. There were 4 professors, each of them asked a question and no one followed up after the candidate responded. The candidate was being succinct --although creative and enthusiastic-- because he was expecting a longer interview. But he was surprised when the professors said, "okay, thank you so much, we will let you know in a week". The candidate thinks he did a good job. But the duration of the interview was very unexpected. A: I guess one takeaway is for the committee to state at the outset how long the interview duration will be if it wasn't clear in the scheduling process. A1: It was clear. They said it was going to last 30 minutes. They said that by email. Anyways. Who knows? A4: Three years ago, my Skype interview lasted 8 minutes, and I got the job! It felt more like a conversation among colleagues than an interview. 

General Discussion, Questions, and InquiriesEdit

  • Hey folks! I tried to send my application to Marietta College adverstised here and I noticed on the university webpage that the deadline was January 9th (Chronicle vitae and other websites listed the deadline January 31st!). I wrote to HR and they don't allow me to send my material. Just letting you know if you were planning to apply for this position. R1: ugh, sorry :(
  • Please remember this wiki page depends on info volunteered by all of us directly or indirectly participating in this year's job market. I have just reposted info on campus visits to Syracuse that were erased. If you find that info has 'dissapeared' please repost even if its not connected to the position you are expecting to hear about. And to those who erase or post false info, c'mon, you are seriously trying to become an academic who will educate future generations of students??? Shame on you. 
  • is it just me or does it seem like this year searches are taking exceptionally long to notify regarding campus visits? I have a bunch of places that haven't had any activity on wiki regarding visits or rejections, post-MLA or post-december skypes. Obviously it's possible people invited to campus just haven't posted on the wiki, but it really seems like a lot of searches have gone silent this year. A1:  It has felt that way a lot this search period. A2: opposite experience, my last campus visit was within a couple days of skype interview. totally depends on the institution. A3: Some are quick, some take their sweet ass time. My only advice, as somebody now with a position after having been in the market for a while, is to let it go after the interview. Assume you didn't get it, accept it and move on. Hearing back then becomes a nice surprise. A4: Completely agree with the last poster. I have had the whole process go so quickly that it surprised me, but then also so slowly that giving up hope was the only way to cope. It is hard, but the best thing to do - you can then go back to reading and writing, which is much more beneficial long-term, and more enjoyable short-term. After the interview, you can't affect the process and frequently, neither can the people on the search committee. My university moved to the Workday system two years ago, and that also slows things down considerably. A5: Completely agree with A3 and A4, but would also add that I was notified for one campus visit a month after interviewing on skype and for another one an entire two months afterward. Not the norm, but it does happen. 
  • Did anyone else who got hired for this academic year have to pay tax on their moving reimbursement and if so, do you know if you can get it back on the tax return? I was informed by payroll that it is due to Trump's Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which considers relocation reimbursement as income taxable to the employee, meanwhile it is still deductible to the employer... ridiculous. Anyway something to keep in mind for new hires: you'll probably end up having to pay over 20% of your moving costs, unless your university has a work-around.  
  • Shoutout to the Spanish wiki in general for being pretty chill and civil this year! A1: Yes! Spanish wiki has been chill and collaborative this year! By this time last year it was already very intense. Thanks y'all! Dire times but good support. 
  • Do search committees ever notify finalists of campus visits in stages? Or, if people have already posted here, should we assume it's a "no"? A1: if i see it on here i'd assume i'm out, but give it a day or so at least. They need to confirm and schedule pretty quickly so i imagine all calls/email are done close to each other. A2: Also, search committees keep their options open for cases when somebody rejects a campus visit. In my experience, there is always a runner-up list in case this happens (and it does happen).
  • If you are one of those people who gets all of their documents together before start the actual application to a position, please give this some thought—and reply widely. I read the announcement top-to-bottom, analyzed the Department, researched the faculty, and took a long look to their course offerings. After that I devoted two days to prepare my documents and have them all tailored to the needs of the position. At this point I thought I was ready and started the application through the university system—you know, standard procedure. Here is the catch: nowhere in the announcement was stated if the university would be willing to sponsor a visa, but I followed my previous experiences in the market and kept on working on my application, as the institutions that do not offer visa sponsorhip are usually very clear about it in the announcement itself. However, when I started entering my information in the system, I answered "yes" to the question "Are you presently authorized to work in the U.S?" expecting the next usual question, "Would you now or in the future need visa sponsorship to continue working legally in the U.S?"... this question never came. This made me think that I had basically wasted my time in this application because, to some degree, it shows unwillingness from the university to do sponsor a visa. Any thoughts on this? A1. If they want you, they will sponsor you. This is just a bureaucratic thing. I'd continue with the application process if I were you. There is often a huge disconnect between the HR departments who set up the online system and the hiring departments. A2: Echoing A1. Search committees often have little to no sense of what HR portals require. If you fear wasting time and energy, you could reach out directly to HR reps to inquire. 
  • How long after the MLA do departments normally notify candidates of campus visits? I asked the search committees, and all said within 2 weeks, but it seems that might be a standard response that they don't all abide by. Thanks! A2: It all depends on how quickly committees can meet and get approval. Being the beginning of the semester, it could take longer if the chain of command is slow and/or bureaucratic. 
