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Post jobs and search updates for the 2012-2013 here!

Use "Heading 3" to format names of schools below.

What's the organization here? not alphabetical, not chronological; just add to the bottom?

  • Barely anyone is updating the wiki... if you are inclined to organize it, please feel free to do so! I think largely people have just added to the bottom.
  • Okay, schools are in alphabetical order now

Tenure-Track PositionsEdit

Arizona State UniversityEdit

California State University - Long BeachEdit

  • Assistant Prof of Human Development
  • Review begins 12/1/12
  • Any updates?
  • Phone interviews scheduled.  1/24

Central Michigan UniversityEdit

  • Priority consideration to apps received by 11/19/12

Florida State UniversityEdit

  • Review begins November 27th (no applications accepted after Dec. 3)
  • 12/6/12 Skype interview invite
  • 12/20/12 Campus interview invite
  • Heard an offer has been made

Indiana State UniversityEdit

  • Assistant Professor of HDFS

Indiana University of PennsylvaniaEdit

  • Review of apps begins 1/1/13

Iowa State UniversityEdit

  • Review of apps begins 11/7/12
  • Any updates on this position?
  • I saw on the psyc jobs wiki (developmental section) that some were contacted to schedule phone interviews on 12/4
  • Received rejection via email 1-11-2013
  • I read on the psych jobs wiki that someone heard offers were made (3/2013)

Kent StateEdit

  • Review begins 11/15/12
  • Heard campus interview invites went out in mid-Decebmer
  • Offer accepted

Minnesota State University MankatoEdit

  • Priority consideration will be given to applications received by January 14, 2013

Montclair State UniversityEdit

  • Review of apps begins in November (2012)
  • 11/7 Contacted about phone interview
  • Heard interviews occured in December

Oregon State University CorvallisEdit

  • Priority consideration to applications received by 3/15/13

Penn State BrandywineEdit

San Francisco State UniversityEdit

  • Review of apps began in early November
  • Any news on this position?
  • Phone interviews were conducted week of 12/3 (x?)
  • Two positions - one for adolescent development, one for early childhood education. Which one had interviews? Adolescent development / Early Childhood
  • Psychwiki says tha on campus interviews have been offered for adolescent development position
  • Offers made and positions filled

SUNY OneontaEdit

  • Any more info about this announcement?

University of Alabama TuscaloosaEdit

  • Apps due 10/15/12
  • 11/12/12 Contacted about materials and phone interview
  • 12/3/12 Skype interview invite
  • 12/21/12 Campus interview invite
  • Offer Accepted (Feb 2013)

University of DelawareEdit

  • Contacted for campus interview in January

University of New MexicoEdit

  • Apps due 11/12/12
  • 11/30 Email asking if still interested; considering to contact references
  • 1/24/13 Campus interview invite

University of Rutgers-Camden - DEADLINE PASSEDEdit

  • Deadline December 10
  • Global Childhoods
  • Any updates?
  • Received confirmation (12/28) they had received my materials and would let me know once the committee had met, but that's it.
  • Updates (1/27)?  Any word (2/13)?
  • News? (3/16)

University of Southern MississippiEdit

  • Any more info about this announcement?

University of Wisconsin-StoutEdit

  • Positions in HDFS and MFT
  • HDFS position review begins 2/1/13

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