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Theory OnlyEdit

Appalachian State University (deadline 12/5) Instructor/Assistant Professor of Music Theory

Appalachian State University (deadline 11/22) Visiting Assistant Professor/Instructor (Spring 2018)

Christopher Newport University (deadline 10/27) Assistant Professor of Music (Music Theory)

  • (11/15) Colleague had interview

Cleveland Institute of Music (deadline 1/12, but review begins immediately) Music Theory Faculty (x2)

  • (10/25) The ad is unusually vague on what materials to submit: "vita and relevant materials". Hopefully this gets updated for clarity.

Duquesne University (deadline 1/10) Assistant Professor of Music

Elon University (deadline 12/1) Assistant Professor, Music (Music Theory)

  • (12/04) Has anyone received an ackonwledgment of their application?
  • (12/04) I did not--but I don't think that's atypical. Recall that this position had you send applications to an email address rather than use Interfolio or one of those services where the acknowledgement is built in. They probably don't have time to email an acknowledgment to everyone who applies.

Indiana University (deadline 10/2) Assistant Professor, Music (Music Theory)

  • (10/23) Request for additional materials
  • (12/6) Request for Skype interview

New York University (deadline 12/1, but review begins immediately) Assistant Professor of Music Theory, non-tenure track

  • 11/16 Deadline extended to 12/1

Northwestern University (deadline 9/15) Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor of Music Theory and Cognition

  • Does anyone know why this position is available? Are they expanding or has someone retired?
  • Someone is retiring in the program. 
  • The position was changed to open rank on 1 September.
  • 9/1 Changed the above link to point to the updated position description on the Northwestern website.
  • 11/19 No movement on this in the two months since the deadline?

Ohio State University (deadline 11/8) Assistant Professor of Music Theory

  • (11/20) Request for additional materials (X2)

Raritan Valley Community College (open until filled, posted 10/5) Adjunct Instructor, Music Theory/Musicianship (Spring 2018)

Rhode Island College (deadline 12/20) Assistant Professor, Music Theory

Rutgers University (deadline 11/27) Assistant Professor of Music Theory

  • 11/15 Does anyone know what the mysterious "other document" is? I have not received a reply from the search Chair.
  • 11/15 (2) I just uploaded another publication; I'm not going to get the job anyway, so might as well.

Stetson University (deadline 10/15) Assistant Professor of Music Theory

  • 10/31 Skype Interview Scheduled/request for additional materials

SUNY Albany (deadline 12/31) Assistant Professor of Music Theory

Texas A&M University-Kingsville (open until filled, posted 11/7) Music Theory/Ear Training, Part-time

University of Alabama (deadline 10/16) Assistant Professor of Music Theory

  • 10/27 Skype Interview Scheduled
  • 11/23 On-campus interview scheduled

University of Central Florida (deadline 1/16) Assistant Professor, Music Theory

University of Delaware (deadline 11/15) Assistant Professor of Music Theory

University of North Texas (deadline 12/1) Assistant Professor of Music Theory

  • (12/8) Request for additional materials (2x)

University of Northern Colorado (deadline 11/15) Assistant Professor of Music Theory

University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley (deadline 1/8) Assistant Professor in Music Theory

Wabash College (review begins immediately, posted 6/7) Visiting Instructor or Assistant Professor of Music Theory (part-time, Spring 2018)

  • 10/16 Offered and accepted, Chris Renk, D.M. Indiana University.

Western University (deadline 1/8) Postdoctoral Associate in Music Cognition

Theory/Performance, etc.Edit

Ashland University (Open until filled, posted 11/7/17) Professional Instructor - Music

  • "The successful candidate will teach undergraduate courses for majors and non-majors to be selected from music theory, aural skills, composition, music technology and popular music."

California Institute of the Arts (deadline 2/1) Conductor-Composer

  • "She/He/They must be a conductor-composer who is able to contribute to the school’s broadly integrated subject areas on all degree levels, including instrumental music as a performer-composer, composition and experimental sound practices, the core curriculum for undergraduates and other areas of the curriculum addressing the diverse range of musical styles and sources of inspiration exhibited among the student body."

Coventry University (deadline 11/9) Senior Lecturer in Music

  • "Successful candidates will undertake teaching assessment and delivery within our BA Music course. A particular focus on new, emerging and innovative forms of music practice and theory across a range of areas such as composition, performance, pedagogy, and musicology."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2017-18.

