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George MasonEdit

  • has anyone heard anything about this position?
  • Applied also, but have heard nothing either as of 04-04-12.

George Washington HIV epidemiology Edit

  • Rejection received Feb 2

Georgia State (open)Edit

U Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Health DisparitiesEdit

  • rejection received late October

Medical College of Wisconsin Center for AIDS Research, HIV prevention Edit

  • rejection received early January.

U Mass Amherst Community Health EducationEdit

  • rejection received early January
  • has anyone else heard anything?
  • I also rec'd rejection upon inquiry in Dec 2011.
  • did anyone get any news? Is it filled? I still haven't heard anything.

Washington University in St Louis, Public Health (open)Edit

  • Rejection received Feb 7
  • At least 2 hires

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