  • A few days after interviewing via Skype with Appalachian State, THEY CALLED MY DEPARTMENT CHAIR to get a recommendation from her! They outted me to my department!!!!!!!!!! Of course I didn't tell them I was looking for another job, and she was not one of the references I submitted. They went online, checked who my department chair was and contacted her! Not cool!!!!! My chair was VERY surprised by their call. WTF!? A1: God, that's horrible! This is my nightmare scenario. I'm so sorry it happened to you! I hope they at least make an offer after all this. Seacrh committees are often places where the most intense jerkiness comes out. A2: That is horrible... but they might come and look at this wiki and they might see what you have said here and have second thoughts about you... in the future maybe anonymize yourself/the school a little? A3: That's horrible. In response to A2 - I don't disagree but your comment makes me wonder, how many people know about this wiki? I ask because the amount of people who respond saying they have interviews is far lower than universities actually interview. A2: I am sure that many more people look at this page than actually post. I have even heard older members of search committees talk about "those wikis"... so I am convinced that some do read this. A4: You know what, OP, thank you for posting this with as much detail as you did. What Appalachian State did was entirely uncalled for. It’s certainly unprofessional —if not altogether unethical— to contact unlisted references, especially in this profession in which we have an unspoken understanding that people often apply to other jobs without letting their current employer know. It’s our right to pursue new and better opportunities without being “outed.” If someone from there does read this and it makes them have second thoughts about you, so be it. I feel like such an unprofessional measure is a red flag for all of us. It sounds symptomatic of either an uninformed or overly-controlling department, either way one that would best be avoided. I encourage anyone reading this to also post their nightmare scenarios —mentioning universities and all— for the rest of us to know about. I have always disagreed with the asinine secrecy that seems to define this entire profession and at least tools like this wiki help us not to be so in the dark all the time. Like I said before, thank you. A5: Fwiw, I am at this university and we know the (university-wide) policy of calling non-indicated references is weird, so we always ask permission to do so. A couple of times, a candidate has withdrawn the application after we indicated that this was university policy. But I sincerely doubt that this was not communicated to the candidate; it's something we are trained to make clear in our procedures. 
  • How long after an in-person interview should I expect some kind of response? I had a local interview at a community college for a full time position but haven't heard back (it's been a week). A1: It usually will take longer than a week for sure. And with the Holidays coming up, you may not find out until classes are back in session. It also depends on how many other people were interviewed for the position
  • At this point, if you haven't been invited to an MLA interview, is it fair to assume you won't be? Trying to finally make up my mind about whether to go. A1: If you don't have the funding (personally or from a grant), I wouldn't advise going just to go. I don't think it's out of the realm of possibilities, but most institutions are moving to Skype. Compare previous wiki years and you'll see this year is VERY low in MLA interview invitations. If you have friends or a reason to attend the conference, you might find it worth it,, but it's not one that has a very colleagial feel when you're on the market, in my opinion. Also, it's January in Chicago. The last two years have been chaos for interviews due to weather. A2. It's not fair to assume you won't be. I was called for an interview the 22nd of December two years ago. But if you're in a tough financial state, I wouldn't suggest buying a ticket just in case unless it's refundable! I was fortunate to have already been called for a different interview so was already going anyway.
  • Why do some universities never email you back? A1: It is extremely rude and drives me CRAZY. Complete lack of respect in my opinion. A2. I find it odd how academics consider this rude. In most businesses, you never get a response when you submit a job application unless they want to talk to you. Despite how much it hurts when you're on the market and going insane from the silence, they really don't owe us any response when they're getting over 200 applications for most jobs. HR probably forbids it anyway. A1: I respectfully disagree. Many high ranking universities and colleges at least send out a generic rejection letter. It does not take hardly any time to write one of those and send it out to everyone. Academia is much different from the business world and the applications we are asked to turn in consist of a lot more material and time than the usual busniess application for a job.
  • Can schools just make an offer "verbally" over the phone instead of in writing? How do you all feel about that? Doesn't it sound sketchy? A1. Ask to get the offer in writing. If it is a serious offer you are expected to receive it in writing or even an actual contract. Do not hesitate to ask for this. Be pleasant yet firm. A: In my experience, my NTT offer was verbal and they would not put anything in writing until I agreed, though I could ask questions. I did feel very vulnerable. It was similar in my TT negotiation. The offer was made, then I was asked to think about questions, which were discussed verbally. In both cases, I then wrote an email thanking the person and reiterated my questions. In both cases, they came back with verbal responses, nothing in writing until I verbally agreed. I think this happens because it allows for flexibility in the process, but at the expense of transparency and parity. Outside of academia, offers that come with room to negotiate are also often first verbal for negotiations as well, so it's not just our field. A/OP: Thanks! I did ask to see the offer in writing and they refused! They said the verbal offer will be followed by a formal in writing once I accept the verbal one. The formal offer would be a draft of the contract, than I would then have the chance to either decline or accept. 
  • Would you accept a TT position at a private institution who offered a low salary and a teaching load of 4-4? Thanks! A1: Depends on what the alternative is. If I had a VAP offer at a great place, I would reject the 4-4 TT. If the only alternative were adjuncting or a post-doc, I'd accept the TT. A2: If I had no other options, yes, but with the plan to get as much research and writing done as possible during the summer prior to starting position. I would also be ready to get back on the market ASAP. It is very difficult to successfully jump from a TT position with a 4-4 teaching load into a 3-3 or 2-2, because the longer you're there the harder it is to keep up with research. A3: I agree with A1. There may be other factors to keep in mind as well. Is the 4-4 in a location you'd like to live on the long term? Are you ok with a teaching-focused job? While, yes, it would be difficult to maintain the necessary research agenda to jump from a 4-4 to the R1, if you have a strong record of teaching and service it wouldn't be unthinkable to make a more lateral move to a 3-4 or 3-3, especially if you already have a pub or two going in. In conclusion, yes, taking this job may pigeonhole you into a teaching-focused career, but you may be ok with that, especially if it allows you to live in a location that is desirable to you. That being said, if the place seems miserable to you and you feel you have other (realistic) options, I'd say it is ok to pass it up. 
  • At last, was the heritage position officially announced at U of FL?
