Career Alternative for PhD students in English

Full-time teaching position in Reading and Writing in San Diego, California  Hamilton College Consulting in San Diego, California is looking for talented teachers

and mentors for bright, motivated, college-bound high school students.  We are looking for a candidate with a Ph.D. in English Literature who has an outstanding record as a classroom instructor.


If you love teaching writing and literature to undergrads, if your teaching evaluations are filled with praise and speak of you and your courses as inspirational, we’d like to schedule an interview as soon as possible.


At Hamilton College Consulting we work with high school students hoping to attend selective universities. We teach classes that build reading, writing, and analytical skills, preparing students for AP-level coursework and success in high school and college. Our test-preparation courses teach real skills, rather than test-taking tricks and strategies. We offer a long-term, skills-based approach to college preparation that translates into effective life-long study habits. We help students and parents understand the landscape of American universities and find a path to colleges that help students grow as individuals.


Our students create non-profits, win the Google Science Fair, and read Haruki Murakami in their spare-time. They are routinely accepted to top-tier universities and contribute to the success of campuses and community life.


This is a full-time position with compensation commensurate with full-time, tenure- track college teaching positions. Duties include teaching reading and writing courses, designing and building curriculum, and one-on-one student counseling and mentoring. Hamilton College Consulting is a California-based company with International reach. We are a rapidly growing company with excellent opportunities for Ph.D. candidates and post-docs looking for a meaningful career in education. We also engage in pro bono work with at-risk and underserved communities in California.


Interested candidates should contact Human Resources at




(858) 999-6596                                            

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