Earlham College (no deadline listed, posted 10/19) Visiting Lecturer — Music (Spring 2018)

  • "The College seeks a gifted educator to teach the following three undergraduate courses as part of a bachelor-of-arts-in-music program within a liberal arts curriculum: The second and third semesters of Earlham's music theory sequence; and An introductory course in music technology. The position will entail other minor duties, such as making sure the computer-music lab is functioning properly."
  • 10/28 Phone Interview
  • 10/30 Offered and Accepted

Florida International University (deadline 12/15) Instructor of Music Theory and History

  • "Responsibilities and Expectations: Develop and teach courses in undergraduate music theory, sight-singing, ear-training, and music history; supervise and implement the SOM’s Student Success Initiative."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2017-18.

Missouri Southern State University (deadline 11/27) Assistant Professor, Collaborative Piano and Music Theory

NUI Galway (deadline 8/10) Senior Lecturer in Music

  • "The Senior Lecturer must have an ability and willingness to provide teaching in at least two of the areas required by Ireland’s Teaching Council: Instrumental and/or Vocal Performance; Harmony; Composition; Aural, Basic Keyboard and Music Technology Skills; Western Art Music and/or Irish Traditional Music"
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2017-18.

National Sun Yat-sen University (deadline 8/31) Full-time Faculty in Music

National Sun Yat-sen University (deadline 11/24) Full-time Faculty in Music

  • This appears to be a different position from the above posting.

Rochester Institute of Technology (deadline 8/21) Assistant Professor, Music Studies

  • "DMA or PhD. in Music Studies, completed prior to date of hire. Significant prior teaching experience at the college level. Research interests in music theory, music history and practice, pedagogy and new trends. College level orchestral directing experience. A willingness to collaborate with music related initiatives across the institute including IGM (Interactive Games and Media) and composing for media classes at CIAS (College of Imaging Arts & Sciences) ... "
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2017-18.

Saint Anselm College (deadline 10/1) Assistant Professor in Music

  • "Primary teaching responsibilities will depend on the candidate’s area of expertise, but could include introductory music courses, music history and theory sequence (including aural skills), individual music lessons, Computer Music, World Music, and interdisciplinary seminars for non-majors."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2017-18.
  • From musicology wiki: Invitation for Skype interview (11/13)

Stony Brook University (deadline 11/3) Tenured or Tenure-Track Position in Music History/Theory/Ethnomusicology

  • "We have a particular interest in applicants whose research specialties intersect with one or more of these areas: music before 1600, gender and sexuality, critical race studies, or digital and new media practices. Candidates must hold a Ph.D, or have advanced ABD status, in Music History, Theory, or Ethnomusicology, and should be well-versed in both historical and theoretical domains."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2017-18.
  • 10/26 Updated link to direct to the posting on Stony Brook jobs site, since it has slightly different instructions than the posting.
  • From musicology wiki: 12/1: Request for more materials (x2)

University of Chester (deadline 11/14) Lecturer in Music

  • "The successful applicant will have a proven track record of lecturing in music, preferably in HE. It would be desirable if this teaching could span genres (across classical and popular) and a specialism in one or more of the following is desirable: popular music performance and practice; music production; performance studies; music theory; ensemble/choir directing; arranging; or musical theatre."

University of Dayton (deadline 12/1) Lecturer in Music (Music Theory and Technology)

University of Florida (deadline 12/15) Assistant/Associate Professor in Bassoon/Music Theory-Aural Skills

University of Northern Iowa (deadline 12/4) Assistant Professor of Double Bass and Music Theory

University of Valley Forge (no deadline listed, posted 12/1) Assistant/Associate Professor of Music Education & Music Theory

  • "Teaching areas may include: Music theory (4 levels), aural skills (4 levels), fundamentals of music, music education courses, graduate music technology courses, oversight of graduate research projects (Theses), some applied teaching in area of expertise, other courses as needed based on qualifications."
  • Included in qualifications: "A member of an Assemblies of God church."

University of Valley Forge (no deadline listed, posted 12/1) Assistant/Associate Professor of Piano & Music Theory

  • "Teaching areas may include: Music theory (4 levels), aural skills (4 levels), fundamentals of music, applied piano, class piano I & II, piano pedagogy, other courses as needed based on qualifications"
  • Also posted at Piano 2017-18.
  • Included in qualifications: "A member of an Assemblies of God church."