  • I'm curious to hear attitudes toward wording such as "Preference will be given to candidates who specialize in..." in job posts. Does that mean you really should only apply if your specialties align? Or is it still worth a shot if they don'? A1: I think committees often indicate preferred specializations because not all of the members agree on what they want in the ideal candidate; that said, it could be a good sign of what they're looking for, but I wouldn't take it as being set in stone. Might be worth it to still apply, especially if the application isn't too complicated. A2: I agree with A1. I once applied for a job in LatAm Colonial even though I'm Gen '27, which is nowhere close. It was a great job, at a great school. I was offered the position). Later, I was on a search committee (at a different school) where we stated a preference for a specialist in Chicano studies but ended up hiring a fantastic medievalist. A3. Just apply. I have been on three searches now, and the "preferences" was to pacify a senior faculty member. Final hires had little to do with those prerferences. Sometimes it's for real, but you have no way of knowing based on the ad. 
  • Has anyone come across a request like this: "In this application, you will be asked for two different types of references: Confidential Letters of Recommendation References and Professional References"? Did you put the same people? A1: I normally just repeat these as my letter writers because my impression it's normally due to a wonky HR site. Hope that helps!
  • Anyone have any advice on a teaching demonstration that is "face-to-face and online"? It sounds like a single demonstration that includes both modalities, but I am not sure how to acheive that... A1: They might refer to a hybrid classroom. You could teach face-to-face and have some remote students through Webex, Blackboard Collaborate or other type of virtual classroom software, and have them interact with the on-campus students via webcam, or through an online forum. A2: It also doesn't hurt to ask the committee what the "online" component consists of, so that you can best prepare yourself.
  • Help a newbie out... what's the best way to look for tenure-track jobs at community colleges? A1: I've found that HigherEdJobs .com searches yield many more positions, particularly local ones that aren't advertised on larger venues like the MLA or Chronicle. 
  • Anyone have insight on what this kind of statement should include: "A statement that details your plans for professional growth beyond the campus." Looking for advice before emailing head of search committee. Thanks! A: That's new. Study the dept. website and institution mission. Chances are, when they ask for statements beyond teaching and research, they are tied into broader visions. Beyond that, it might be asking how about service to the profession/disseminating your scholarship/working with experiential learning/community relationships. 
  • Last spring (2017), I was one of the finalists for the VAP Peninsular lit position at North Central College. During the interview with the Dept. Chair he said that they are planning to keep the VAP for the TT position that they were hoping to open in 2 years (it happened, indeed). Back then they hired an adjunct, a lady from Spain who had been there since 2007. I am 100% sure that the job will go to her again. You are, of course, free to apply. 
  • Anyone knows what is happening at West Virginia and why they are hiring? I thought they already had someone in charge of Spanish LPD... Perhaps because it's in West Virginia. I know that's shady to say, but I've watched these wikis enough to know that some departments are great depts but in places that may not provide the type of community that people are looking for and hence the depts have higher turn-over. I don't know the specifics of this position, but I've seen that more generally over the years.  A2: They just got a new dept chair this year who is a linguist, so they may have gotten some more money.  
  • Do you guys think is it better, a full-time lecturer position in a top-ten public college in a major city or a TT in a community college in the middle of nowhere? Thanks! A1: That's up to what kind of life you want; but if you're thinking of taking the lectureship as a stepping stone to apply to TT jobs later then i'd recommend just taking the TT now at the community college, if you're willing to live in that location. Market's awful and not getting better any time soon, don't pass up opportunities for stability. A2: To agree with A1, it depends on what you want. I suggest you think about how important location and teaching load are to you. I also recommend looking into the stability of the individual institutions and their language programs.
  • Is anyone else just dying to see the MLA job list go live? Why on earth is it taking so long? They're probably doing it on purpose to make us job seekers suffer. A: (distant polyglottal cackling) A2: There were already more jobs on here than in the opening list this year ... let's hope more jobs show up soonish
  • Pacific Lutheran University wants you to work for them, but ONLY if you are a US citizen or permanent resident...
  • Does anyone know anything about the Columbia U job? It is such a wide call for applications. Do you know what they are looking for? A: Others may know more, but Columbia has posted a job ad for the last several years looking for a Latin Americanist. They have interviewed candidates, but the rumor on the wiki has always been they don't really know what they want (stated in other words on past forums). Lots of ads are getting more and more generic, so apply, but my advice would be not to get too attached to any ad that is a wide call. A: Thanks so much for your answer. I had no idea. So they basically make searches, interview people, and then don't hire? Mmmhhh. Who knows what people want, really. A3: they have also had people giving job talks last year. The thing is that nothing never seems to meet their high expectations and they leave the position vacant. They also have ridiculous requirenments for tenure (one book published, another one in press, 5 articles unrelated to your first monograph). So even if they hire you, it's freaking difficult to get tenure.

Demographics Edit

Applicant Status/Rank: I am a/an...Edit

ABD (will finish this academic year): 17
ABD and currently in a one-year, VAP, PhD Completion Fellowship, visiting instructor, lecturer or adjunct position: 3
Ph.D. in hand (one-year, VAP, Lecturer, post-doc, instructor, adjunct): 13
Ph.D. in hand (unable to find academic employment at the moment): 2
Ph.D. in hand (currently working outside of academia):
Assistant Professor: 6
Associate Professor: 4
Full Professor:
Committee member:

Field of Interest: Preferably, looking for a job in this area... (choose one)Edit

Literature Job-Seeker: 16
Linguistics Job-Seeker: 10
Cultural Studies Job-Seeker: 3
Translation Studies: 1

How many applications do you plan on sending this year?Edit

Between 1 and 10: 11
Between 10 and 20: 4
Between 20 and 30: 4
Between 30 and 40: 4
Over 40: 1
Over 60: 1

Job PostingsEdit

  1. Allegheny College (PA). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish. Deadline: open until filled. HigherEdJobs (posted 10/30/18) .
