• Field(s):Phonetics

  • Department: Haskins Laboratories

  • Rank:Post-Doc


  • Notes:

Job Description:Edit

Haskins Laboratories is offering a position for research in speech production, with focus on studying the movement and coordination of speech articulators in first and second languages.  Prerequisite skills include general familiarity with measurement systems for speech articulation, and specific prior experience with electromagnetic articulometry (EMA) and/or ultrasound methods.  A programming background and signal processing experience is desirable. Duties will include assisting with experiments (recruitment, setup, analysis and write-up), coordinating with the Principal Investigator on scheduling and maintenance of the speech production facility within Haskins Laboratories, and working on research projects of the applicants own design that advance the goals of the NIH grant that is funding the position.Edit

Send a CV, letter of interest, and names of 3 references to whalen@haskins.yale.eduEdit

Minimum requirements:

Ph.D. in linguistics or related field at time of hire. 

Excellent written and oral communication skills in English. 

Experience with EMA or ultrasound data acquisition and analysis

Strong analytical and statistical skills

Strong computer and data management skills

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