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This page is dedicated to academic jobs in German. The jobs found here are added by individuals as well as drawn from sources such as the MLA job listHigher Ed Jobs, the Chronicle of Higher EducationInside Higher, and other lists and websites.

Click here for the 2015-2016 list

Please add jobs with the following format:

Name of college/university, title/rank, preferred area(s) of specialization, application due date, link to job ad.

As job search progress indicators become available, add the type of information and date. The link to a job description can be deleted after the application due date. After an offer has been accepted, please underline the name of the institution so that we can easily see which positions have already been filled.

For example:

  1. Midwest Dreamland U16/17th C, due 11/1/16
    • writing sample requested by email 12/1
    • phone interview scheduled 12/15
    • MLA interview scheduled 12/20
    • on-campus interview invitation 1/15
    • offer extended 3/15
    • offer accepted 3/25
    • rejection letter received 4/1

Recent Activity (RSS Feed)Edit

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Tenure Track Literature/Culture/Film Faculty Positions  Edit

  1. Ball State U (IN), asst. prof., generalist, due 3/10/17, link
  2. California SU, Fresno, asst. prof., German and Ethnic Humanities, review begins 10/16/16, link.
    • Official transcripts and letters of recommendation requested, 10/20 (x3)
    • Skype interview requested 10/20, 10/25
    • Rejection email received (no Skype interview), 11/4 (x4) 
    • on-campus interview invitation, 11/17
    • received email that position has been filled, 12/27
    • offer made and accepted, 12/22
  3. Coastal Carolina U (SC), asst. prof., open until filled, link.
    • phone interview requested, 12/21 (x3)
    • On-campus interview invitation, 1/23
  4. Georgia Tech, asst. prof., due 11/3/16, link.
    • Skype interview and letters of recommendation requested, 11/15 (x2)
  5. Hamilton C (NY), asst. prof., due 12/1/16, link.
    • search changed to VAP (see below)
  6. James Madison U (VA), asst. prof., literature after 1750, review begins 2/1/17, link
    • Skype interview invitation, 2/8
  7. Kalamazoo C (MI), asst. prof., ability to teach a broad range of courses covering lang., lit., visual media and the cultures of German-speaking countries, due 11/1/16, link.
    • Skype interview requested, 12/6 (x2)
    • On-campus interview scheduled, 1/5
    • Received message that offer has been accepted, 2/1
  8. Lehigh U (PA), asst. prof., modern German lit. and culture (19-20th c.), due 11/22/16, link.
    • MLA interview requested, 12/14 (x4)
    • On-campus interview scheduled, 1/12
  9. Princeton U (NJ), asst. prof., pre-1890, due 11/4/16, link.
    • Writing sample requested, 11/15 (x4)
    • MLA interview requested (by phone), 12/15
  10. Stanford U (CA), asst. prof., open specialization with competence in all periods of German lit. and culture, due 11/1/16, link.
    • MLA interview scheduled, 11/18 (x5)
    • Rejection email received, 1/10, without MLA interview (x2)
    • On-campus interview scheduled, 1/12 (x3)
  11. Texas SU, asst. prof., due 11/4/16,link.
    • MLA interview scheduled, 12/9 (x5)
    • on-campus interview requested, 1/11 (x3)
  12. Tufts U (MA), asst. prof., specialization open with expertise in film/visual arts and interdisciplinary approaches, review begins 10/28/16, link
    • MLA interview scheduled, 12/5 (x4)
  13. U of Alabama, asst prof.,18th- and/or 19th-C German lit. and culture, review begins 11/7/16, link.
    • Skype interview requested, 11/30 (x4)
  14. U of Georgia, asst. prof., German film and media studies, due 11/6/16, link.
    • Skype interview requested, 12/9 (x2)
    • On-campus interview scheduled, 1/26
  15. U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, asst. prof., German medieval studies, due 11/22/16, link.
    • Skype interview requested, 12/20
    • on-campus interview requested, 1/18
    • rejection received 1/24
    • Received message that offer accepted, 2/14
  16. Valparaiso U (IN), asst. prof., medieval/early modern, due 11/18/16, link.
    • MLA interview requested, 12/8 (x3)
    • on-campus interview requested, 1/19
  17. Yale U (CT), asst. prof., race and ethnicity studies, the natural sciences, social and political thought, gender and sexuality studies, or the history of ideas between 1850 and the present, due 11/15/16, link.
    • MLA interview and writing sample requested, 12/14 (x3)
    • Rejection email received 2/16, without MLA interview

