Searches for academic positions in Piano, Piano Pedagogy, and Collaborative Piano in 2017-18. This page is for jobs that begin in 2018.

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Schools with Accepted OffersEdit

Format for this section:

University: Name (Current Position [if applicable], DMA-GRANTING INSTITUTION, and year, if known)

Jobs for 2018Edit

Cabrillo College: Adjunct Instructor - Music (Chamber Music and Piano) (Spring 2018) (Deadline: 16 December 2017)Edit

  • Employment Opportunity: Temporary, part-time faculty assignment(s) are available in the following areas:
  • Spring 2018:
MUS 23 Advanced Piano
MUS 23L Survey of Keyboard Pedagogy Through Literature
MUS 40 Chamber Music Ensemble
MUS 51A Class Piano I
MUS 51B Class Piano II
MUS 51C Class Piano III
MUS 51D Class Piano IV
MUS 68 Piano Ensemble
MUS 68CP The Collaborative Pianist
  • Minimum Qualifications: Required: Master's in music OR Bachelor's in music AND a Master's in humanities OR Equivalent OR Possess a lifetime California Community College Instructor credential in subject area
  • Note: Graduate students currently working on a Master's degree are encouraged to apply, with the understanding that the graduate student MUST complete the Supplemental Application for Equivalency Determination form
  • Additional Information: $1,166 - $1,788 per teaching unit, per semester, depending on education and experience. Cabrillo College provides a doctoral stipend of $78 per unit for eligible adjunct faculty. Assignments may be at various campus locations; days, evenings, and/or weekends; hours to be arranged.
Completed and signed Cabrillo College application.
Job-related resume.
At least one (1) letter of recommendation that addresses the candidate's teaching ability.
Verification of educational qualifications (Foreign transcripts must be translated to determine equivalency to U.S. standards. Any fee for such translations is paid by the applicant):
Transcripts from all colleges attended (unofficial transcripts, copies and downloads are acceptable). If selected, it is the responsibility of the candidate to provide official transcripts, diplomas, degrees or other documents as may be required. OR
Copy of lifetime California Community College Instructor credential in subject area, front and back (if applicable). OR Supplemental Application for Equivalency Determination (Download PDF reader). (This is only necessary if candidate does not possess and submit proof of specified degrees listed in minimum qualifications).
  • Please notify the Human Resources Department if you require any special accommodation(s) in meeting these requirements.

Schools with Failed or Canceled SearchesEdit

General DiscussionEdit

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