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Page to track academic jobs in Spanish and Portuguese that begin in 2017.

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  • Hood College in Frederick, MD started sending early notifications of rejections. It seems they are looking for a teacher, not a researcher or both, even though it appeared from the description that they wanted the later. Also, did anyone notice how the online application never asked for letter of recommendation? I had to contact Prof. Zuffi (contact info in the job description). 

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Free advice (especially for colleagues new to the market) Edit

  • Boa sorte! / ¡Buena suerte! 

General Discussion, Questions, and Inquiries Edit

  • Has anyone realized that the Sacramento State ad asks that candidates have their PhD in hand by December 1st of this year? Isn't this unusual for positions starting the next academic year? A: A job last year asked candidates to have their PhD in hand by January 1st. It's very unusual, but, I imagine, only becoming more common, likely out of a fear of grads not finishing their PhDs on time.
  • For those new to the MLA job market, yesterday's (9/12) posted jobs on the Job Information List wa/s really, /really low, like the fall of 2009 JIL low. I can't remember how many jobs were posted the first week last year, but there were somewhere around 57/58 TT jobs posted the first week in 2014. I counted 24 positions yesterday. The first week's listings give a very good indication of how the market will play out. Back in 2006-08 there were routinely 180-200+ jobs the first week, and ppl were concerned about the flagrant lack of TT jobs considering the true needs of universities. A: So most of us will have to find a job outside of academy, right? R: Um, yeah. You always should have had a plan B to begin with, but now more than ever. I'm honestly shocked they're this low. I knew we weren't going to get back to the numbers from a decade ago, but I didn't anticipate dropping to the (relatively understandable) numbers of the Great Recession. A2: No question it's a lousy job market. That said, the trend has been for TT jobs to be posted later and more spread out each year (thanks I guess to more uncertain budgets and greater ease in publishing ads and receiving applications digitally). So I would say don't panic yet. A3: El compañero tiene razón. No obstante, y sin que esto sirva para caer en optimismos baratos e injustificados, es verdad también que es muy pronto. Muchos departamentos están todavía consiguiendo los últimos permisos de las oficinas del decano para publicitar los puestos, y estos papeleos siempre llevan tiempo. También hay que tener en cuenta que cada año la lista del MLA se publica antes, con lo cual es un poco injusto comparar las listas de este año o del pasado con las de hace 10 años. (Crisis económicas aparte, claro). Otra de las cosas que ha cambiado es que hace una década, la lista del MLA era prácticamente la única fuente publicitaria de los puestos, mientras que ahora hay más opciones. Lo único que quiero decir es que seamos pacientes. Tenemos que esperar hasta finales ed septiembre o primera semana de octubre para tener una idea clara del número de puestos de este año. Buena suerte a todos. A: I agree with A2. I've noticed that less employers are using the MLA Job Information List to advertise. I've seen jobs pop up all year round more often in these last few years. I'm glad about it, if only because I think that the old-fashioned MLA Convention interview to be unrealistic and economically unsound. There are also plenty of jobs if you want to teach 5/5 or 6/6 with research and service obligations, or do high school teaching. Those jobs usually appear later in the cycle. Those plum positions our advisers have are few and far between (and can be easily lost due to budget cuts/mergers). OP (Original poster) again: the main reason why I noticed the first week MLA job listing numbers is that it's been coming out on Sept. 12 for several years. This coming Friday (week 2) typically will have about 50% or slightly higher, and week 3 will have about 50% of week 2's number. Jobs have always trickled in as the school year progresses. That hasn't changed in the decade+ that I've followed the JIL. I haven't seen the data on the rate job announcements on JIL now that more and more departments are foregoing the convention interview process. Having said that, I think that the fact that schools are casting a wider digital net is definitely a contributing factor. The fact that Virginia Tech posted on before the Chronicle of Higher Ed (probably due to a faster process on and the JIL is amazing. A: Indeed is great, but for these types of positions I dobut they are being posted there. For professional positions, it serves more as an agrregator pulling from other sites. For example the Virginia Tech job posted on Higher Ed Jobs before it was posted on Indeed OR the JIL.
  • A2 and A3 are absolutely right above.  The MLA list is no longer the Holy Bible for the job market.  In fact, the MLA suddenly is suddenly looking pretty old-fashioned with their once-a-week updates.  Higher Ed Jobs, Indeed, Vitae all routinely post jobs BEFORE the MLA eventually gets around to it.  On another note - has anyone read the fine print of the Northern Colorado job - "Include the names of the three referees and instruction on how to obtain letters from Interfolio or a campus dossier service"?  Can they actuallly be serious about that last part - they want the candidate to explain to them how to use Interfolio?  As the hiring party and a member of the 21st century, they should mightly well be familiar with already, or figure out themselves!  Sheesh.   I would be very wary of this department, if the search committee is any indication of their problem solving skills.  A1: I think they are just wording it oddly, but are in fact asking for the Interfolio-generated email address for each of your letters of recommendation, while leaving things open for people that might use some other dossier service.
  • As of this writing (9/20) there are only two jobs in Portuguese posted on the MLA JIL, one of which is for Spanish WITH Portuguese too (Morehouse). The other is for the Chair of the Department of Languages at UT El Paso. I expected it to be bad, but not quite this bad. 