  2. American University (DC). Associate or Full Professor of Latinx Studies. Deadline: open until filled. Please submit applications via: Also posted at Ethnic Studies 2018-2019.
  3. Appalachian State University (NC). TT Asst. Professor - Spanish (Translation / Interpretation). Deadline: 16 Nov. 2018. Interfolio.
  4. Arizona State University (AZ). Clinical Assistant or Associate Professor, Spanish. Deadline: 19 Feb 2019. Chronicle .
  5. Arizona State University (AZ). TT Asst. Professor - Spanish Linguistics (phonetics/phonology). Deadline: 23 Nov. 2018. LINK.
  6. Auburn University (AL). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics. Deadline: Open Until Filled Position deleted on 18 Oct. 2018. (posted 9/14/18)
  7. Auburn University (AL). TT Assistant Professor of Colonial Spanish American Literature. Deadline: 1 Nov. 2018. Interfolio.
  8. Auburn University (AL). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish, spec. in Latin American Narrative, 19th c. to the present. Deadline: 16 Nov. 2018Interfolio.
  9. Augusta University (GA). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish. Deadline: 15 Nov. Interfolio.
  10. Ball State University (IN). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish. Deadline: 17 Dec. 2018. Chronicle . Search cancelled.
  11. Bard College (NY). Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish for Spring of 2019. Deadline: open until filled. HigherEdJobs (posted 10/30/18).
  12. Bard College at Simon’s Rock (MA). Assistant Professor of Spanish and French. Deadline: 16 Nov. 2018. LINK. Also posted at French and Francophone Studies 2018-2019
  13. Barnard College (NY). Lecturer/Associate in Language (Spanish). Deadline: 15 Nov 2018. Chronicle.
  14. Bates College (ME). TT Asst. Professor - Latin American literatures and cultures (open specialty). Deadline: 1 Dec. 2018. Interfolio.
  15. Bemidji State University (MN). Assistant/Associate Professor of Spanish. Deadline: 4 Dec.2018Chronicle .
  16. Black Hills State University (SD). Assistant Professor of Spanish. Deadline: open until filled. HigherEdJobs . (posted 11/6/18).
  17. Boston University (MA). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish in colonial and postcolonial Latin American studies. Deadline: 15 Nov. 2018. AcademicJobsOnline.
  18. Bowdoin College (ME). TT Asst. Professor - Latin American poetry or another non-prose Latin American genre (such as theater, performance, orality, or visual media). Deadline: 31 Oct. 2018. Interfolio.
  19. Bowling Green State University (OH). TT Asst. Professor of Spanish. Deadline: 10 Nov. 2018. Interfolio.
  20. Brandeis University (MA). Florence Levy Kay Fellowship in U.S. Latinx Cultural Studies. Deadline: 10 Nov. 2018. AcademicJobsOnline. Also posted at Humanities and Social Sciences Postdocs 2018-2019 and Ethnic American Literature 2019.
  21. Bridgewater State University (MA). TT Asst. Professor - Spanish. Deadline: 19 Nov. 2018. LINK.
  22. Bronx Community College, CUNY (NY). TT Assistant Professor - Spanish. Deadline: 1 Oct. 2018. INDEED.COM.
  23. California State University, Fullerton (CA). TT Assistant Professor in Spanish Peninsular Contemporary Literary and Cultural Studies. Deadline: Oct. 1 2018Chronicle.
  24. California State University, Los Angeles (CA). Associate/Full Professor of Cultural History/Politics (focus on Chicanx/Latinx Studies). Deadline: Open Until Filled. Chronicle .
  25. California State University, Monterey Bay (CA). Assistant Professor of Spanish Language and Chicanx Literatures. Deadline: Priority screening date is 1/15/2019. LINK.
  26. Carnegie Mellon University (PA). Assistant Teaching Professor of Hispanic Studies (3 yr. - renewable - begin Aug. 2019). Deadline: 31 Oct. 2018Apply here.
  27. Central State University (OH). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish. Deadline: open until filled (posted 11/15/18). HigherEdJobs .
  28. Central Washington University (WA). Assistant Professor, Spanish. Deadline: 30 Nov. 2018. LINK
  29. Christopher Newport University (VA). Full-time Non-TT Lecturer in Spanish. Deadline: 22 Oct. 2018. LINK.
  30. Clark Atlanta University (GA). TT Assistant Professor-Spanish. Deadline: open until filled (posted 01/14/2019. Reposted Job: Initially posted on 06/25/2018). HigherEdJobs .
  31. Colby College (ME). TT Asst. Professor of Spanish (US Latinx). Deadline: 1 Nov. 2018. Interfolio
  32. Colgate University (NY) TT Assistant Professor of Spanish (in Contemporary Latin American and/or Contemporary Peninsular Spanish Theater). Deadline: 15 Nov 2018.
  33. College of Charleston (SC). Instructor of Portuguese and Spanish. Deadline: 3 Dec. 2018. Interfolio.
  34. College of the Holy Cross (MA). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish (Golden Age). Deadline: October 15, 2018. Interfolio.
  35. College of Wooster (OH). Assistant Professorship in 20th-21st Century Latin American Literature. Deadline: 16 Nov. 2018. Interfolio.
  36. College of Wooster (OH). Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish. Deadline: open until filled (posted 11/28/18). HigherEdJobs .
  37. Colorado State University (CO). Assistant Professor of Spanish in Modern Mexican literature and culture. Deadline: 25 Nov. 2018. Chronicle .