Senior Faculty Positions Edit

Visiting/non-Tenure Track Literature/Culture/Film Faculty Positions Edit

See also: Humanities and Social Sciences Postdocs 2016-17

(For teaching positions without research expectations please see below)

  1. Bowdoin C (ME), 2-yr. visiting asst. prof. (sabbatical replacement), review begins 11/15/16, link
    • MLA interview invitation, 12/2 (x4)
    • post-MLA phone interview scheduled, 1/11 (x2)
    • on-campus interview scheduled, 1/19
    • offer made and accepted, 2/16
  2. C of Saint Benedict/ Saint John's U (MN), 2-year visiting assistant, due 1/23/17, link
    • Skype interview invitation, 2/6 (x2)
    • Rejection received (w/o interview), 2/7
  3. Colby C (ME), full-time, 2-yr. visiting asst. prof. (contingent on successful first year), open, review begins 10/19/16, link.
    • Skype interview scheduled, 11/2 (x5)
    • On-campus interview scheduled, 11/10 (x2)
    • Offer made and accepted, 12/16 
  4. Colgate U (NY), 1-yr visiting asst. prof., open, review begins 12/5/16, link
    • MLA interview requested, 12/16
    • On-campus interview invitation, 1/13
    • Received message that offer accepted, 2/15
  5. Concordia U (Montreal), visiting asst. prof./German coordinator, due 3/10/17, link
  6. Duke U (NC), 1-yr. visiting asst./assoc. prof., due 2/15/17, link
  7. Elon U (NC), 3-yr. visiting asst. prof. in German, due 10/21/16, link
    • rejection from first round via email, 11/21 (x5)
    • Skype interview requested, 11/28 (x4)
    • on-campus interview scheduled, 12/20
  8. Georgia Tech, 3-yr. postdoc, German for business/tech, due 3/1/17, link. Also posted at Humanities and Social Sciences Postdocs 2016-17.
  9. Hamilton C (NY), 2-yr. visiting asst. prof. in German, due 12/15/16, link
    • Skype interview requested, 2/10 (x2)
  10. Illinois Wesleyan U, 1-yr. visiting asst. prof., due 3/19/17, link
  11. Lafayette C (PA), multi-year (contingent on successful review) visiting asst. prof. in German, due 12/15/16, link
    • Skype interview scheduled, 12/22 (x3)
    • On-campus interview scheduled, 1/25
  12. Middlebury C (VT), 2-yr. asst. prof. or instructor, visual culture/pedagogical tech, due 11/21/16, link
    • Skype interview scheduled, 12/4 (x5)
    • On-campus interview scheduled, 12/15 (x2)
    • Offer accepted, 2/23
  13. Purdue U (IN), 1-yr. visiting asst. prof., due 3/10/17, link
  14. Randolph-Macon C (VA), visiting asst. prof. in German studies, due 12/4/16, link
    • MLA interview invitation, 12/16, 12/20
    • post-MLA phone interview scheduled, 1/11
    • On-campus interview scheduled, 1/23
  15. Saint Anselm C (NH), 1 to 3 yr. visiting asst. prof., due 2/10/17, link
    • Skype interview scheduled, 2/20 (x5)
  16. Sewanee: U of South (TN), 1 to 3 yr. visiting asst. prof., due 2/24/17, link
  17. US Air Force Academy (CO), 3-yr. asst. prof., US citizens only, due 11/30/16, link.
    • Phone interview invitation, 1/25
  18. U of California, Santa Cruz, 1 to 2 yr. (contingent on funding) visiting asst. prof., due 3/14/17, link
  19. Whitman C (WA), 1-yr visiting asst. prof., in German and Gender Studies, due 1/26/17 link
    • Skype interview scheduled, 2/14
  20. Williams C (MA), 2-yr. visiting asst. prof., open, due 12/1/16, link
    • Skype interview scheduled, 1/27, 1/28
    • Campus visit scheduled, 2/7
    • Offer made, 2/14
    • Offer accepted, 2/15

