This page is dedicated to academic jobs in German. The jobs found here are added by individuals as well as drawn from sources such as the MLA job listHigher Ed Jobs, the Chronicle of Higher EducationInside Higher, and other lists and websites.

Click here for the 2016-2017 list

Please add jobs with the following format:

Name of college/university, title/rank, preferred area(s) of specialization, application due date, link to job ad.

As job search progress indicators become available, add the type of information and date. The link to a job description can be deleted after the application due date. After an offer has been accepted, please underline the name of the institution so that we can easily see which positions have already been filled.

For example:

  1. Midwest Dreamland U16/17th C, due 11/1/17
    • writing sample requested by email 12/1
    • phone interview scheduled 12/15
    • MLA interview scheduled 12/20
    • on-campus interview invitation 1/15
    • offer extended 3/15
    • offer accepted 3/25
    • rejection letter received 4/1

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Tenure Track Faculty Positions  Edit

  1. Auburn U (AL), asst. prof. due 11/1/17, link
    • Skype interview requested, 11/17 (x3)
    • On-campus interview scheduled, 12/1 (x2)
  2. Ball SU (IN), asst. prof. due 11/19/17, link
    • phone interview requested, 12/1 (x3)
  3. Bucknell U (PA), open rank, German-Jewish lit. & culture, due 10/15/17, link
    • Skype interview requested, 10/24
    • On-campus interview scheduled, 11/10
  4. Colorado C, asst. prof., modernism/20th C culture, due 11/1/17, link
  5. C of DuPage (IL), asst. prof., experience with ESL preferred, due 1/15/18, link
  6. Gettysburg C (PA), asst. prof., open, due 11/1/17, link
    • MLA interview scheduled, 11/20 (x4)
  7. Kennesaw SU (GA), asst. prof., open, due 10/17/17, link
    • Skype interview requested, 10/30 (x3)
    • On-campus interview scheduled, 12/4
    • Rejection letter received, 12/5 (x10)
  8. Longwood U (VA), asst. prof., due 11/1/17, link
    • Skype interview requested, 12/6
  9. Montana SU, asst. prof., review begins 12/1/17, link
  10. Oakland U (MI), asst. prof., pre-20th C and feminist or queer theory, link
  11. Reed C (OR), asst. prof., post-1700, due 11/10/17, link
    • MLA interview scheduled, 12/8 (x3)
  12. US Naval Academy (MD), asst. prof., review begins 11/17/17, link
    • MLA interview scheduled, 12/4 (x2)
  13. U of British Columbia, asst. prof., due 11/15/17, link
    • Skype interview requested, 11/22 (x3)
    • Rejection letter received, 12/5 (x4)
  14. U of California Berkeley, asst. prof., pref. for post-War lit., due 11/3/17, link
    • Skype interview requested, 11/22
    • On-campus Interview scheduled
  15. U of Chicago (IL), asst. prof., due 11/15/17, link
    • Skype interview requested, 12/5
  16. U of Rhode Island, asst. prof., German for professional purposes, review begins 10/30/17, link
    • Skype interview requested, 11/4 (x5)
    • On-campus interview requested, 11/16
  17. U of South Carolina-Upstate, asst. prof., translation/interpretation, link
  18. U of Wisconsin-Madison, asst. prof., early Germanic, link
    • Skype interview requested, 12/1
  19. Valparaiso U (IN), asst prof., generalist, due 11/17/17, link
    • MLA interview scheduled, 12/8
  20. Virginia Tech, asst. prof., Goethezeit, due 11/15/17, link
    • Skype interview requested, 12/5 (x2)
  21. Worcester Polytechnic Institute (MA), asst. prof., due 10/15/17, link
    • References contacted, 11/17 (x5)
    • interview requested, 11/22 (x2)

Senior Faculty Positions Edit

  1. Johns Hopkins U (MD), Kurrelmeyer Chair of German, due 10/15/17, link
  2. Michigan SU, founding Director of the School of Language Sciences & Literary and Cultural Studies (SLS&LCS), review begins 10/16/17, link
  3. U of Colorado Boulder, visiting senior scholar in German Studies, for either Fall 2018 or Spring 2019, review begins 3/1/18, link

Visiting/non-tenure track/term limited faculty positions Edit

See also: Humanities and Social Sciences Postdocs 2017-18

  1. Colby C (ME), 1-yr. faculty fellow, due 1/15/18, link
  2. C of Charleston (SC), visiting asst. prof., review begins 2/9/18, link
  3. Georgia Tech, GLACT postdoc in German, due 10/6/17, link
  4. High Point U (NC), visiting asst. prof., due 12/20/17, link
  5. U of Connecticut, 1-yr. asst. prof. in residence, due 1/12/18, link
  6. U of Maryland, College Park, 1-yr. visiting asst. prof., environmental humanities, due 11/15/17, link
    • Skype interview requested, 11/30 (x3)

