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For Jewish Studies Jobs advertised in 2009-2010 see: Jewish Studies 2009-2010

Number of searches canceled due to the economy (and ponzi schemes): 4

Area of Specialization:

Medieval: 2

Hebrew Bible: 5

Hellenistic-Second Temple Judaism: 1

Rabbinic Literature: 3

Ancient: 1

Modern: 5

Tenure-Track Jobs Edit

  • Boston College: Hebrew Bible
    • Interviewed at SBL
      • Rejection email received (not so classy)
  • Boston University: Religion and literary arts
    • Updates
      • contacted about AAR interview
  • Boston University: Modern Jewish History
    • Updates
      • Contacted about AJS/AHA interview (11/12)
      • Rejection received by mail (12/12)
      • "Rejection (post AJS interview) received by email"
        • Hire announced on Dept. website. No name released.
  • Chicago Theological Seminary: Filled
  • Claremont School of Theology: Hebrew Bible
    • Updates
      • Interviews conducted at SBL
      • rejection letter received
  • Columbia University: Rabbinic-Medieval Judaism (Senior position)
  • Columbia University: Witten professorship
  • semi-finalists contacted
  • George Washington University: Hebrew Bible
  • Search cancelled for financial reasons
  • Harvard Divinity School Women's Studies in Religion Program
    • Has anyone heard from them? Last year, rejection letters had arrived by now.
  • Hofstra University: Hebrew and Comparative Literature
    • Updates
      • Search canceled (Madoff related). I believe all Hosftra jobs were frozen. (12/16)
  • Hofstra University: Pre-modern Judaism
    • Updates
      • contacted for SBL interview
      • heard they have contacted finalists about on campus interviews
      • Search canceled due to budget problems (12/16)
  • King's University College at the University of Western Ontario: Jewish Studies/Hebrew Bible
    • Updates
      • Initial interviews took place at AAR
      • oncampus interviews completed
      • job offer extended (December)
      • Not accepted; they will try again next year
  • Princeton University Tikvah Fellowship: Jewish Thought
  • Rejection letter received
  • Princeton University: Hebrew Bible
    • has anyone heard anything? I sent application in mid october and haven't even received an acknowledgment letter/email (as of 12/19).
    • rejection letter recieved (01/02)
  • Queens College: Eastern Europe and Holocaust
    • Has anyone heard anything from them?
      • Position filled! Congrats to Elissa Bemporad!
  • Queens College: Medieval/Pre-Modern (yay!) History/Thought
    • Received confirmation of receipt of application (12/16)
    • 1/5 - received letter that review of applications will begin in late January
    • 2/3 finalists will be chosen before the end of next week--that's right, no preliminary interviews!
    • 2/8 campus invitations
    • 3/4 offer extended to somebody deserving, but unfortunately not me
  • Rhodes College:Hebrew Bible
    • Phone interview scheduled (1/7/09)
      • Campus interview scheduled (1/27/09)
      • Offer made and accepted
  • San Francisco State University: Israel Studies
    • October 31 application deadline
    • Received confirmation of receipt of application (mid-November)
    • Has anyone heard anything else on this one?
  • Santa Clara: Modern Judaism:
    • Updates
      • On-campus visits scheduled for January. Heard it was filled.
  • St. Thomas More College:
    • offer extended and accepted (3/10)
  • Swarthmore College: Open specialization
    • Updates
      • contacted about AAR interview
      • contacted for campus interview
      • job offer made and accepted
  • Temple University: Jewish History
  • University of Buffalo: Rabbinics (Senior position)
    • Updates
      • Interviewed at AJS
      • Rejection received.
      • Offer extended and accepted by Aaron W. Hughes (02/13)
  • Univ. of California - Davis: Pre-modern Judaism
    • Updates
      • contacted about AAR interview
      • contacted about AJS interview
      • contacted for additional materials, including dissertation to date (12/24)
      • contacted about campus interview 1/13
      • RE:question about fields that was posted earlier: I'm also going there and also not in Hebrew Bible.
      • rejection received by phone after campus interview (2/4)
  • University of Chicago Divinity School: Hebrew Bible
  • University of Colorado: Jewish Literature (Yiddish, German, Slavic languages)
    • Updates
      • contacted for AJS interview
        • contacted for campus interview (1/5)
        • offer extended (2/2)
  • University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign: Israeli Cultural Studies
  • University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign: Rabbinics