Applied Linguistics/Language Coordinator/Pedagogy/Program Director Positions Edit

  1. Duke U (NC), adv. asst. or early assoc. prof. of the practice of German and Language Program Director, due 10/31/16, link.
    • Skype interview scheduled, 12/8
    • offer accepted (reliable second hand information)
  2. Princeton U (NJ), 3-yr. senior lecturer, coordinate intermediate/advanced lang. courses, link.
    • Skype interview scheduled, 12/8
    • On-campus interview scheduled, 1/17 (x2)
  3. U of Virginia, Coordinator of the Language Program, Department of Germanic Languages, lecturer (3 yr. renewable), review begins 12/2/16, link.
    • Skype interview requested, 12/27 (x2)
    • Email notification: they have a list of finalists for the position, 1/26
    • On-campus interview scheduled, 1/26
    • On-campus interview requested, 2/20

Language and Culture Lecturer/Instructor Positions (without research requirement) Edit

  1. Arkansas Tech U, renewable visiting instructor of German/English, due 3/6/17, link
  2. Auburn U (AL), renewable instructor, due 1/31/2017, link
    • Skype Interview invivation, 2/9 (x2)
  3. Columbia U (NY), full-time, multi-year (contingent on successful review) lecturer, review begins 11/1/16, link
    • interview requested and scheduled, 12/16 (x2)
    • email notification: not invited for campus interviews, possible second round, 1/9
    • On-campus interview scheduled, 1/9
  4. Loyola Marymount U (CA), renewable instructor, due 2/15/17, link
  5. New York U, 3-yr. renewable lang. lecturer in German, due 2/15/17, link
  6. Penn State U Erie-Berend C, 1-yr. lecturer, due 2/20/17, link
  7. St. Olaf College (MN), 1-semester (fall 2017) lecturer, open until filled, link
  8. Southern Methodist U (TX), 1-yr. renewable lecturer, specialization in 19th Cen or Human Rights preferred, due 3/1/2017, link
  9. U of Iowa, 3-yr. renewable lecturer, Holocaust/Memory Studies, Film, and Third Reich Literature, review begins 10/1/16, link
    • rejection via email (no interview), 1/17
  10. U of New Hampshire, full time, renewable lecturer in German lang., lit., culture, due 2/24/17, link
  11. U of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, two 2-yr. visiting lecturers in German, review begins 1/17/17, link
    • Skype Interview invite 2/22 (x3)
  12. U of Northern Colorado, 1-yr. renewable lecturer/instructor, review begins 1/17/17, link
    • Skype interview invitation, 2/16 (x2)
  13. U of Pittsburgh (PA), full time, renewable lecturer in German, due 12/15/16, link
    • Skype interview invitation, 1/19
    • On-campus interview scheduled, 2/3
  14. U of Vermont, lecturer in German for 2017-2018, review begins 12/15/16, link
    • MLA interview requested and scheduled, 12/21 (x4)
    • On campus interview scheduled, 1/10
    • Offer made, 2/10
    • Offer accepted, 2/24

Faculty Positions outside of the US Edit

  1. U of Zurich (Switzerland), 4-month visiting postdoc in German Literature, due 1/31/17, link

Multi-Language Faculty Positions Edit

  1. Murray State U (KY), asst. prof., generalist, pref. ability to teach Spanish, due 11/15/16, link.
    • Request for Skype interview, 12/17 (x2)
    • Search cancelled due to budget cuts, 2/12
  2. Grove City C (PA), prof. of Spanish or prof. of Spanish and German, due 12/22/16, link

