BU Edit

rejected, March 8, 2010 x6

Case Western Reserve UniversityEdit


Drexel UniversityEdit

rejected april 2010

Florida State UniversityEdit

GA TechEdit

  • 6x Rejected, Jan 2010
  • 1x Rejected, Feb 2010

George Washington UniversityEdit

phone interviewed March 2010



  • Rejected Jan 2010

Mich TechEdit

  • Phone interviewed, Jan 2010
  • Phone interviewed, March 2010
  • not in the shortlist

New Mexico State UniversityEdit

Penn StateEdit

  • Shortlisted candidates in Jan, not invited to campus interview
  • Phone interviewed, reference letter check Jan 2010
  • Rejected April 2010


Rutgers UniversityEdit

  • 4x phone interviewed Feb 2010


  • Two offers sent, Jan 2010
  • Rejected, Jan 2010


  • 2x Rejected Jan 2010
  • Onsite interview arranged

SUNY BuffaloEdit

  • Phone interviewed, March 2010.
  • For which position? They have several positions.

Univ of Central FloridaEdit

Phone interviewed, January 2010

Univ Colorado BoulderEdit

  • 7x Rejected, Jan 2010

Univ of DenverEdit

Univ of DelawareEdit


  • 4x Rej Jan 2010
  • Rumor offer Jan 2010
  • 1x Rej Mar 2010
  • Onsite interview Feb. 2010
  • Did they not hire someone from this round? There was a new position posted 5/3.


2x reference checking, March 2010

UMASS AmherstEdit

Umass DartmouthEdit

phone interviewed Mar 2010

UMASS LowellEdit


Finalists were selected, Feb 2010

-but were they notified?


  • Ref requested 1/17


  • Further info (publications and transcripts) requested, 1/30
  • Further info (publications and transcripts) requested, 2/17
  • Rejection - 6/2010

Univ of Missouri– Kansas CityEdit


  • Position is still open.
  • Seminar list is already posted on the website

U. LouisvilleEdit

  • Phone interview Jan 2010

UNC CharlotteEdit


  • Rejected Jan 2010


  • 3x Rejected Jan 2010

U RochesterEdit

  • Refernce requested, Nov 09

Univ of South CarolinaEdit

  • Phone interviewed, Feb 2010

Univ of AlabamaEdit

got rejection on April 9th


  • Some speakers are listed on the webite event page
  • They seem to be quite senior professors. Are you sure they are candidates for the positions?


3x Rejected 1/7/10

Rejected April 2010


  • 2x phone interview Jan

UT- El PasoEdit

Phone interview Feb. 2010

UT-San AntonioEdit

University of UtahEdit

3x Rejected, Mar 2010

Washington University in St. LouisEdit

West Virginia UniversityEdit

Miami UniversityEdit

  • 2/26/10 final decision made
  • Does the above mean the first choice canididate has been notified or that somebody on the short-list got a firm "no" from the SC?
  • 2 x On-site Jan 2010

WSU VancouverEdit

  • On-site Feb 2010

Virginia TechEdit

rejected Mar 2010


reference check Mar 2010


  • Rej Jan 2010

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