Demographics Edit

Are you a (an)...?

ABD (will finish this academic year): 4
ABD and currently in a one-year, VAP, PhD Completion Fellowship, visiting instructor, lecturer or adjunct position: 1
Ph.D. in hand (one-year, VAP, Lecturer, post-doc, instructor, adjunct): 5
Ph.D. in hand (unable to find academic employment at the moment): 1
Ph.D. in hand (currently working outside of academia):
Assistant Professor: 1
Associate Professor:1
Full Professor:
Literature Job-Seeker: 11
Linguistics Job-Seeker:2

How many applications do you plan on sending this year?

Between 1 and 10: 4
Between 10 and 20: 3
Between 20 and 30:1
Between 30 and 40:2
Over 40: 2
Over 60:

Job postingsEdit

  1. Amherst College (MA). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish, Spanish Linguistics, Interfolio. Deadline: 15 Nov. 2016.
  2. Arizona State University. TT Assistant Professor in Spanish Second Language Acquisition. Interfolio. Deadline: November 4, 2016.
  3. Auburn University (AL). Asst. Professor of Spanish Linguistics, LINK. Deadline: 15 Nov. 2016.
  4. Augustana University (SD). Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish. Chronicle Deadline: Open until filled.
  5. Ball State University (IN). Contract Faculty Spanish Instructor (1 yr. appt.). Interfolio. Deadline: October 31, 2016.
  6. Boston College . Visiting Assistant Professor in Hispanic Studies / Assistant Coordinator of Spanish. Interfolio. Deadline: 15 Dec. 2016.
  7. Bucknell University (PA). TT Asst. Professor - Colonial Latin American Literature. Interfolio. Deadline: 15 Nov. 2016.
  8. California State University, Fullerton. TT Assistant Professor of Contemporary Spanish Peninsular with a Cultural Studies Focus. Chronicle. Deadline: Oct. 15 2016.
  9. California State University, Sacramento. TT Asst. Professor - Spanish Peninsular Literature and Spanish Peninsular Culture. Inside Higher Ed. Deadline: Review of applications will begin November 1, 2016.
  10. Carleton College (MN). Continuing Instructor in Spanish (2 yr. - renewable. Interfolio. Deadline: not stated.
  11. College of William and Mary (VA). TT Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies (Medieval Iberian Studies). Interfolio. Deadline: Nov. 4 2016.
  12. Colorado College (CO). TT Asst. Professor - Mexican, Central American, and/or Andean literatures and cultures of the colonial and/or modern period. Interfolio. Deadline: 16 Nov. 2016.
  13. Columbia University (NY). TT Assistant Professor position in Latin American and/or Iberian Digital Humanities. LINK. Deadline: 15 Nov. 2016.
  14. Converse College. TT Assistant Professor of Spanish [Peninsular Focus. College Website. Deadline: November 1, 2016.
  15. Cornell University (NY). Full-Time Lecturer or Senior Lecturer in Spanish Language. AcademicJobsOnline. Deadline: 1 Dec. 2016.
  16. Fisk University (TN). TT. Assistant Professor of Spanish. Chronicle Deadline: Open until filled.
  17. Florida Gulf Coast University. Spanish, Instructor I. LINK. Deadline: not stated.
  18. Florida State University. TT Assistant Professor of Spanish (Hispanic Caribbean Studies, Spanish American Studies and Iberian Cultural Studies). Interfolio. Deadline: November 14, 2016.
  19. Furman University (SC). TT Assistant/Associate/Full Professor of Spanish - Hispanic Linguistics. Interfolio. Deadline: 1 Nov. 2016.
  20. Governors State University (IL). Assistant Professor, Spanish Language, Literature and Global Studies. Deadline: Open Until Filled (NOTE: Position Start Date: 01/16/2017).