  38. Columbia University (NY). TT Assistant Professor in Latin American or Transatlantic Cultural Studies since 1800. Deadline: 1 Nov. 2018. LINK
  39. Concordia College (MN). TT Assistant/Associate Professor of Spanish. Deadline: 21 Nov. 2018. LINK.
  40. Concordia College (MN). Instructor/Assistant Professor in Spanish, 3-year term. Deadline: 21 Nov. 2018. LINK
  41. Contra Costa College (CA). Spanish Adjunct Instructor. Deadline: Open Until Filled (posted 9/25/18). Chronicle.
  42. Cornell University (NY). Assistant Professor in Latin American Studies (19th-20th c.). Deadline: 15 Oct. 2018.
  43. Cornell University (NY). Lecturers/Sr. Lecturers in Spanish. Deadline: 1 Nov. 2018. 
  44. Creighton University (NE). TT Asst. Professor - Spanish / French. Deadline: March 2019Link
  45. Davidson College (NC). TT Asst. Professor - Spanish Applied Linguistics. Deadline: 1 Nov. 2018.
  46. Denison University (OH). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish, Sociolinguistics. Deadline: 10 Nov. 2018. H-NET.
  47. Duquesne University (PA). Associate Professor and Department Chair. Deadline: open until filled (posted 11/16/18). Chronicle .
  48. Durham University (UK). Associate / Full Professor in Hispanic Studies. Deadline: 12/06/2018.
  49. Eckerd College (FL). TT Asst. Professor of Spanish. Deadline: 16 Nov. 2018. Interfolio.
  50. Elon University (NC). TT Asst. Professor of Spanish. Deadline: 5 Nov. 2018. Chronicle .
  51. Emory University (GA). Advanced Assistant and/or Associate/Full Professor - Contemporary LatinX Studies (several positions). Deadline: Open Until Filled (posted 10/8/18).  Chronicle . Also posted at Ethnic American Literature 2019 and Ethnic Studies 2018-2019.
  52. Fashion Institute of Technology (NY). TT Faculty Position in Spanish. Deadline: 1 Oct. 2018. LINK.
  53. Franklin & Marshall College (PA). Visiting Assistant Professor/Instructor of Spanish spec. in Latin America, esp. Colonial. Deadline: 5 Dec. 2018. HigherEdJobs .
  54. George Fox University (OR). TT Open Rank Professor of Spanish (Generalist). Deadline: 1 Oct. 2018.
  55. Georgetown College (KY). Non-TT Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish. Deadline: open until filled (posted 1/2/19). Chronicle .
  56. Georgetown University (DC). TT Assistant Professor in Transatlantic Early Modern Literature and Cultural Studies. Deadline: 1 Nov. 2018Chronicle .
  57. Georgia Tech (GA). Full-Time Lecturer in Spanish (begin Jan. 2019). Deadline: 4 Oct. 2018. LINK.
  58. Georgia State University (GA). Spanish Open Rank TT Faculty. Deadline: 1 Jan. 2019. HigherEdJobs
  59. Grace College and Seminary (IN). Assistant Professor of Modern Languages (Spanish). Deadline: 1 Nov. 2018. Interfolio.
  60. Grand Valley State University (MI). TT Asst. Professor of Spanish. Deadline: 19 Oct. 2018. Interfolio.
  61. Grinnell College (IA). Assistant Professor of Spanish (1-year term). Deadline: 22 Feb. 2019. HigherEdJobs .
  62. Harvard University (MA). TT Asst. Professor of Spanish. (Specialist in Mexican Studies). Deadline: 5 Nov. 2018. Apply on HR website.
  63. Holy Family University (PA). Full-time Asst. Professor - Spanish. Deadline: Open Until Filled (posted 8/2/18).
  64. Idaho State University (ID). Assistant Professor of Spanish. Deadline: Open Until Filled (posted 11/8/18). HigherEdJobs .
  65. Ithaca College (NY). TT Asst. Professor of Spanish. Deadline: 21 Oct. INDEED.COM.
  66. James Madison University (VA). Assistant Professor of Foreign Language Education (incl. Spanish). Deadline: open until filled (posted 11/5/18). HigherEdJobs .
  67. John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY (NY). Associate Professor or Professor & Department Chair. Deadline: 1 Dec 2018LINK .
  68. Kansas State University (KS). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish. Specialist in Spanish usage-based linguistics, applied linguistics, or second language acquisition. Deadline: 5 Nov. 2018. INDEED.COM.
  69. Lehigh University (PA). TT Assistant Professor in Spanish and Hispanic Studies (20-21 c. Mexican Lit. and Culture). Deadline: 15 Nov. 2018. Inside Higher Ed.
  70. Los Rios Community College District (CA). Spanish Adjunct Assistant Professor. Deadline: open until filled (posted 1/16/19). Chronicle .
  71. Lycoming College (PA). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish (Latin Am. Lit/Culture). Deadline: Open until filled.
  72. Marian University-Indianapolis (IN). Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish. Deadline: Open until filled. HigherEdJobs .
  73. Marietta College (OH). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish. Deadline: 31 Jan. 2019. Chronicle .
  74. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MA). Assistant Professor or Associate Professor, Latin American Studies. Deadline: 10 Oct. 2018. AcademicJobsOnline. Also posted at Ethnic Studies 2018-2019 and Latin American History 2018-19.
  75. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MA). Full-time lecturer in Spanish (begin July 2019). Deadline: 12 Oct. 2018. AcademicJobsOnline.
  76. Michigan State University (MI). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish (spec. Latin America and the Caribbean with a primary focus in Gender and Sexuality Studies). Deadline: 26 Oct. 2018. Interfolio.
  77. Middle Tennessee State University (TN). Spanish or Hispanic Studies Tenure Track Faculty. Deadline: not stated. Interfolio.
  78. Middlebury College (VT) . TT Asst. Professor of Spanish (Peninsularist). Deadline: 22 Oct. 2018. Interfolio
  79. Mississippi University for Women (MS). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish. Deadline: Open Until Filled (posted 11/27/18). HigherEdJobs .
  80. Missouri Western State University (MO). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish. Deadline: 22 Jan 2019. HigherEdJobs .
