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Europe: Open searches
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Europe Open Time PeriodEdit

Updated: 8 February 2008 with latest info from old site. Old site will soon be deleted so we can consolidate on one wiki.

Applicant Counter: Yes, I'm on the market = 4 persons

Appalachian State University (British History) see ad on h-net

Athabasca University (European history)

Bennington College (actually, it's open time period and open field, but what the hey...)

  • 11/6 - acknowledged receipt of app.
  • has anyone heard anything about this job?

(1/25) - A friend of mine has a campus interview in March.

  • 1/28 I worry for your friend. I received a letter (dated 1/23) from Bennington today stating that "the College has offered the position as historian to another candidate." Maybe they're still smoking way too much pot for their own good at Bennington? I hope things go smoothly for all involved.
  • 1/29 I got the same letter today. They have two one-year appointments there; I have to assume that one of them got the job given the date of the announcement.
  • Nope. The person who got the job was not an inside candidate.

Brandon University

Cabrini College

Clayton State University (Morrow, GA)

  • 1/23 Emailed to ask if I was still interested in the position.

Cornish College of the Arts (Seattle, WA) Is this position closed? Could not find a link on human resources page.

  • 2/8: Yes, the deadline was in December, I think.
  • 3/15: Position still pending approval of funding; no word on when decision expected

Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania (prefer ancient or pre-modern Europe)

  • received notice application was received (12/15)
  • 2/18 (backdated) on-campus interviews being scheduled
  • 3/15 Position still pending approval of funding; no word on when decision will come
  • 3/31 Position is now one-year.

Long Island University

Would you be kind to post a link to the description of this position?

A: I couldn't find a link to the description (deadline was 1/1/08), but I saved a copy of it. If you like, I'll post it on the 'discussion' page.

Salem College

  • anyone got anything on this? anything at all? (12/18)
  • Nope, no word so far. (12/23)

- still nothing? C'mon people shake those trees! We need information here! - I am willing to send them an e-mail, if someone can send me the e-mail address.

  • received 'phone call from the department to schedule a telephone interview (1/9).
  • received call on 1/9 to schedule phone interview in late January
  • received email rejection 1/15.
  • was told in phone interview that a decision on campus invites would be made on 2/4
  • 2/4 - telephone call for campus visit

St. Martin's University

  • acknowledgment of application complete (1/17)

University of Rochester

  • 11/14 - acknowledged receipt of app.

University of Sioux Falls (Sioux Falls, SD)

  • 11/30 - Received a request for a phone interview (first of the season - woo-hoo!!).

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