Washington & Jefferson College (deadline 11/17) Visiting Artist/Scholar in Residence for Inclusion Initiatives

  • "Washington & Jefferson College seeks an experienced artist or scholar who can contribute to our inclusion and diversity initiatives on campus through teaching, dynamic out-of-class interactions with students and faculty, and a public event during a one-semester full-time residency. Candidates should possess a Master's degree or at least 5 years of professional experience; college level teaching experience preferred; a body of artistic work, research, or scholarship; and a willingness to engage with Washington & Jefferson students and colleagues on issues of inclusion and diversity."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2017-18.

Western Illinois University (deadline 11/1) Music Assistant Professor, Theory/Class Piano

  • "RESPONSIBILITIES: Teach written and/or aural theory and class piano. Additional teaching assignments dependent upon qualifications and departmental need."
  • Also posted at Piano 2017-18.

Theory/Composition, etc.Edit

California State University, Bakersfield (deadline 12/1) Assistant Professor of Music (Theory/Composition)

Columbia University (deadline 10/10) Mellon Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow/Lecturer

  • "Field(s) of Specialization: Open (Music Theory, Historical Musicology, Ethnomusicology, Composition)"
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2017-18.
  • From musicology wiki: (11/29) Notification of finalist status and on-campus interview scheduled

Georgia State University (deadline 12/15, but review begins immediately) Lecturer in Music Theory/Composition

Gonzaga University (deadline 11/1) Assistant Professor, Music

  • 10/23 If I am reading the ad correctly, it looks like they're asking for a total of 6 references. Any thoughts on this?
  • 12/4 Skype interviews scheduled

Hong Kong Baptist University (deadline 1/1) Assistant Professor in Music (Theory/Composition)

Longy School of Music (review begins immediately, posted 10/5) Chair, Composition and Theory Department (part-time)

Rhodes College (deadline 1/12) Assistant Professor of Music (Music Technology and Composition)/Director of Instrumental Studies

  • "The successful candidate will have a terminal degree in instrumental conducting or composition. Preference will be given to candidates whose creative practices include some of the following: teaching in Songwriting, Popular Music, Audio Engineering, Arts Entrepreneurship, and/or Ethnomusicology (African American Music in particular)."

Syracuse University (deadline 12/1) Assistant Professor, Composition/Theory

  • (11/7) This exact job was posted last year. Anyone know what happened?
  • (11/7) (2) I don't remember this from last year but the language in the ad strikes me as a bit odd. "The successful candidate is expected to have an emerging portfolio leading to the development of an international reputation, along with substantial public performances and recordings."
  • 11/8 Syracuse University did have a job posting for "Assistant Professor/Composition & Theory" open for Fall 2017, though nothing was posted on the wiki after "3/2 Additional materials requested" so I don't know what happened.
  • (11/15) It looks like a hire was made last year (Harold Meltzer), so this appears to be the rare case of a search two years in a row.

Texas Tech University (no deadline listed, posted 10/28) Assistant Professor of Composition & Music Theory

University of Utah (deadline 1/7, but review begins immediately) Assistant Professor in Composition/Music Theory

Valparaiso University (deadline 12/11) Assistant Professor of Music (Theory/Composition)

Williams College (deadline 11/3) Visiting Assistant Professor in Composition and Music Theory

Western Illinois University (deadline 11/1) Music Assistant Professor, Theory/Composition

  • (11/6) Request for additional materials (x3)
  • (11/7) Has anyone else had an issue uploading the additional materials to their system? It seems to have a limit of 10 documents.
  • (11/8) New email sent requesting materials to be sent directly to an email address (instead of the application system)
  • (12/6) References contacted

Western Washington University (review begins 12/15) Assistant Professor of Composition and Theory

Composition OnlyEdit

Berklee College of Music (deadline 10/2) Full-time Faculty, Composition Department

  • (11/27) No one has an update on this one? Almost 2 months after deadine...
  • (11/28) Rejection received (x2)

California State University, Northridge (deadline 1/8) Assistant Professor - Music

  • "The successful candidate will be expected to teach a variety of courses in media composition that may include film composition, songwriting, arranging and orchestrating, and directing a studio lab band. "

Colgate University (deadline 10/21) Assistant Professor of Composition

  • (10/24) Request for additional materials
  • (10/30) Phone interview scheduled
  • (11/8) Request for campus interview
  • (11/27) Rejection received, position offered to another candidate

