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Linguistics 2016-2017

Welcome to this year’s wiki! This wiki should include only positions that begin in Fall 2017-Spring 2018.

Please do not erase material from this Wiki! If you have an issue with or question regarding what is posted, please use the Talk page!

Last year's page: Linguistics 2015-2016

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Good luck to everybody with their search!Edit

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  • ABD, not defending soon:
  • ABD, defending within 4-6 months: 2
  • ABD, I have a date set for my defense:
  • ABD, no defense at my U:
  • Depends on job hunt when I file:
  • Ph.D. in hand, no job currently: 
  • Ph.D in hand, not currently in an academic position:
  • Visiting Professor, Lecturer (North American meaning), Adjunct, other fixed-term position, or postdoc: 5
  • Assistant Professor:
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  • Member of a Search Committee:
  • Postdoc: 4
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  • Historical Linguistics: 1
  • Theoretical Linguistics:
  • Syntax:
  • Morphology: 2
  • Phonology: 3
  • Phonetics: 1
  • Sociolinguistics: 1
  • Sociophonetics: 1
  • Sociophonology:
  • Discourse Analysis: 1
  • Psycholinguistics: 2
  • Language Acquisition: 2
  • Second Language Acquisition: 1
  • Semantics and Pragmatics:
  • Documentary/Descriptive: 1
  • Cognitive Linguistics:
  • Text/Corpus Linguistics:1
  • Computational Linguistics: 3
  • Applied linguistics: 1
  • Other:

Guidelines Edit

  • Please keep entries in alphabetical order.
  • If a job is cross-posted on another wiki page, please note, whenever possible.
  • Please append absolute rather than relative dates to additions (e.g. "the week of January 20", rather than "last week").
  • Please use Heading 3 when adding names of schools / positions to this page (in the appropriate category below) and copy the following template for each entry:


  • Field(s):
  • Department: (if not Linguistics)
  • Rank:
  • URL:
  • Notes:

Tenure-Track JobsEdit

Boston University (Deadline: 1 Nov. 2016)Edit

Dartmouth College (Deadline: 8 Nov. 2016)Edit

George Mason University (Deadline: 15 Nov. 2016)Edit

  • Field(s): Syntax
  • Rank: TT Asst. Professor
  • Department: Program in Linguistics (within the Department of English)
  • URL:
  • Notes:
  • "A secondary specialization in second language acquisition or psycholinguistics is strongly favored."

Michigan State University (Deadline: Oct. 21 2016)Edit

Old Dominion University (VA) - (Deadline: Nov. 1 2016)Edit

  • Field(s): Linguistics or Applied Lingusitics
  • Rank: TT advanced Assistant or Associate Professor
  • Department: Program in Applied Linguistics/TESOL in the Department of English
  • URL:
  • Notes:
  • Candidates should be qualified to teach courses in general linguistics, English grammar, and corpus research in applied areas including forensic linguistics, classroom applications in language teaching and learning, and/or discourse analysis. Preferred qualifications include expertise in technologies for language teaching and learning and the ability to teach online.

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso - Chile  (Deadline: Nov. 17 2016)Edit

  • Field(s): Applied Linguistics /Evaluation/testing)
  • Rank: Associate Professor (entry-level position)
  • Department: Department of English / Institute of Literature and Language Sciences
  • URL:
  • Notes:

Rhodes University - South Africa (Deadline: Sept. 26 2016)Edit

  • Two posts; one intended to be a phonologist

San Diego State University (Deadline: Oct. 15 2016)Edit

Stanford University (Deadline: Oct. 31 2016)Edit

University of California Davis (Deadline: Oct. 15 2016)Edit

University of California Los Angeles (Deadline: 4 Nov. 2016)Edit

University of California San Diego (Deadline: Nov. 1 2016)Edit

University of California, Santa Cruz (Deadline: November 15, 2016)Edit

  • Field(s): One in Phonology, one in Linguistic theory with experimental/computational methodologies
  • Department: Linguistics
  • Rank: Tenure-Track Assistant Professor
  • URL:
  • Notes:
  • Two positions

University of Nevada Reno (Deadline: Oct. 12 2016)Edit

  • Possible areas of specialization include, but are not limited to, corpus linguistics, syntax, pragmatics, discourse analysis, or morphology. Desired sub-areas include indigenous or endangered languages, ethnic dialects of English (particularly Latino or Native American varieties), or language and gender studies.

University of Southern California (Deadline: December 1, 2016)Edit

University of Texas at Austin (Deadline: Nov. 15 2016)Edit

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