Other Germanic Languages Edit

Other German-Related Faculty Positions Edit

NOTE: German History positions are posted at European History 2016-17

  1. U of Massachusetts Amherst, asst. prof, Holocaust studies, due 11/15/16, link. Also posted at Jewish Studies 2016-2017.
  2. U of Massachusetts Amherst, full prof. and dir., Holocaust Studies, link. Also posted at Jewish Studies 2016-2017.
  3. U of Pennsylvania, asst. prof. of Digital Humanities, fields incl. German, due 11/3/16, link. Also posted at: New Media and Digital Humanities 2017.
  4. U of Pennsylvania, asst. prof. of Environmental Humanities, fields incl. German, due 11/3/16, link. Also posted at Environmental 2017.
    • They received over 500 applications. 1/3/17
  5. U of California Santa Barbara, asst. prof. of French and/or German media studies, due 10/31/16, link. Also posted at: French and Francophone Studies 2016-2017.
    • Post MLA Skype scheduled, 12/16
    • Finalists invited to campus (February 2017)

Spring 2017 Teaching Positions Edit

  1. Albion C (MI), full-time, one-semester sabbatical replacement for German program beginning January 2017, due 10/15/16, link
    • Skype Interview, 10/5
    • Campus visit scheduled, 10/8
    • Offer made and accepted, 11/2
  2. Cornell C (IA), 1-course instructor (March 20-April 12, 2017) for German 102, review begins 10/10/16, link
    • Note: Cornell College uses a block plan schedule ("One Course At A Time"), so this would be approx. 4 hours per day, M-F, for 3.5 weeks (18 days)
  3. Gettysburg C (PA), 1-semester visiting asst. lecturer (Spring 2017), review begins 10/7/16, link
    • Skype Interview scheduled
    • Received an email that the position has been filled, 10/27

Demographics Edit

Change the count in the category to which you belong. This permits us to have somewhat of an overview on the nature of the market demographics in German Studies. 

ABD (early): 3

ABD (will finish this academic year): 13

Ph.D. in hand (one-year, VAP, Lecturer, Post-doc, adjunct): 17

Ph.D. in hand (unemployed): 1

Assistant Professor: 8

Associate Professor: 1

Full Professor: 

Search Committee Member: 