Knox College (deadline 11/15) Assistant Professor of Music Composition

  • (12/1) Skype interview scheduled (x3)

Harvard University (deadline 11/17) Assistant Professor in Composition

Louisiana State University (deadline 11/15) Assistant/Associate Professor - Composition

  • (12/8) Video interview scheduled

Penn State University (review begins immediately, posted 9/21) Interim Instructor in Music Composition (Spring 2018)

Stanford University (deadline 10/1) Assistant Professor of Composition

  • (10/17) Request for additional materials
  • (11/13) Skype interview scheduled
  • (11/17) Campus interview schedule
  • (11/20) Rejection received

UC Santa Barbara (deadline 11/27) Temporary Part Time Lecturer in Music Composition

  • "The University of California Santa Barbara, College of Creative Studies (CCS), seeks a composer/scenic designer to be appointed as a temporary part-time lecturer at 33% time to teach during the winter quarter of 2017. This is a non-renewing, non-tenure track, non-ladder position, one-quarter appointment with the possibility of reappointment in future academic years depending upon performance and programmatic needs."

University of Central Florida (deadline 12/14) Assistant Professor, Music (Composition)

University of Chicago (deadline 11/15) CCCC 2018-2019 Postdoctoral Fellowship in Music Composition

University of Liverpool (deadline 8/31) Lecturer in Composition Grade 7 (0.25 fte)

University of Missouri (no deadline listed, posted 10/17) Assistant Professor of Music Composition and Assistant Director of the Mizzou New Music Initiative

University of Northern Colorado (deadline 10/1) Assistant Professor of Jazz Composition

Composition/Music TechnologyEdit

Arizona State University (deadline 11/27) Tenure track Assistant Professor in Art/Science Nexus

  • "Arizona State University’s School for the Future of Innovation in Society (SFIS) in partnership with the ASU Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts (HIDA) seek an assistant professor (tenure track) scholar/practitioner who works at the art/science nexus. We seek someone who thinks about futures, possible worlds, and the governance of innovation by combining artistic and technoscientific methods, transforming disciplinary practice and considering real-world impacts. We especially seek candidates with professional experience who accomplish these outcomes by inventing new technologies, genres of dialogue, narrative, performance and/or events – imagining futures and creating fresh techniques for imagining futures."

California State University, East Bay (deadline 10/2) Assistant Professor of Music (Musicianship/Composition/Technology)

  • (11/16) Any word on this one?
  • (11/20) none. i know two people who applied, both with degrees from excellent schools, and neither one of them has heard a word.
  • (12/04) phone interview scheduled (x4)

Carleton College (deadline 11/15) Assistant Professor of Music (Composition/Music Technology)

Colorado College (deadline 11/15) Assistant Professor, Music Technology

  • (12/8) Skype interview scheduled

The College of St. Rose (open until filled, posted 10/18) Assistant Professor of Music Industry (Songwriting/Composition)

  • "The successful candidate will teach courses in songwriting, applied lessons in the Songwriting/Composition concentration, and facilitate student recording projects and performances. The candidate may also teach special elective courses on topics in the music industry."

Columbia University (deadline 1/15) Assistant/Associate Professor of the Arts or Assistant/Associate Professor of Professional Practice of the Arts in Sound Art

  • "The successful candidate will have a vibrant studio practice in sound art with a demonstrated ability to teach and mentor graduate students. The incumbent will oversee the Sound Art Program working closely with faculty in the Department of Music's Center for Computer Music and the Visual Arts faculty in the School of the Arts. Candidates may be appointed on professional practice or tenure track at the discretion of the Dean."

Columbia University (open until filled, posted 11/29) Assistant Director of the Computer Music Center

  • "Reporting to the Director of the Computer Music Center (CMC), the assistant director is responsible for supervising and managing the operation of a complex array of uniquely configured computer-music systems necessary to undergraduate and graduate course offerings, and to faculty or visiting researchers and composers."
  • Please note this is a staff/admin job, not faculty.

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (no deadline listed, posted 11/30) Assistant Professor in Music and Arts Technology

  • "The successful candidate will teach graduate and undergraduate music technology courses, support the integration of music technology and music therapy through an innovative research focus, and develop and coordinate a robust piano/keyboard laboratory program for majors and non-majors. Successful candidates will also work collaboratively with music technology and music therapy faculty to advance research relevant to the departmental mission. Preference will be given to candidates with a focus on education through music technology. Applicants must have a terminal degree (Ph.D. or equivalent)."

