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I'm on the market: 14

I'm a lurker: 2

I'm on a search committee, checking to see if info is accurate:

The X's: Put an X next to a school if they asked YOU (not a colleague) for more materials, etc.

Keep things in alphabetical order, please.


Auburn University XX

Boston College (African/Diaspora Studies)X

College of Charleston XX

George Mason University (STS)

Holy Cross XX

Lehigh University

Princeton (Demography and Public Affairs) XXXXX

Purdue (AASRC Position) X X

Regis University XX

Smith College X X X

University of California-Berkeley X X X

University of Minnesota (migration & race/ethn FORM LETTER) X X

University of North Florida (social welfare search)

University of Texas at Arlington X X X

University of Texas El Paso X

Vanderbilt Center for Biomedical Ethics and Society X

Yale University X


Augustana College

Augusta State University X

Berry X X X

Bowdoin College X

Cal State Long Beach X

Coe College X

Fitchburg State College X

Mesa State College X X

Miami University

Morehead State University

Mount St. Mary's University

Northeastern Illinois X

Pomona College X

Purdue U Calumet (in process of scheduling) X

Queens College/CUNY X

Ramapo College of NJ X

St. Norbert X X X (and a second follow-up phone interview)

SUNY-Purchase X

University of Denver X

University of Michigan (org studies)

UNC - Wilmington (Open) X X X X X X X X X

UNC - Wilmington (Crim) X

University of South Carolina - Aiken X

University of South Carolina - Upstate X X

University of South Florida (non-TT) X

University of West Georgia X

Valdosta State X

Whittier College X


CUNY- Queens College (open/race-junior; long shortlist) X X X

Delta State University

Ithaca (long shortlist)

Knox College X X X

Lehigh University

Marquette X

Michigan State University (med soc) XX

New Mexico State

Northeastern (Chair)

Notre Dame

Purdue-Calumet (long-shortlist)X

Seattle Pacific University (five) X

SUNY Fredonia

University of California - Los Angeles (soc/genetics search)

University of Dayton XX

University of Nevada Las Vegas

University of North Florida (social welfare search)

University of Texas El Paso (long list of 12) X

University of Toronto-Scarborough (Soc theory) [long-list, short-list by Monday]

University of Toronto-Scarborough (urban) [long-list, short-list by Tuesday]

University of West Georgia (long-short list)X X X X X X

Valdosta State X

Vanderbilt (long-shortlist)

Western Carolina University


American X

Arkansas State (5: 3 soc, 2 crim?)X

Barnard XX


Bowdoin College X

Brooklyn College CUNY XX

Brown X

Bucknell X X

Cal State Fullerton X X X

Cal State Los Angeles X

Cal State Northridge X XX

Cal State Polytech Pomona X X

Cal State Sacramento X X X X

Carleton College

Clark University X X

Cleveland State University X

Colgate X

College of Charleston X

College of Staten Island CUNY X

Colorado College X X

Columbia University X

Concordia College

Cornell University X X X

Cornell University (PAM) X

Cornell University (ILR)X

Dartmouth X

Denison University X

Drake X

East Carolina University X

Eckerd College X X

Florida State X

Fordham (Rose Hill)

Furman University X

George Washington University

Georgia State X

Georgia College & State U X

Illinois State X

Indiana University - Bloomington (three interviews) X

Indiana University of Pennsylvania X

Iowa State University X

Kent State University XX

Lehman-CUNY X

Loyola University Chicago


McMaster X

Michigan State University (quant position) X

Mississippi State X X

Montclair State X

Montana State University

Morehead State

New College of Florida X X X

New York University X X X X(7 people for the junior(s) positions)

New York University (Associate search) X

North Carolina State University

North Central College

North Georgia College and State U

Northern Illinois University X X

Northeastern (Chair)

Northwestern X X

Oberlin X

Penn State (crim)

Pitzer College X

Pomona (Soc/Media) (four job talks are listed on the web site) (which website?)

Princeton (Demography and Public Affairs) XX

Purdue University X X

Ramapo College of New Jersey X

Rice University (jr qual: 3 interviews scheduled)

Rutgers University X

Saint Cloud State University X

Saint Louis University

Santa Clara University X

San Francisco State (Dept of Human Sexuality) (3 interviews scheduled)

Sarah Lawrence College

Sonoma State University X

South Dakota State Univ X


Stanford University X

Suffolk X X X

Susquehanna University X

SUNY Albany (comparative/globalization: 4 interviews have been scheduled) X

SUNY Geneseo X

St. Joseph's

St. Lawrence University X X

St. Norbert

Swarthmore College X X

Syracuse University X

Texas Christian University X X

Towson University

Tufts University

University of Akron X

University of Akron (Global Position)X

University of British Columbia (theory position) x

University at Buffalo, SUNY X X

University of California, Irvine (6 people) X X X

University of California, Berkeley (5 people) X

University of California, Berkeley (Diversity/Democracy- 4 people)

University of California, Los Angeles (senior inequality search - 3 people)

