The REF: for an explanation of the British REF exercise (now being mentioned in most UK job postings) see the Humanities and Social Sciences Postdocs Talk page. AFII 19:01, March 10, 2012 (UTC)

NB: The hiring season for European jobs tends to run late spring-summer, so some jobs being listed now, with late summer/autumn deadlines are intended to start as early as autumn 2011 although many will negotiate a later (e.g. autumn 2012) start date

also -- see that "Talk" link on the upper right? Go there and, you know, talk.

Last year's jobs: History 2010-11

NEW PAGE: History 2012-13

African/Middle East History 2011-12Edit

Asian History 2011-12Edit

European History 2011-12Edit

Latin American History 2011-2012Edit

Pacific History (inc. Aus & NZ) 2011-12Edit

US History 2011-12Edit

History of Science, Technology & Medicine 2011-12Edit

Non-Geographic/Methodologically Oriented 2011-12Edit

Open Field or Mixed Hire History Jobs 2011-12Edit

World/Global/Transnational History 2011-12Edit

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