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English Literature
Individual Stats: Interviews, etc.
Postdocs in the Humanities (2008)

Updated 1/30/08 9:33PST


  • Wayne State

Campus Visits:

WSU scheduled; would candidates mind sharing their historical fields?

  • Ethnic American/Modernism (for all candidates)

Q. Congrats! How many candidates were invited total? 4

Georgia Tech

  • Asst prof of humanities-someone who studies how theories are embedded in material objects
  • any news?
  • writing sample request via e-mail 11/30, no news since

U. of Oregon (Comp. Lit) TT Asst. Prof.

  • Ad claims they are seeking strengths in critical theory, early modern, postcolonialism, or psychoanalysis, +/or queer theory, translation theory, visual culture. Deadline: Nov. 5
  • App. submitted 10/29; ack. received by post on 11/8.

Also posted at comparative_literature.

UC Irvine (Full Professor)

  • Review begins Oct 15
  • Campus visits occurred early Dec

U Colorado - Boulder (gender studies)

  • Receipt ack.

Brown U (Americanist position and gender studies)

  • Ack. via post 11/26

Wayne State Assistant Prof., Feminist Theory/Queer Theory/Gender Studies

  • Writing sample request via email, 11/12 (3)
  • Rejection email notification 11/20 (3)
  • Q: For those who've received a rejection email, had you previously received a writing sample request via email? A: No. Just a rejection.
  • Q: For those of you who got writing sample requests, have you heard anything? I would think something would have been scheduled or we too would have gotten e-mail rejections. Any thoughts? A: Last year Wayne State scheduled MLA interviews on 12/20. That same day they sent e-mail rejections, presumably to those from whom they had requested writing samples but did not choose to interview. Perhaps they just run a bit late?
  • MLA interview scheduled (12/18) (5)

Rutgers Asst. Prof., Media Studies

  • Rejection email notification 12/18

Please Leave Space for GNU Box.

Northern Michigan University (History of Literary Theory)

  • Review begins Nov 19
  • Dossier request 11/26
  • Phone interview scheduled (01/16)

UNC-Chapel Hill (assistant prof of literary theory) dept. of english and comp lit

  • Deadline: 12/1

Also posted at comparative_literature

  • Ack. received by post 12/3 (app. submitted on 11/16)
  • Writing Sample request (12/4)*
  • EVERYONE received an email asking for one; the committee stated that it neglected

to make it mandatory in the posting.

  • Actually, I didn't get this sample request; the MLA ad I responded to (downloaded 10/25, not sure if/when it changed) asked for "applications and at least 4 letters of rec." I sent my app, including a writing sample, and received a print confirmation on 11/5, no word since. Anyone in a similar boat?
  • I also submitted an application with writing sample back in mid-November and have not received any additional email asking for writing sample etc.
  • Same here. I took the liberty of sending a sample ("application materials" was so vague)

and just received acknowledgment on the 3rd. My take is that they asked anyone who hadn't originally submitted a sample to then do so. Guess we're lucky that we get first read-throughs!

  • I only found out about them wanting a writing sample request through this wiki, never heard from department itself at all. Rushed a publication to them that I could literally pull out of a drawer in my campus office and post to them asap, since I had no idea how far along they were in their deliberations. Maybe I should have taken the time to add additional samples...
  • MLA Interview scheduled, 12/12 (3 people)
  • To the interviewee: were you asked specifically for a second writing sample?

Had you sent one initially? Also, would you mind revealing your field?

  • How many people have had interview requests so far (and also, if you don't mind revealing your fields in some way that you don't find compromising...?)
  • Also, did others have the impression from the MLA ad that the sc was interviewing on-campus, not at MLA?
  • I assumed MLA interviews from the ad (I'm the one who had to send in an offprint asap, didn't get contacted for an MLA interview)
  • A: I didn't send a writing sample initially, then they e-mail and asked me for one. A few days

later, the interview.

Rejection letter received (1/18). Note that some of the above confusion is due to the two separate searches - one poco theory, one general theory that UNC listed on the MLA

Rejection letter received 1/18 (literary theory)

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