    • contacted about preliminary interview
    • Search canceled 12/15
  • University of Maryland - College Park: Israel Studies*
    • flying out finalists in February
  • University of Memphis: Judaic Studies, 1-yr position with possibility of renewal for up to 2 additional years.
    • Updates
      • Contacted regarding phone interview (01/22)
  • University of Michigan: Modern Hebrew and Jewish Culture
    • 3 flyouts scheduled, Jan. 14-23rd.
  • University of Minnesota: Israelite religion
    • Updates
      • contacted about SBL interview
      • cancelled for budgetary reasons [1]
  • Univ. of North Carolina -- Chapel Hill: Medieval/Early Modern Jewish History

    • interviews to take place at AHA
    • cancelled for budgetary reasons
  • Univ. of North Carolina -- Chapel Hill: Hebrew Bible
    • Updates
      • preliminary interviews took place at SBL
      • received notice that they are now conducting on-campus interviews
  • Univ. of North Carolina -- Chapel Hill: Rabbinics

    • contacted (by phone) about AJS interview (12/2)
    • contacted for campus interview (ph, 1/20)
  • University of North Carolina -- Wilmington (Bloch Distinguished Professor)
    • Updates
      • Contacted about on-campus interview in January
  • Univ. of Pittsburgh: Classical Judaism (Perlow Lectureship)
    • Updates
      • Interviewed at AJS
      • offer extended 4/6
  • University of San Diego: Contemporary Judaism:
    • Updates
      • Conference interviews took place at AAR.
      • On-campus visits took place in December.
      • Received rejection letter via email (1/14); position filled
  • Univ. of Southern California: Ruth Ziegler Chair in Culture and Faith (11/15)
    • Updates
      • Has anyone heard any news about this?
      • Not a word: Jan/18
      • I've heard the committee is looking at a short list.
  • University of Texas Austin: Jewish Studies/Rabbinics
    • Updates
      • contacted about AJS interview
      • rejection email received (classy!) 12/11
      • rejection received; short list determined
  • University of Washington: Hazel D. Cole Fellowship
    • Updates
      • rejection email received (1/12)
  • University of Wisconsin - Madison: Israeli Literature & Culture
    • Position filled
  • Vanderbilt University: Rabbinics
    • Updates
      • contacted about AJS interview (11/21)
      • rejection received, did not interview (something in the works?) (1/13)
      • contacted for campus interview
      • offer extended 3/2
      • offer accepted 3/10
  • Wellesley: Hebrew Bible
    • Updates
      • First round interviews took place at SBL
      • On-campus invitation 12/17
      • offer made and accepted
  • Wesleyan University
    • Updates
      • contacted about interview
      • phone interview 12/10 in lieu of AAR interview
      • Campus invitation, 1/12 (ph)
  • Yale: Intellectual and Cultural History, 1800-present (1/15)
  • campus interviews scheduled
  • offer made and accepted 4/20

Visiting PositionsEdit

  • American University - Schusterman Teaching Fellowship/Visiting Assistant Professor in Jewish Studies
  • Miami University - Visiting Instructor or Visiting Assistant Professor, Ancient Judaism / Rabbinics, job posted 3/1
    • Telephone interview scheduled 4/6
    • Offer made
    • Offer declined, interviews are ongoing
    • Offer made and accepted
  • Georgetown University-Visiting Assistant Professor, Jewish Civilization, posted 1/16

Format guidelinesEdit

For new position announcements, please add the relevant information: School, specialty, due date, and link to job description, if available.

As job search progress indicators become available, add the type of information and date preceded by a two asterisks on the next line after the position announcement. The link to a job description can be deleted after the application due date.

For example: Midwest Dreamland U, 16/17th c., due 11/1/08

  • Updates:
    • writing sample requested by e-mail 11/5
    • phone interview scheduled 11/20
    • MLA interview scheduled 12/3
    • on-campus interview invitation 1/12
    • Search Canceled
    • offer extended 3/11
    • offer accepted 3/25
    • rejection letter received 4/1 (Rejection letters received after the on-campus visits.)

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