University of California, Merced X

University of California, Riverside (crim4 people) (global4 people) XX

University of Chicago X X

University of Colorado X

University of Connecticut (5 people)X X

University of Iowa X

University of Illinois Chicago X X X X

University of Kansas X

University of Kentucky X X

University of Louisville

University of Maryland - College Park (4 people) X

University of Maryland - College Park (Asian American Studies) X

University of Maryland - Baltimore County X X X

University of Massachusetts - Amherst X X

University of Memphis X

University of Miami X

University of Michigan X X X

University of Michigan - Dearborn

University of Minnesota

University of Nebraska at Omaha

University of North Carolina - Greensboro

University of North Florida (inequalities search)

University of North Florida (social welfare search)

University of Oregon X X

University of Pennsylvania (6 interviews scheduled- one added for 11/30) X (2 positions: demography and race/culture)

University of Pittsburgh X X X X

University of Puget Sound X

University of Redlands X

University of Richmond X

University of South Carolina Upstate X

University of Southern California X

University of Tennessee

University of Texas at Austin (4 interviews scheduled for population health & 2 candidates for an associate/full professor position in social theory and qualitative methods; immigration/demography position re-opened until 12/15)X

University of Texas at San Antonio

University of Victoria

University of Virginia (open) X

University of Wisconsin, Madison

Ursinus College

Virginia Commonwealth University

Washington State University X X

Washington State University Tri Cities XX

Wesleyan X X X



Arcadia University

Bowdoin College

Brooklyn College (race)

Bucknell University

Cal-State Fullerton

Colorado College

Columbia University

Concordia College


CUNY- Queens College. (Demography -senior)


Iowa State University


Loyola University Chicago (urban)

Pepperdine University

Purdue University

Ramapo College of New Jersey

Rice University

Santa Clara University

SUNY Albany

Temple University (gender & work)

Temple University (medical)

University of Akron (Quantitative Position)

University of California-Berkeley (1 offer)

University of California-Irvine

University of California-Riverside

University of Chicago X (10/31) 2 offers made

University of Illinois Chicago

University of Kentucky

University of Michigan (senior position)

University of Michigan (junior position)

University of Oregon (race/ethnicity and open)

University of Pittsburgh

WKU (offer declined)

WSU Tri-Cities


Bowdoin College

Brooklyn College CUNY (race)

Colorado College

Georgetown College

Penn State (crim)

Randolph-Macon College X

St. Cloud State (rejection letter recvd 11/19 stated that position had been filled)

University of Alabama-Birmingham


Willamette University

WSU Tri-Cities

University of Dayton (Rejection letter dated 12/3 mentioned the position was filled).

University of Oregon (Open; Not Race)


Bowdoin X

Brown X

Cal-State Fullerton X X X X

Cal State Sacramento X X X

Colorado State U X

Columbia X X X X X

Concordia University (Montreal) X

Cornell (Human Development)

Florida State University X X X

Georgetown College

Hope College (rec letter saying position was filled) X

Lehigh University X X

Montclair State X

Northern Illinois X X

Notre Dame (religion job) X

Pacific University

Pacific Lutheran

Princeton University

Saint Cloud State X

Sarah Lawrence College X

Santa Clara University X

Sonoma State (Women's & Gender - > 160 applicants) X

Stanford X

Suffolk X


University of Chicago X

University of Colorado, Boulder XXXXX (over 300 applications)

University of Maryland Baltimore County X X X X

University of Miami X

University of Michigan X X

University of Minnesota-Duluth X

University of North Carolina-Greensboro XX

University of Pittsburgh

University of South Carolina-Aiken

University of Tennessee-Chattanooga X (letter said position was filled)

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (joint pos. with Women's Studies over 250 applicants)


WSU Tri-Cities X


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health and Society Scholars Program


Bowling Green - demography position canceled due to hiring freeze (9/5)

University of Missouri-Columbia - budget freeze

Virginia Tech - (Soc, STS) cancelled due to budget cuts (10/31, 11/01) (Race? Global?)


Please try to keep this list in alphabetical order!

University of Akron

University of Alabama-Birmingham


Arizona (open search for senior position) link

Arizona State University (Social Networks)

Arkansas State University


Ball State University



Belmont University



Berry College

Biola University


Brown University (Organization Studies)

Brown University (Environmental change)

University of British Columbia (1 in Social Theory) link

Cal-Polytech State

Cal-State Fullerton (3 positions)

Cal-State Long Beach (Community-Based Research)

Cal-State Los Angeles (2 positions)

Cal-State Sacramento (2 positions: 1 in Quantitative Methodology & 1 in Social Psychology )

Carlton College (demography)

Carleton University (Canada): sociologist w/primary field in Political Economy/Social Justice

Central Michigan (Race/Ethnicity)

Chicago (3-4 positions: asst to full)


Concordia University (Montreal, Quebec); job posting in Human Systems Intervention (applied social science systems approach)link

CUNY-Brooklyn (two)

CUNY-College of Staten Island

CUNY-Hunter College (economic sociology, social movements and/or law and society)

CUNY-Hunter College (demography cluster, school of public health)

CUNY-Lehman (urban sociology)

CUNY-Queens (one open search; one social demography (cluster) search, Assistant to Early Associate; Senior Demography Cluster Continues from Last Year.