Lurker: 1

Concerned grandmother: 1

Faculty "Job Coach": 1

Discussion Edit

  1. There is now a separate category for Spring 2017 positions.
  2. Has anyone heard anything from Illinois, Hamilton, Lafayette, Iowa, Pittsburgh, Vermont, Williams? I would've thought based on the deadlines they would contact people before the MLA.
    • I don't think Lafayette is doing MLA interviews based on what I hear through the grapevine.
    • Thanks for that info. I see also some are still contacting candidates this week for MLA interviews.
    • Just FYI: Inside candidate at University of Iowa. Always a wild card. 12/22
  3. Re: the Stanford rejection on 1/10, I don't know about the person who first posted it, but for what it's worth I got an email rejection today, and I did not have an MLA interview. Hope this helps for whoever was asking. (Thank you for your response!)
  4. Does anyone know if Hamilton and Williams are interviewing yet? 1/19
  5. Has anyone heard anything from Tufts? 1/27
  6. Does anyone know if Columbia is interviewing yet? Judging by the 1/9 update above, I'd think they should've sent out invitations/rejections by now (post-online interview)?  1/31
    • I just updated it. Interviews were scheduled
  7. What exactly is the distinction between the visiting/non-tt positions and the lecturer positions? This seems to be a way of making it seem like there aren't as many contingent jobs by splitting them up.
    • Aside from title, nothing. Some of the lecturer positions are renewable and, depending on the institution, there may be an expectation of research in lieu of teaching 3/3 or 4/4 with VAP positions, but that depends entirely on the individual institution and what it's looking for.
    • before that, some distinctions were totally arbitrary. For example: the lecturer position at NYU was listed under "Applied Linguistics/Pedagogy", while the the lecturer position at Columbia was listed under "Visting/Lecturer/non-Tenure Track Positions". Why? They are both language teaching positions without any research expectations. I have reorganized things so that now there is a distinction between 1) Literature/Culture/Film positions that are tenure track (= tenure track researcher/educator)  2) Literature/Culture/Film positions that are not tenure track (= non-tenure track researcher/educator)  3) Language teaching positions (no research expectations, you are basically a language teacher at college level) and 4) language coordinator positions. This logic seems to make more sense, since 3) and 4) are different positions from 1) and 2) in the nature of what is actually done at the job and what the responsibilities are. Does that make sense?
    • I understand what you're saying, but I guess my point is that even if one isn't *expected* to do any research in the job, one is still going to do research in order to potentially get a better and more stable job. Breaking the VAP and the Lecturer positions up like that is actually marginalizing the work that lecturers do and suggesting that they are *simply* language instructors.  
    • I understand what you mean, but need to say that I disagree with you for three reasons:
      1. I believe that when you say that as a lecturer "one is still going to do research in order to potentially get a better and more stable job", this is what actually marginalizes the work that lecturers do. Some of us aim to get a tenure-track position at a R1 university, while others actively seek a lecturer position that enables them to teach language and culture courses without the research pressure (but with the option to do research if they decide to do so). Both of those career paths are valuable, and both of them contribute to the diversity of our programs. Putting VAP and lecturer positions together, and arguing that one might be looking for a "better" job down the road, downgrades both positions to some kind of "parking lot" positions - a job you take for now, in order to find something better next year. For some of us, lecturer positions are a desirable positions in itself, and we actively seek them, while VAP positions are clearly not a desirable career goal with a future perspective for anyone.
      2. One *can* always do research, it does not matter if you are a tenure track assistant professor, a VAP, a lecturer, a study abroad coordinator, an administrator, or when drive a taxi because you did not get any job in German Studies at all. The difference between all these jobs is that in tenure track and VAP positions you are *expected* to do research, and it's an integral part of your job description. For lecturer positions, it's not. 
      3. Creating a category for lecturer/instructor positions makes it easier for those who are actively looking for teaching jobs without research pressure to find the appropriate job postings.
      4. If you guys all disagree, and think VAP and lecturer positions should be listed together, please undo my changes. I hope my explanation shows my way of thinking. BTW, I have been in a lecturer position for over 20 years, and never wanted to get a tenure-track research position. Comparing my job to a VAP (which is in my view a low income adjunct with a fancier sounding title, who is expected to move on to the next job after 1-3 years) is quite offensive. They should call VAP's post-docs.. that's what they really are! Many lecturer positions are are renewable, and have a decent income.
    • Here's another view. I've been following this wiki a long time. Some distinctions make sense, like TT vs NTT. Long-term vs 1-3 year makes sense. Other distinctions just don't make sense. Trying to divide NTT lit/cult/film from NTT lang/cult positions does not make sense. The reality is that nearly all NTT people teach some of both. Usually more on the language side, but it's rare that a position is exclusively either one or the other. The research aspect is a red herring, because whether you do research or not, if you're NTT, your department mostly doesn't care at all. (Also, don't disparage VAPs. I liked being a VAP.) Here's a categorization that would fit the jobs: TT; indefinitely renewable NTT (including language coordinator positions); limited term/1-3 year NTT (inlcuding short term language coordinator positions). That's the categoriztaion that fits the reality of the job market and doesn't try to artificially split up jobs into categories that doesn't really exist.
      • Yes. This is much more representative of how people are actually searching for jobs.
      • No, I disagree. I, for instance, am only applying for one of the NTT categories (VAP vs lecturer/instructor) this year. Another way to look at it would be to compare the content of the respective cover letters - one requires a research component, the other one doesn't. I like the distinction of how it is now, and don't find it artificial at all.
  8. Why was the University of New Hampshire position completely scrubbed from the wiki? I know there's a protocol for striking out positions that were discontinued because they lacked funding or the search was changed, but as an applicant for the position I received no such notice.
    • I added the UNH lecturer position back. People, please don't delete positions. If it has been canceled, use strikethrough. According to the UNH employment site, the position is open for another week, until 2/24.
    • No one deleted the position. It was moved to Visitng/Non-Tenure-Track Literature/Culture/Film Faculty Positions.
    • Well, technically that shouldn't have happened because it's not a visiting position, it's a renewable lecturer position, but as long as its on the wiki I suppose it doesn't actually matter where it is.
    • It's not a tenure-track or vistiting professor position with research, service and teaching responsibilities. It's a teaching position. Your cover letter will look differently (no research component). It's a different type of job/position. Tenure-track prof and VAP positions are the same positions, just that one is permanent, the other one is not. A lecturer position is a different position than those two. Please see the discussion above. 

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