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==PhD Fine Art/DPhil Fine Art. 2015-2016 applications for 2016-2017 enrollments. Add names of schools, interviews w/ dates, acceptances, and rejections (also w/ dates). Please add new schools i alphabetical order so it will be easy to see. Good luck!==


Accepted-Jan 2016


Applied 1/22/16 deadline

Rejection 2/25

PhD Arts/Leiden University-NetherlandsEdit

Royal College of Art, RCA, UKEdit

Interview 1/8/2016, Accepted 1/15/16

Royal Danish Academy of ArtEdit

Accepted-Jan 2016

Royal Institute of Art SwedenEdit

Applied 2/22

University of Sussex, PhD in Creative and Critical Practice, Brighton, UK Edit

University of CopenhagenEdit

Accepted-Jan 2016

PhD Fellowships and ScholarshipsEdit

Mads Øvlisen Fellowship  Edit

  • Applied 1/28/2016 

Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm Fellowship

  • Applied 2/22/2016


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