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Schools generally related to Materials Science and Engineering. (May include condensed matter physics, physical chemistry, mechanical, electrical, computer engineering, etc.) *

Nothing Heard *

* Az State 	Materials
* Bloomsburg U (PA	computational chemistry. 
* Boise State U	Phys CM
* Boston U	ECE
* Brown	Nanoscience Chemistry 

Brown Nanomaterials *

CalTech DANSE *

Carnegie Mellon Chem *

Central Mi U Mech *

Clarkson Mech *

Clarkson ECE *

Colgate Physics *

Colo School of Mines Mech *

Colorado School of Mines Physics *

Colorado State Chem *

Cornell Chemistry *

Cornell Materials *

Cornell Mechanics *

Drexel Materials *

Duke Mech + Mats *

Florida State MSE *

Ga Tech MSE *

Hamilton Chemistry *

Ill Institute of Tech Chem E *

Ill State U Energy *

Iowa State MSE *

Johns Hopkins Mech E *

Kansas St Energy Engineering *

Lehigh U Mechanical *

Miami U Chemical Eng *

Mich State Materials *

Mich Tech MSE *

Mich Tech Comp Science *

Miss St. Physical Chem *

MTSU Engineering *

Murray St (Ky) Mech *

NC State ECE *

North Carolina St Chem E *

North Carolina St Mech *

Northeastern (boston) Mechanical *

Northeastern (boston) ECE *

Oakland St Mech *

Oklahoma St MSE *

Penn State condensed matter *

Penn State Mechanical *

Portland State U Chem *

Purdue Energy *

Rice Chem *

Rice Mech and Materials *

Rutgers Materials *

SD school of mines Mech / Materials *

SD school of mines Chem E *

Southern Illinois Chem *

Stanford MSE *

Stanford EE *

Syracuse Chem *

Temple Mechanical *

Texas A&M Mech and Materials *

Texas A&M Chem E *

Texas State Materials *

Tufts Chem E *

U Albany Nanoscience *

U C Berkley Mech E/ Green Energy *

U C Davis Chemistry *

U C Merced Materials Chem *

U C Riverside Engineering *

U C San Diego Nano-science and engineering *

U C San Diego ECE *

U C SB Physics *

U central Fl Nanoscience center *

U Cincinnati Physics CMT *

U Colorado Chem Theory *

U Conn Energy *

U Delaware Mech E/ Green Energy *

U Delaware ECE *

U Denver ECE *

U Hartford Mech E *

U kentucky Electrical Eng *

U kentucky Materials *

U kentucky Mechanical *

U Mass (amherst) Materials *

U Mich Chem E *

U Mich MSE *

U Minnesota Materials *

U NC Chem *

U Nebraska Materials *

U Nevada Reno Chem *

U New Hampshire Chem *

U New Hampshire Mech *

U of Waterloo (Ontario) Mech E/ Green Energy *

U Penn MSE *

U South Carolina Chem *

U South Carolina Phys *

U T El Paso Mechanical *

U T San Antonio ECE *

U Texas @ Dallas Materials *

U Texas Arlington MSE *

U Texas Arlington Mech E/ Green Energy *

U Texas Dallas Mech E *

U Texas San Antonio Chem *

U Toledo Chem E *

U Toronto Chem E *

U Utah Electrical Eng *

U Utah SLC Mech *

U VA Chem *

U VA (research only) Chemical Eng *

U Vermont condensed matter *

U Vermont Chem *

U Washington Chem *

U Washington Materials *

U Washington ECE *

U Winnipeg Chem *

U Wisc MSE *

U WV Physics *

U Wyoming Physics (condensed Matter) *

U Wyoming Chem E *

U Wyoming Mech E/ Green Energy *

U. Illinios MSE *

U. Iowa Physics (condensed Matter) *

U. San Diego Physics *

UTEP Comp Science *

Virginia Tech ESM *

Virginia Tech Physics *

Wake Forest Physics *

Washington U (St Louis Physics (condensed Matter) *

Washington U (St Louis Mechanical *

Washington U (St Louis Energy *

Washington U (St Louis Materials *

Western Washington U Materials *

Phone Interviews *

U Wisc (Eau Claire) MSE (12/15/2008) *

James Madison Physics (Materials / condensed Matter) (12/9/2008) *

Search Canceled *

S Utah U Chem (by letter: 10/9/2008 budget cut *

Rejection Letters *

  • Washington and Lee Physics / Engineering (by letter: 12/11/2008)
  • Northeastern (boston) Chemical Eng (letter received 12/22/2008)

Interviews Scheduled (when scheduled) *

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