Massey University (deadline 8/23) Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Music Technology

Melbourne Conservatorium of Music (deadline 8/6) Lecturer in Music (Interactive Composition)

Middlesex University (deadline 11/30) Lecturer in Music (Music Technology / Composition) (.6 FTE)

Mills College (deadline 1/15) Assistant Adjunct Professor in Music (Full-time, 1-year)

  • "Candidates should have a strong command of contemporary electronic music practices, such as programming in Max/MSP, SuperCollider or other programs, audio recording, composition, and other relevant expertise. In rotation with current faculty, the subjects taught may include electronic music, computer music, video programming, recording techniques, composition and improvisation."

MIT (deadline 12/1) Assistant Professor - Design and Arts

  • "The Media Lab welcomes applications from candidates interested in establishing research programs in: music, performance, arts, design, food, fashion, architecture, games, narratives, experiences (healing, transformational, connective, etc.), things we have not thought of, or any combination thereof."

MIT (deadline 12/15) Lecturer I, Music Technology

Montclair State University (open until filled, posted 8/28) Assistant Professor of Music Technology

New College of Florida (deadline 11/15) Assistant Professor of Digital Media Arts

  • 11/2 Is the deadline really 11/1? The actual job portal says 11/15. Any ideas?
  • 11/3 Yes, the listing on the HR site says review begins 11/1 but the listing on the jobs portal says 11/15. You could email HR or the committee chair to clarify.
    • 11/6 In fact this is what I did! I was informed that the deadline has been pushed to the 15th. Happy hunting!
  • 12/6 received note acknowledging receipt and clarifying timeline

The New School (deadline 12/15) Assistant Professor of Music Technology (non-tenure track)

New York University (deadline 12/1, but review begins immediately) Assistant Professor of Music Technology

Northeastern University (deadline 11/03) Assistant/Associate/Full Professor, Music Technology

  • 10/27 Anybody know of more specifics with regards to job requirements? The MTech program as it currently stands is focused on composition. However, they didn't state that teaching composition would be a requirement. In fact the job ad is rather nebulous.
  • 12/3 Any movement here?
  • 12/5 NEU Music department will be looking for a computer programming and DSP- hardware softare design, rather than a composer, as they already have few senior composers inthe department. they will be looking for an engineer.

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (deadline 9/1) Associate Professor in Music Technology

Portland Community College (deadline 12/8) Instructor, Professional Music and Sonic Arts

  • "The Department of Music & Sonic Arts at Portland Community College's Cascade Campus seeks a full-time, permanent instructor. Fusing studies in music, science, coding, and design, Music & Sonic Arts serves traditional and non-traditional musicians excited to explore the limits of what is technologically and artistically possible with new instruments, new sounds, and new methods of performance and composition."

Princeton University (review begins immediately, posted 12/8) Part-time Lecturer (Spring 2018)

  • "The ideal candidate will have demonstrated ability to teach an electronic composition workshop class, in the context of the traditional sound studio. Emphasis will be on the student's creative work, composing both "fixed media" works and live electronic/laptop music. "

Texas Tech University (no deadline listed, posted 10/27) Assistant Professor of Commercial Music Composition & Production

Towson University (deadline 11/15) Assistant Professor of Music Technology

Ulster University (deadline 9/8) Lecturer in Music

  • "The postholder will undertake teaching, research, and administrative duties across a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, with particular responsibilities in Community Music. S/he will have an additional specialism in at least one of the following: Music Technology, Musicology, Music Psychology, Composition, Performance."
  • Also posted at Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2017-18.

University of California, Berkeley (deadline 11/20) Assistant Professor - Music Technology

University of Edinburgh (deadline 9/25) Teaching Fellow in Music - Sound and Algorithmic Composition

University of Sussex (deadline 11/16) Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Music Technology

The University of Texas at Austin (deadline 12/1) Artist-Teacher of Composition and Electronic Music and Director of Electronic Music Studios

University of Wolverhampton (deadline 8/17) Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Music Technology (.5 FTE)

Wabash College (review begins immediately, posted 6/7) Visiting Instructor or Assistant Professor of Electronic Music (part-time, Spring 2018)

  • 10/16 Offered and accepted, Chris Renk, D.M. Indiana University.