Applied Linguistics/Language Coordinator/Pedagogy/Program Director Positions Edit

  1. Columbia U (NY) lecturer/senior lecturer, due 11/1/17, link
    • MLA interview requested, 11/22 (x4)
  2. U of Rhode Island, asst. prof., language and applied linguistics, review begins 11/15/17, link
  3. U of Texas at Austin, asst. prof., due 11/15/17 extended to 12/1, link
    • Email: committee plans to meet later this week to select Skype interview candidates, 12/4
    • Rejection letter received, 12/8 (x3)
    • Skype Interview requested, 12/8 (x2)

Renewable non-tenure track lecturer/instructor positions Edit

  1. Baylor U (TX), lecturer, due 11/1/17, link
  2. Carleton C (MN), lecturer, due 12/15/17, link
  3. Northwestern U (IL), asst. prof. of instruction, due 2/9/18, link
  4. Texas Tech U, asst. prof. of the practice, due 12/31/17, link
  5. U of Iowa, lecturer, contemporary German lit. and culture, due 2/1/18, link
  6. Yale U (CT), lector, due 12/15/17, link

Spring 2018 Positions Edit

  1. Cornell C (IA), German studies instructor, link

Faculty Positions outside of Canada and the U.S. Edit

  1. Durham U (UK), asst. prof., due 12/17/17, link
  2. National U of Singapore, lecturer/senior lecturer, due 10/15/17, link

Multi-Language Faculty Positions Edit

  1. Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Humanities (IN), instructor of German and Russian, due 12/1/17, link
  2. U of Arizona, asst. prof., intercultural competence (2 positions, incl. German), due 11/20/17, link. Also posted at Interdisciplinary Humanities and Liberal Arts 2017-2018, Ethnic Studies 2017-2018, Spanish and Portuguese 2017-2018, and French and Francophone Studies 2017-2018.

Other Germanic Languages Edit

Other German-Related Faculty Positions Edit

NOTE: German History positions are posted at European History 2017-18

  1. U of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Central European Studies (incl. Hungarian), due 11/13/17, link. Also posted at Russian/Slavic 2017-2018.

Demographics Edit

Change the count in the category to which you belong. This permits us to have somewhat of an overview on the nature of the market demographics in German Studies. 

ABD (early): 

ABD (will finish this academic year): 13

Ph.D. in hand (one-year, VAP, Lecturer, Post-doc, adjunct): 17

Ph.D. in hand (unemployed): 1

Assistant Professor: 3

Associate Professor: 4

Full Professor: 

Search Committee Member: 2

Lurker: 1

Concerned grandmother: 1

Faculty "Job Coach": 1 

Discussion Edit

  1. Two requests: Please do not delete any position that has been added. If a search has been cancelled, strike through it. Please also check before adding a new position to see whether it might already be in a different section. If you disagree with where the position has been placed, discuss the categorization in this section rather than simply duplicate it.
    1. Positions that are open rank = tenure track faculty + senior faculty. Should be listed in both. (Some things, studies have shown and experts agree, are more than one, not either / or ... )
    2. The purpose here isn't to deny that some jobs could reasonably be placed in multiple categories. It's just to make things easier once people start posting status updates.
    3. Idea: post it in both categories with request for people to post update status updates under tenure track.
    4. This is becoming needlessly complicated. Senior faculty positions are only for already tenured faculty whereas the tenure track positions are either expressly for or open to non-tenured applicants. Positions that are open rank or adv. asst. have in the past been listed in the first section.
  2. Q. (Ball SU) Does anyone know why their system asks applicants to upload their own LoRs? Am I to understand that they want non-confidential letters of recommendation?!
    1. This is most likely due to a miscommunication between the dept. and HR rather than a request for non-confidential letters.
    2. According to their search committee head, Ball State just implemented the job site this year and this was not something the department anticipated HR doing. They're in communication with HR right now about fixing it. 
    3. HR has resolved the issue. 
  3. The Naval Academy job is now listed on the USNA website.
  4. The Ball State German/Russian Instructor job is actually at the Indiana Academy of Science and the Humanities, a magnet school for advanced high school students. We can list it here, but it's not a college/university position.
  5. Anyone know anything about the U Chicago search? The interfolio link seems to be inactive. Was it cancelled?
    1. U of Chicago isn't actually using Interfolio for submissions; it's using a local job site. There seems to be a problem with the job site though too. I was able to access the Interfolio page advertising the position. I recommend contacting the job site's administrative email ( and the department contact person, Ingrid Sagor (, especially as letters of recommendation are instructed to be sent to her email.
    2. I am able to access the application site here . You should be able to find the listing by searching with the job posting number from the Interfolio page linked above (03483). 

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