Please indicate the following: Geographical region, school size, urban/rural, rank/position, teaching load, starting salary, misc comments.

  • Please specify as well candidate status and job level: ABD, Post-Doc, TT, non-TT, starting Assistant, advanced Assistant, Associate, etc. since these factors influence salary levels too.
  • Would be interesting to see gender given that everyone says women receive lower initial offers and are less likely to negotiate!
  • For example: Research I, TT starting assistant prof. (female ABD), $54k, 2/3, midwest, small city, negotiated up from $53k.

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Salaries for English Literature Full-Time TT Jobs starting in Academic Year 2018-19Edit

  • East Coast R2, TT assistant prof. (white Latina, Independent Scholar, 2yrs PhD in hand), 3/2 with 2/2 first year (course release every few years), $60k, $10.5k startup (moving, computer, research, etc), $1350/year conference/travel. Same starting salary as male assistant professors hired previous year.
  • Research I, TT starting assistant prof. (male ABD), $68k, 2/2, southwest, college town, negotiated up from $61k.
  • West coast R2, TT assistant prof. (female ABD), $71k, $4k startup and moving, 4/4 with a 3/3 for two years, laptop and printer, $1,500 per year conference/travel. Negotiations limited due to union contract; contract ensures fall raise in salary. 
  • East Asia R1, TT assistant prof. (female, 4 yrs PhD in hand), $110k, 1/2 (course release every few years), $20k startup, $2000 per year conference travel (additional support possible). Negotiations limited because it is not the norm here.

Salaries for Creative Writing Full-Time TT Jobs starting in Academic Year 2018-19Edit

  • Midwest SLAC, small city very low cost of living, TT Assistant Professor, 2-2-2, with 1-2-2 for first two years (negotiated), $58k (negotiated), $5k startup, $2k moving, new desktop computer, full benefits, up to $2,200/yr conference travel

Salaries for Visiting English Literature and/or Creative Writing Jobs starting in Academic Year 2018-19Edit


Salary Information from Previous YearsEdit

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