  81. Monmouth College (IL). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish (Latin American Literature and Culture). Deadline: Open Until Filled (posted 12/7/18). Chronicle .
  82. Morningside College (IA). TT Asst. Professor of Spanish. Deadline: open until filled (posted 9/25/18.
  83. Mount Holyoke College (MA). TT Asst. Professor - Latin American Literatures. Deadline: 1 Nov. 2018. Inside Higher Ed.
  84. Muhlenberg College (PA). Lecturer in Spanish. Deadline: 31 Oct. 2018. Interfolio.
  85. Muskingum University (OH). Assistant or Associate Professor of Spanish and French. Deadline: Open Until Filled (posted 1/15/19). HigherEdJobs .
  86. Nassau Community College (NY). Adjunct Teaching Faculty (Spanish). Deadline: 31 May 2019HigherEdJobs 
  87. Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan.  Spanish Language Instructor. Deadline: 30 Oct 2018. Chronicle
  88. Nevada State College (NV). Lecturer of Spanish and Program Coordinator. Deadline: Open Until Filled (posted 10/5/18).  Chronicle .
  89. New Jersey City University (NJ). TT Position - Spanish Peninsular Literature and Culture. Deadline: open until filled.
  90. New Mexico Highlands University (NM). Assistant/Associate Professor of Spanish and Bilingual Education. Deadline: 18 Jan 2019. Chronicle .
  91. New Mexico Highlands University (NM). Adjunct Spanish Faculty. LINK
  92. New York University (NY). Visiting Assistant Professor in Early Modern Peninsular Spanish Literature and Culture. Deadline: 19 Nov. 2018. Interfolio.
  93. North Central College (IL). TT Asst. Professor - Spanish (Peninsular literature and culture). Deadline: 1 Nov. 2018. Interfolio.
  94. Northern Arizona University (AZ). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish (20th and 21st c. Lit. of Spain and/or Latin America). Deadline: 22 Oct. 2018. Interfolio.
  95. Northeastern University (MA). Non-TT Teaching Professor in Portuguese and Spanish. Deadline: open until filled (posted 12/7/18). Link .
  96. Occidental College (CA). Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics. Deadline: October 30, 2018. IMdiversity.
  97. Old Dominion University (VA).  Spanish Lecturer - Language Licensure. Deadline: 23 Nov. 2018. Chronicle
  98. Pacific Lutheran University (WA). TT Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies. Deadline: October 29, 2018 . INDEED.COM. Updated listing here
  99. Penn State University (PA). TT Asst. Professor - Early Modern Peninsular Studies. Deadline: Oct. 15. INDEED.COM
  100. Pitzer College (CA) - TT Asst. Professor of French and Spanish. Deadline: EXTENDED Oct. 25 2018. INDEED.COM. Also posted at French and Francophone Studies 2018-2019.
  101. Portland State University (OR). Visiting Scholar in Spanish and Chicano/Latino Studies (Heritage Spanish). Deadline: not stated. LINK.
  102. Princeton University (NJ). Non-TT. Lecturer and Associate Director of the Spanish Language Program. Deadline: open until filled (posted on 10/3/2018).
  103. Queensborough Community College, CUNY (NY). TT Assistant Professor - Spanish. Deadline: September 12, 2018. INDEED.COM.
  104. Rider University (NJ). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish: U.S. Latinx/Applied Spanish. Deadline: 1 Oct. 2018. Chronicle.
  105. Rockford University (IL). TT Asst. Professor of Spanish. Deadline: 30 Nov. 2018. Interfolio.
  106. Roger Williams University (RI). Lecturer in Spanish Language & Latin American/Latino Studies. Deadline: 15 Jan. 2019. HigherEdJobs .
  107. Rutgers University (NJ). Assistant Professor of Portuguese. Deadline: 11/12/2018Link.
  108. Saint Joseph's University (PA). TT Asst. Professor of Spanish (Latin American Cultural Studies and/or Literature). Deadline: November 26. LINK.
  109. Saint Mary's College (IN). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish (Latin American Literature and Culture). Deadline: Review of applications begins immediately. Saint Mary's website
  110. Sam Houston State University (TX). Assistant Professor of Spanish (K-12 Language Pedagogy and Methodology). Deadline: Nov. 30 2018.
  111. San Diego State University (CA). TT Asst. Professor  -  Spanish Sociolinguistics. Deadline: 2 Nov. 2018.  Interfolio
  112. Santa Clara University (CA). TT Asst. Professor of Spanish Studies (spec. in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition and Pedagogy). Deadline: 10/10/2018.
  113. Santa Clara University (CA). Non-TT full-time lecturer in Spanish Studies. Deadline: 8 Feb. 2018Chronicle 
  114. Santa Fe College (FL). Assistant Professor of Spanish. Deadline: 14 Jan. 2019HigherEdJobs .
  115. Skidmore College (NY). TT Assistant Professor, International Affairs (Latin American culture, open to any discipline in the humanities). Open Until Filled. Link.
  116. South Dakota State University (SD). Instructor of Spanish. Deadline: 26 Nov. 2018 (priority). Interfolio.
  117. Southeastern Louisiana University (LA). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish. Deadline: Open Until Filled. Posted: 9 Nov 2018. Chronicle .
  118. Southeast Missouri State University (MO). Chairperson - Communication Studies and Modern Languages. Associate or Full with tenure. Deadline: 10 Dec. 2018HigherEdJobs .
  119. Stetson University (FL). Visiting Assistant Professor of World Languages (Spanish and Portuguese). Deadline: open until filled. Interfolio.