Coe College


Colorado College


Concordia College


Cornell (sociology)

Cornell (demography/PAM)

Cornell (ILR)

Dalhousie University (theory)




University of Denver (Criminal Justice)

East Carolina Univ

Eckerd College

Florida State University (Aging/Gerontology; rank open)

Fordham University (2 positions)

Fort Lewis College

Furman University

George Mason University

George Mason University (Dept of Cultural Studies, New Media/Global/STS)

University of Georgia

Georgia St.

Georgia Southern University

Georgia Southwestern

Georgia College and St. Uni (Milledgeville)

Georgetown College (KY)

Georgetown University (VAP Technology and Media Studies/STS)

Georgetown University (organizations)

Harvard-Kennedy School (social psych)

Harvard-Kennedy School (America government)

Holy Cross

Hope College


University of Iowa

Iowa State University (quant methods)

Ithaca College (Criminal and Juvenile Justice)

UC Irvine


University of Kansas

Kansas State University (gender)

Kent State University

University of Kentucky

Knox College

La Salle

Lewis and Clark

Louisiana State University (Two Positions, One Tenure Track Position-Criminology, One Tenure Track Position-Criminology with Joint Appointment in African American Studies, see link$Content/Job+Opening?OpenDocument for description)

U of Louisville (KY)

Loyola University of Chicago

Manhattan College

U Maryland - College Park

U Maryland - College Park (Asian America Studies)

U Maryland - Baltimore County

Massachusetts-Amherst (up to 4 positions)

U of Memphis

UC Merced

McMaster University (culture/gender)

Mesa State College

Miami University

Michigan-Ann Arbor (open search)

Michigan-Dearborn (Criminal Justice)

Michigan State (3 positions: Quantitative Methods, Population and Environment, Asian Studies)

Midwestern State University

Minnesota (Immigration or Race/Ethnicity)

Mississippi State University

Missouri State University

University of Missouri- Columbia (rural sociology)

Montclair State (pending provost approval)

Montana State

Morehead State U (KY)

Murray State U (KY)

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore: link

University of Nevada at Las Vegas - 3 Positions: Urban, Statistics/Methods, and Crime/Deviance

New College of Florida

New York University

Pacific University

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill School of Public Policy

University of North Carolina - Greensboro

University of North Carolina - Wilmington

North Carolina State University

University of North Florida - 2 Positions: Inequality (race, gender or sexuality) and Social Welfare/Social Policy

Northern Illinois University

Northeastern (Chair)


Northwestern (interdis program)

University of Notre Dame (religion, peace, development and peace)


Occidental College (quantitative methods)

Univeristy of Ontario Institute of Technology (near Toronto) Criminology, Justice, and Policy Studies, multiple hires

Oregon (2)

University of Pennsylvania (Demography)

University of Pennsylvania (sociology)

Pacific Lutheran University (crime, methods, theory, intro)

Penn State (criminology)



Pitzer College

Pomona College (joint with Media Studies)

Puget Sound (2 positions: Theory and Medical)


Randolph-Macon college

Reinhardt College

Regis University

Rice (qual/theory, jr; job search status website: link

University of Richmond (crim/law)

Rutgers University

Salem State

San Francisco State

St. Anselm

Santa Clara University

St. Lawrence University (methods)

St. Louis

Sarah Lawrence College (STS)


Smith College (STS & Quantitative Methods)


University of South Carolina Upstate

University of Southern California (Migration/Immigration)

University of Southern Mississippi

University of South Florida (one senior position and a permanent lecturer position)

Southwest (Migration/Immigration)



Stonehill College

Suffolk University

SUNY Albany




Syracuse University

UCLA (open rank; joint position in sociology and the center for society and genetics)


UT-San Antonio

University of Texas-Arlington

Texas Christian University

Temple (medical and gender)

U Toronto-Criminology (open rank; criminology/law and society)[ link ]

U Toronto-Sociology (2 positions, urban and theory)

Towson University

Tufts University

Tulane (2 positions)

University of Vermont (2 positions)

Ursinus (African Studies)

Valdosta State (GA)


U of Virginia (Gender Studies Dept, STS & African American women)

University of Virginia

Virginia Commonwealth University (STS)

Virginia Tech (1x STS; 1x Global; 1 Soc)

Washington State University

University of Washington, Tacoma


Wesleyan University

Western Carolina University

Western KY U - Elizabethtown (generalist)

U Western Ontario

U of West Georgia (up to 4 positions, teach in social theory and/or methods rotation)

Whittier College

Willamette University (family sociology)

University of Wisconsin-Madison (open search)

University of Wisconsin-Stout

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (joint appt with Women's St)


Generic academic job search wiki:


Old Sociology job market blogs:

link link

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