  21. Hamilton College (NY). TT Asst. Professor - Hispanic Studies (US Latino Literature. Inside Higher Ed. Deadline: 15 Nov. 2016. See also: Other Ethnic American 2017.
  22. Hillsdale College (MI). TT Asst. Professor of Spanish (Generalist). Interfolio. Deadline: November 18.
  23. Hood College (MD). Asst. Professor of Spanish (Latin American and Peninsular. Higher Ed Jobs. Deadline:18 Nov. 2016.
  24. Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IN). TT Assistant or Associate Professor of Spanish and Translation Studies. Interfolio. Deadline: November 18, 2016.
  25. John Jay College, CUNY (NY). TT Assistant or Associate Professor of Spanish — Specialist in Translation and Interpreting. LINK. Deadline: 12 Nov. 2016.
  26. Johns Hopkins University (MD). TT Assistant Professor of Iberian Studies. Interfolio. Deadline: October 15, 2016.
  27. Kalamazoo College. Assistant Professor of Romance Languages and Literature (Spanish). LINK. Deadline: October 12, 2016 .
  28. Lake Erie College (OH). TT Asst. Professor of Spanish. HERC. Deadline: December 2016.
  29. Lehigh University . TT Asst. Professor - 20th and 21st Century Spanish Peninsular literature and culture. AcademicJobsOnline. Deadline: 16 Nov. 2016.
  30. Lycoming College (PA). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish. Chronicle. Deadline: Open Until Filled.
  31. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Lecturer in Spanish. Chronicle. Deadline: October 1, 2016.
  32. Middlebury College (VT). 3-year Leave Replacement Position in Portuguese and Spanish. Chronicle. Deadline: 15 Jan. 2017.
  33. Midwestern State University (TX). TT Asst. Professor - Spanish. Chronicle. Deadline: 31 Oct. 2016.
  34. Morehouse College (GA). Assistant Professor of Spanish and Portuguese, Renewable Non-Tenure Track. Interfolio. Deadline: 1 Nov. 2016.
  35. Murray State University (KY). Assistant Professor, Spanish (Medieval and/or Golden Age literature). Deadline: 11/15/2016.
  36. Northeastern Illinois University. Assistant Professor of Spanish (Latin American literary and cultural studies with a focus on the Caribbean, Central or South America). Interfolio. Deadline: December 1, 2016.
  37. Ohio State University. Assistant Professor in Contemporary Brazilian Cultural and Literary Studies. AcademicJobsOnline. Deadline: 31 Oct. 2016.
  38. Otterbein University (OH). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish & Latin American Studies. Inside Higher Ed. Deadline: 10 Oct. 2016.
  39. Pacific Lutheran University (WA). TT Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies. LINK. Deadline: 11/1/2016.
  40. Penn State Berks. TT Assistant Professor of Spanish. LINK. Deadline: 1 Nov. 2016.
  41. Pennsylvania State University. Director of the Latina/o Studies Program (Associate Professor or Professor of Latina/o Studies). LINK. Deadline: Open Until Filled. Also posted at Ethnic Studies 2016-2017.
  42. San Diego State University. TWO (2) Positions: (a) TT Assistant Professor: Modern Spanish Peninsular Literary and Cultural Studies - Applicants should apply via Interfolio at To ensure full consideration, submit completed applications by October 7, 2016. (b) TT Assistant Professor: Modern Spanish American Literary and Cultural Studies - Applicants should apply via Interfolio at To ensure full consideration, submit completed applications by October 7, 2016.
  43. St. Norbert College (WI). TT Asst. Professor of Spanish. Interfolio. Deadline: Nov. 7.
  44. Texas Christian University. TWO (2) TT Positions: Latin Americanist (pref. Mexico and/or Central America) AND Latin American Cultural Studies, emph. in Women’s Studies. Deadline: 30 Nov. 2016.
