There wasn't a page for this year yet so I just made one but didn't had time to fill it in.

Feel free to add info for places you know about!

Sample Edit

School Title/due date Date of News


My favorite university Psych/neuro, deadline 11/1/08 11/30/08 phone interview

Real jobs Edit

School Title/due date Date of News


Amherst College Molecular Neuro, deadline 11/15/08 1/13 6 candidates interviewed in Dec. Rd'd rejection letter 1/20. Search postponed. Any idea why it's been postponed? Y-b/c of economy and no perfect fit
Johns Hopkins U Sch Med Dept Neurosci 1/12 Rejection email. candidates interviewed
Harvard University CBS/bio/psych, 2 positions, deadline 12/1/08 is search still running? 1-8-09 email from CBS director confirmed no faculty hires for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences this year
Reed College Psych: animal cognition, learning, or affect candidates interviewed and first offer made
Smith College Behavioral Neuro, deadline 9/30/08 4 candidates interviewed and first offer made. Candidate accepted.
Stony Brook University Neurobiology and Behavior cancelled
Temple University Medical SchoolPathology12/8contacted for visit
UC MercedNeurobiologyno news
U Penn MedNeuroscience1/19interviews began
Univ Pittsburgh Neuro search canceled due to budget
Univ Tennessee Health Sciences Anatomy and Neurobiol1/6search on hold
Univ WashingtonNeurobio and physiology12/29Rejection email. 686 applications!
Vanderbilt University Molecular Physiology & Biophysics 12/15/08 rejection email
Vollum Inst Nov rejection email

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