  120. SUNY Purchase (NY). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics. Deadline: 17 Dec. 2018. HigherEdJobs .
  121. Swarthmore College (PA). Visiting Instructor in Spanish (2 Positions). Deadline: Dec. 3, 2018. Interfolio.
  122. Syracuse University (NY). TT Assistant Professor in Spanish and Colonial and Transatlantic Studies. Deadline: 1 Dec. 2018 (per MLA JIL). Chronicle .
  123. Syracuse University (NY). Non-TT Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor of Spanish and Latino Literature (begin Jan. 2019). Deadline: 1 Dec, 2018. Chronicle.
  124. Temple University (PA). Non-TT Asst. Professor - Spanish. Deadline: 12 Nov. 2018. Chronicle.
  125. Temple University (PA). Non-TT Asst. Professor - Spanish ("e-Learning Coordinator"). Deadline: 12 Nov. 2018. Chronicle.
  126. Texas State University (TX). Assistant Professor of Spanish (Spanish-American Literature and Culture). Deadline: 24 Oct. 2018. Interfolio.
  127. Texas Tech University (TX). TT Assistant Professor - Hispanic Linguistics. Deadline: Nov. 9, 2018 . Interfolio.
  128. Texas Tech University (TX). TT Assistant Professor of US-Latino Studies. Deadline: 10 Nov. 2018. Interfolio.
  129. Truman State University (MO). Non-TT Asst. Professor of Spanish (1 yr. appt - renewable). Deadline: 1 Dec. 2018. Interfolio.
  130. Union College (NY). TT Asst. Professor of Spanish (Latin American literature and culture with a concentration on the US-Mexican Border, Southern Cone, or Andean Studies). Deadline: 1 Nov. 2018.
  131. University of Alabama at Birmingham (AL). TT Asst. Professor of Spanish. Deadline: 10 Nov. 2018.
  132. University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. Clinical/Lecture Track Faculty - Technology Assisted Language Learning (TALL). (language of specialization open). Deadline: Review begins 1. Dec. 2018. Link
  133. University of Arizona (AZ). TT Asst. Professor - Latin American Cultural Studies. Deadline: 1 Nov. 2018.
  134. University of the Bahamas. Assistant / Associate Professor,  Spanish. Deadline: 9 Nov. 2018.
  135. University of British Columbia (CAN). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish (Caribbean Literatures and Cultures). Deadline: 1 Nov. 2018. Interfolio.
  136. University of British Columbia (CAN). Assistant Professor of Spanish (20th/21st-Century Mexican Literature and Cultures). Deadline: September 10, 2018 and will continue until the position is filled.
  137. University of California, Los Angeles (CA). Open Rank Faculty Position in Brazilian Studies. Deadline: 16 Nov. 2018. Interfolio.
  138. University of California, Riverside (CA). Associate or Full Professor, spec. in literature and culture of Latin America. Deadline: 9 Nov. 2018. H-NET.
  139. University of California, Riverside (CA). Open Rank - Spanish Peninsular Literature and Culture, pref. post-18th c. Deadline: November 13, 2018. H-NET.
  140. University of California Santa Barbara (CA). TT Asst. Professor of Spanish - Border and Migration Studies in the Americas. Deadline: 15 Nov. 2018. INDEED.COM.
  141. University of Chicago (IL) - TT Asst. Prof. - Medieval Iberian Studies. Deadline: 10 Nov. 2018. LINK.
  142. University of Colorado - Denver (CO). Instructor of Spanish. Deadline: 1 Nov. 2018. Interfolio.
  143. University of Dallas (TX). TT Asst. Professor - Medieval and Spanish Golden Age Literature. Deadline: review begins in Nov. Chronicle
  144. University of Dayton (OH). Chairperson, Dept. of Global Languages. Spanish considered. Deadline: 3 Jan. 2019. link
  145. University of Denver (CO). Teaching Assistant Professor of Spanish and Beginning Language Coordinator. Deadline: 17 Dec. 2018. Apply directly with DU.
  146. University of Denver (CO). Teaching Assistant Professor of Spanish (Generalist). Deadline: 17 Dec. 2018. Apply directly with DU.
  147. University of Florida (FL). TT Asst. Prof. Hispanic Linguistics (Syntax). Deadline: 31 Oct. 2018. link
  148. University of Florida (FL). TT Asst. Prof. Spanish-American Literature (Colonial Studies). Deadline: 10 Dec. 2018. link.
  149. University of Florida (FL). Lecturer in Portuguese Language and Culture. Deadline: 1 Nov. 2018. link
  150. University of Florida (FL). Lecturer in Spanish Language and Culture. Deadline: Open Until Filled. Chronicle .
  151. University of Illinois at Chicago (IL). Clinical Assistant Professor – Director of Spanish Heritage Language Program (Non-TT). Deadline: 2 July 2018 (for "fullest consideration"). Interfolio. UPDATE: Search Extended until 10/31/18 per Chronicle.
  152. University of Illinois at Chicago (IL). Visiting Assistant Professor in Hispanic Literary and Cultural Studies. Deadline: 10 Jan. 2019Chronicle .
  153. University of Kansas (KS). TT Assistant Professor in Indigenous Latin American Cultures & Languages. Deadline: not stated. Interfolio.
  154. University of Kentucky (KY). TT Assistant Professor in Latinx Studies.Deadline: 26 Nov. 2018. Chronicle .
  155. University of Lynchburg (VA). Non-TT Visiting Assistant Professor/Instructor of Spanish. Deadline: 1 Feb. 2019. Chronicle .
  156. University of Macau . Associate/Assistant Professor of Portuguese (begin Jan. 2019). Deadline: open until filled. Chronicle.
  157. University of Maryland - Baltimore County (MD). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish and Linguistics. Deadline: 21 Nov. 2018. H-NET.
  158. University of Michigan-Dearborn (MI). Lecturer IV in Spanish. Deadline: 7 Dec 2018. Chronicle .
  159. University of Miami (FL). TT Assistant or Associate Professor of 20th /21st -century Comparative Cultural Studies (incl. Spanish). Deadline: 16 Nov. 2018. Chronicle. Also posted at Comparative 2019.