General DiscussionEdit

  • 8/10: In case anyone is wanting to keep track there's a music administration wiki now as well.
  • 8/13: Question: is there a collated list of music fields with a jobs Wiki?
  • 8/14: The most complete list is here (all disciplines): Application Year 2017-18. For music, there are wikis for Theory/Composition, Musicology/Ethnomusicology, Piano, and now Music Administration. Last year there was a Percussion wiki but it didn't get used much and I'm not sure if it will continue into this year.
  • 9/25: Question: Can we add a counter like the Musicology Job Wiki for demographics?
  • 9/25: Done - added below. Please add any other categories that you would find useful to track. -5120j
  • 9/26: Could guidelines be given for what counts as "a recent PhD"?
  • 9/27: The musicology wiki has never spelled this out specifically so I'm not sure ... maybe, degree granted within the last three academic years? -5120j
  • 10/5: I've updated the counter to distinguish between DMAs and PhDs. You may need to change your response if you assumed "PhD" included all doctorates.
  • 10/6: From the moderator: Since there is no way that all 30-something people who have already voted are going to come back and update their votes, I've changed the wording to show that "PhD" included/includes both PhDs and DMAs. For next year's hiring cycle, I will separate out the degrees from the beginning, but for this year, trying to change it at this point will render the numbers meaningless. -5120j

School-Specific DiscussionEdit

  • 8/24 I removed the listing for Pacific Lutheran University (Assistant Professor & Director of Jazz Studies) as it is outside the scope of this wiki. If anyone is interested, here is the job (deadline 11/1): Pacific Lutheran University
  • 8/24 (2) I wouldn't presume to do it myself, but perhaps an "Etc." category by itself is in order. I'm thinking of jobs that have tangential requirements for either theory or composition in the descriptions. The job above, with expertise in jazz theory/history among the desired interests, would then apply. 
  • 8/25 I do already post some jobs like this under "Theory/Performance, Etc." My rule of thumb is that the job has to require that the applicant has a degree in either Music Theory or Composition. If the job requires that the applicant have a degree in something else (Jazz, in the current example) with Music Theory or Composition as a secondary area (like as a doctoral minor field), I don't post it, since I believe that the primary audience for this wiki is people who hold a PhD or DMA in the two areas mentioned in the title (Music Theory and Composition). If I'm incorrect about the wiki audience and there is interest in tracking jobs where music theory and/or composition are more secondary - where the primary degree required is in performance or something else - I'm willing to change the current policy. But the number of jobs eligible for posting at that point will increase exponentially. Personally I think the wiki is more useful when its scope is kept narrowly defined. -5120j (moderator)
  • 11/5 Can anyone provide more information on the Stetson search? Specifically I noticed that this year they have a tenure-track position, while in 2016 they posted a VAP, in 2015 a tenure-track, in 2014 a tenure-track, and in 2013 a tenure-track. Is this University's music theory area greatly expanding? Or are theorists leaving this position very quickly? If the latter is true, can anyone comment on why? 
  • 12/4 Can't comment specifically on Stetson, but there are a good number of schools where people come and go.  It's just the reality of the field.  There are also certain schools like Williams that offer the same visiting position year in and year out.  For Williams this is a way to hire people cheaply: to not pay them what they are owed: to take advantage of people. 
  • 12/4 That is good to know about Williams. Are there other jobs like Williams? As someone on the job market for the first time, and who also has a family, I would genuinely rather use my skills and experience from the PhD outside of academia than spend the time applying to positions that abuse workers like that. I don't mind teaching at a school that has a one-year replacement vacancy, or that needs someone last minute and it's too late to request/acquire a new line. But I don't want to drag my family across the country to a place that operates in a system like that.

Wiki CounterEdit

  • Check all that apply

I am a theorist: 20

I am a composer: 24

I am a little of both: 11

I am currently in a TT position: 14

I am currently in a VAP/Lecturer position: 9

I am currently a Postdoctoral Fellow and on the market:

I am currently adjuncting and on the market: 11

I am a recent PhD/DMA and on the market: 10

I am a no-longer-so-recent PhD/DMA and on the market: 13

I was denied tenure and am back on the market:

I am a senior tenured scholar looking for a better position:

I am a tenured or tenure-track professor whose position has been cut:

I am working outside of the academy: 9

I am ABD and on the market: 14

I am ABD and no longer on the market: 1

I am not on the market but am an interested observer: 7

I am a member of a search committee: 4

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