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Theory OnlyEdit

Amherst College (deadline 12/15) Visiting Professor - open rank

Columbia University (deadline 11/26) Postdoctoral scholar - Presidential Scholars in Society and Neuroscience

  • "The goal of this interdisciplinary experiment is to train and foster a new generation of scholars with the capacity to advance understanding of the humanistic and social dimensions of mind, brain, and behavior." [N.B.: This position was posted on MTO jobs and is open to scholars with PhDs in music and an interest in interdisciplinary work in neuroscience.]

Dartmouth College (Deadline 11/1) - Assistant Professor of Music

  • "Teaching responsibilities will focus on Western art music history and theory. We will prioritize candidates with the demonstrated ability to make music come alive in the undergraduate classroom through performance and/or creative pedagogies." [N.B.: This was sent to SMT-announce, hence I assume that a theorist would be an appropriate candidate]

Florida State University (deadline 9/15) Assistant Professor - Music Theory (enter job code 44027)

Louisiana State University (deadline 10/1) Assistant Professor - Music Theory

Millikin University  (deadline 10/15) Assistant Professor - Coordinator of Music Theory

  • "Primary responsibilities include: teaching and coordinating the music theory and aural skills curriculum; engaging in recruitment and retention initiatives; maintaining an active scholarly profile and current knowledge of trends in music theory pedagogy." 

Rutgers University  (deadline 10/15) Assistant Professor - Music Theory

University of Notre Dame  (deadline 10/15) Assistant Professor - Music Theory

University of Saskatchewan (deadline 8/1) Sessional Lecturer, MUS 234 (02)

  • "The Department of Music invites applications for a Sessional Lecturer to teach the following course during the 2018-2019 Winter session: MUS 234 (02) Fundamentals of Music Theory IV, January 3 to April 5, 2019

Wellesley College (deadline 10/19) Postdoctoral Fellow - Music Theory (start date 1/1/2019)

  • From the Search Committee: First round interviews will be scheduled for Friday 2 November at AMS/SMT.

Theory/Performance, etc.Edit

Theory/Composition, etc.Edit

Georgetown University (deadline 10/15) Assistant Professor - Music Theory and Composition

Depaul University (open until filled) Assistant Professor - Composition and Musicianship

Composition OnlyEdit

Berklee College of Music (deadline 10/15) Full-time Faculty, Composition Department.

Emory University, Emory College of Arts and Sciences (deadline 10/19) Assistant/Associate Professor in Composition, tenure track

Florida State University (review begins 10/15) Assistant Professor in Music Composition (job code: 44174)

Composition/Music TechnologyEdit

Brandeis University (no deadline listed, posted 7/9) Lecturer in Music, 527517

  • "The Brandeis University Department of Music seeks to hire an instructor to teach Mus162b: Seminar in MAX/MSP in Spring 2019. We seek an excellent teacher specializing in music technology, electronic music, and music composition, who meets departmental needs by offering undergraduate and graduate courses that range both chronologically and methodologically."

Georgia Tech (deadline 11/1) Assistant Professor - Music Technology

New York University (deadline 10/14) Assistant Professor - Music and Psychology, Tenure Track

Northeastern University (deadline 10/19) Assistant/Associate/Full Professor – Music Technology

University of California, San Diego (deadline 10/15) Lecturer with Potential Security of Employment (LPSOE) in Electronic Music

San Diego State University (review begins 9/12) Assistant Professor: Sound Design and Digital Composition

General DiscussionEdit

2018-2019 wiki
  • From 5120j: Heads up to the Music Theory/Composition community - due to changes in life circumstances, I have decided that I will not be moderating/monitoring the theory wiki this year. I've gotten the page started, but that will be the extent of my involvement. Since I've been the one adding most jobs to the wiki for the past few seasons, I wanted to let everyone know so you all can be more pro-active about adding them yourselves.
  • Here is the list of bookmarks that I've used. These are basically in priority order - most positions show up on one of the first 5 or 6 sites, so it's fairly quick to click through the rest of the list.

7/23: Thank you, moderator, for your great service to our community of job seekers. Is there any individual or group of individuals who might be willing to monitor the sources mentioned and continue inputting job opportunities into the wiki?

8/21: Do we have anyone who is willing / able to act as moderator or co-moderator?

9/1: I'd be happy to work as co-moderator. I've just updated the Millikin University position with a link to the specific job ad. I'd welcome any additional co-moderators to edit this page.

9/2: Have we done away with the Composition Only category? 

9/8: (re: 9/2) I don't think we have done away with the Composition Only category; it's just that the jobs that fall into that category haven't come up quite yet, or so it seems to me at least.

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