  45. Texas Tech University. TT Assistant Professor, Hispanic Linguistics. Interfolio. Deadline: Nov. 10 2016.
  46. Texas Tech University. Qualia Professor in Hispanic and Applied Linguistics (Full Prof.). Interfolio. Deadline: Open Until Filled.
  47. Tulane University. Lecturer in Spanish. Interfolio. Deadline: Nov. 4.
  48. University of Alabama. TT Assistant or Associate Professor to Direct University of Alabama Cuba Semester Abroad Program. Interfolio. Deadline: 15 Nov. 2016.
  49. University of California, Davis. TT Assistant Professor - Department of Spanish & Portuguese / Director of Spanish for Native Speakers Language Program (Spanish Applied Linguistics. LINK. Deadline: 1 Nov. 2016.
  50. University of California, Riverside. TWO (2) TT faculty positions in Spanish at the Assistant Professor level (Mexico/Latino and Border Studies). LINK. Deadline: 1 Nov. 2016.
  51. University of California, Santa Barbara (CA). Open Rank Associate or Full Professor in Chicana/o-Latina/o Literary and Cultural Studies. LINK. Deadline: 30 Oct. 2016. Also posted at Other Ethnic American 2017.
  52. University of Maryland . Assistant Professor of Spanish Applied Linguistics. Interfolio. Deadline: 1 Nov. 2016.
  53. University of Nebraska at Kearney. TT Assistant or Associate Professor, Modern Languages - Spanish. Deadline: November 14, 2016.
  54. University of North Carolina at Charlotte. TT Position in Spanish-English Interpreting. Interfolio. Deadline: 17 Oct. 2016.
  55. University of North Carolina at Wilmington. TT Assistant Professor of Spanish (Transatlantic Studies). Inside Higher Ed. Deadline: November 7, 2016.
  56. University of Northern Colorado. TT Assistant Professor in Spanish (Generalist). Deadline: October 17, 2016.
  57. University of Northern Colorado. Associate/Full Professor - Tenured Chair Hispanic Studies. Interfolio. Deadline: October 17, 2016.
  58. University of Northern Colorado. TT Asst. Professor, Mexican American Studies. Interfolio. Deadline: October 31, 2016. Also posted at: Ethnic Studies 2016-2017
  59. University of Oklahoma. Second-Year Spanish Coordinator (Five-year Renewable Term Instructor or Lecturer). Interfolio. Deadline: 15 Oct. 2016.
  60. University of Oregon. TT Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics. AcademicJobsOnline. Deadline: 2016/11/14.
  61. University of Richmond (VA). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish (with focus on Heritage Learners). INDEED.COM. Deadline: Nov. 1 2016.
  62. University of Southern Indiana. TT Asst. Professor of Spanish. Deadline: November 15.
  63. University of Tennessee.TT Asst. Professor of Latin@ Literature, Culture, and Theory. Chronicle. Deadline: Oct. 29. Also posted at : Other Ethnic American 2017.
  64. University of Texas at San Antonio. Full or Associate Professor of Spanish / Department Chair. Interfolio. Deadline: 1 Nov. 2016.
  65. Virginia Tech. TT Asst. Professor - 20th- and 21st-century Latin American Literature and Culture. INDEED.COM. Deadline: 10/8/2016.
  66. Wake Forest University (NC). TT Assistant Professor of Spanish in Hispanic Linguistics Chronicle. Deadline: 1 Nov. 2016.
  67. Wake Forest University (NC). Assistant Teaching Professor in Spanish (2 yr. renewable). Chronicle. Deadline: 1 Nov. 2016.
  68. Whitman College (WA). TT Asst. Professor of Spanish - Hispanic Cultural Studies. Chronicle. Deadline: 1 Nov. 2016.
  69. Yonsei University, South Korea. TT Asst. Professor - Pre-1800 European Literature. LINK. Deadline: 10/31/2016.

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