  160. University of Mississippi - Croft Institute for International Studies (MS). Non-TT Instructional Assistant Professor of Spanish. Deadline: Open Until Filled (posted 11/14/18). Chronicle.
  161. University of Montreal (CAN). TT Professor of Hispanic and Latin American Studies. Deadline: not stated. Interfolio.
  162. University of Navarra (SPAIN). Open-rank Professor of Spanish and Academic Writing. One-year, full-time, renewable. Deadline: 31 Dec. 2018. Chronicle .
  163. University of Nevada Reno (NV). TT Spanish Assistant Professor for Translation/Interpretation Studies. Deadline: 22 Oct. 2018. LINK.
  164. University of Nevada Reno (NV). Lecturer of Spanish. Deadline: not stated. LINK.
  165. University of New Mexico (NM). 2 Positions: TT Assistant Professor of Portuguese, Associate Professor of Portuguese. Deadline: 15 Nov. 2018 Interfolio.
  166. University of North Carolina at Charlotte (NC). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish (Hispanic Linguistics). Deadline: 15 Nov. 2018. Interfolio.
  167. University of Oregon (OR). TT Assistant or Associate Professor in Spanish Sociolinguistics and Director of the Spanish Heritage Language (SHL) Program. Deadline: 9 Nov. 2018. link.
  168. University of Pennsylvania (PA). Associate or Full Professor in Latin American Literature. Deadline: open until filled. Chronicle.
  169. University of South Carolina, Aiken (SC). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish - Spanish Peninsular Literatures and Cultures. Deadline: open until filled (posted 1/11/19). Chronicle .
  170. University of South Carolina - Aiken (SC). TT Asst. Professor of Spanish (Latin American Lit.). Deadline: 17 Nov. 2018. Interfolio.
  171. University of Texas at El Paso (TX). Asst. or Assoc. Professor - Peninsular Contemporary Spanish Literature. Deadline: 15 Nov. 2018. Interfolio.
  172. University of Texas at Tyler (TX). Visiting Assistant Professor in Spanish and French. Deadline: open until filled (posted 1/18/19). Chronicle .
  173. University of Texas at San Antonio (TX). TT Assistant Professor of Latin American Literature & Culture. Deadline: 22 Oct. 2018.
  174. University of Texas at San Antonio (TX). TT Assistant Professor - Hispanic Linguistics. Deadline: 22 Oct. 2018.
  175. University of Virginia (VA). Associate or Full Professor of Spanish (Peninsular Spanish literature, fifteenth c.- present). Deadline: 15 Oct. 2018. INDEED.COM.
  176. University of Wisconsin—Eau Claire (WI). TT Assistant Professor in Spanish (Generalist). Deadline: 15 Oct. 2018. INDEED.COM.
  177. University of Wisconsin-Green Bay (WI). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish (Mexican literature and/or culture of the 20th/21st centuries experience). Deadline: 28 Feb. 2019. HigherEdJobs .
  178. University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (WI). TT Assistant Professor in Spanish (Heritage Language Learning /Spanish for the Professions). Deadline: 24 Jan. 2019. Chronicle .
  179. University of Wisconsin-River Falls (WI). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish. Deadline: 20 Dec. 2018. HigherEdJobs .
  180. University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (WI). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish with a specialization in Linguistics and/or Heritage Spanish. Deadline: 19 Jan. 2019.  Chronicle .
  181. Utica College (NY). TT Asst. Professor of Spanish. Deadline: 15 Nov. 2018. LINK.
  182. Villanova University (PA). TT Asst. Professor of Spanish (Colonial Latin American Studies). Deadline: 24 Oct. 2018. Chronicle.
  183. Villanova University (PA). TT Assistant Professor of Linguistics -Spanish. Deadline: 21 Jan. 2019. Interfolio.
  184. Virginia Tech (VA). Assistant Professor of Spanish specializing in Southern Cone literature and visual arts. Deadline: 31 October 2018. Chronicle ..
  185. Wabash College (IN). TT Asst. Professor of Spanish. Deadline: 5 Nov. 2018. Interfolio.
  186. Wake Forest University (NC). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish  (Linguistics).  Deadline:  20 Nov. 2018.  Interfolio.
  187. Wartburg College (IA).TT Assistant Professor of Spanish. Deadline: Open Until Filled. Chronicle
  188. Weber State University (UT). TT Asst. Professor - Translation and Spanish. Deadline: 8 Nov. 2918. Chronicle.
  189. West Virginia University (WV). TT Assistant Professor - Applied Linguistics/Spanish. Deadline: Open Until Filled. Chronicle
  190. Western Washington University(WA). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish (spec. in linguistics). Deadline: 14 Dec 2018. LINK .
  191. Whitman College (WA). Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish. Deadline: Open Until Filled (posted 12/18/18). HigherEdJobs .
  192. Wichita State University (KS). Associate or full Professor Position in Latinx Studies. Deadline: 25 Jan. 2019. Chronicle .
  193. Wittenberg University (OH). Visiting Instructor/Assistant Professor of Spanish. Deadline: 15 Jan. 2019. HigherEdJobs .
  194. Xavier University (OH). Teaching Professor of Spanish. Deadline: 28 Dec. 2018.
  195. Xavier University of Louisiana (LA). Tenure-track Assistant Professor of Spanish (pref. Lat. Am. lit. with a background in Afro-Latin American Literature and Culture).Deadline: Open Until Filled. Posted 11/6/18. Apply at the link .
  196. Yale University (CT). Tenured Associate or Full Professor of Portuguese and/or Luso-Brazilian Literatures. Deadline: 15 Nov. 2018. Interfolio

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