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Please indicate the following: Geographical region, school size, urban/rural, rank/position, teaching load, starting salary, misc comments.

  • Please specify as well candidate status and job level: ABD, Post-Doc, TT, non-TT, starting Assistant, advanced Assistant, Associate, etc. since these factors influence salary levels too.
  • Would be interesting to see gender given that everyone says women receive lower initial offers and are less likely to negotiate!
  • For example: Research I, TT starting assistant prof., $54k, 2/3, midwest, small city, negotiated up from $53k.

Last year's page: English Lit Salaries for AY 2015-2016

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Salaries for English Literature Jobs starting in Academic Year 2016-17Edit

  • Midwest private, small city, TT asst prof (female ABD), 2/2, $55K (negotiated from $53K), $10K research, $4.5K moving expenses, new computer
  • Mid-Atlantic, R1, medium city, TT asst prof (female ABD), 2/2, $65K salary (negotiated from $63K), $15K start-up (negotiated from $10K), $5K moving espenses, new computer, graduate RA (negotiated)
  • South, R1, medium city, TT assistant professor (male postdoc), 2/2, $67K salary (negotiated from $64.5), $10K start-up costs for research, supplies, and conferences to use over 6 years (negotiated from 3 years), new computer, $6K moving allowance (negotiated from $5K), 2 course releases to use at any time within probationary period, full benefits
  • NE SLAC (private), small city, TT male assistant prof, 2/3, $73.5K (negotiated), $7K research (negotiated), $3.5K moving (negotiated), new computer, $2K annual conference travel funds, full benefits
  • NE SLAC, small city, assistant prof (female VAP), 2/2, $52.5K (negotiated), $2K research (negotiated), $2K moving (negotiated), new computer (may be refurbished)
  • NE small public, small city, TT assistant prof (female postdoc), 3/3 with 3/2 for first two years, $64K (negotiated), $5000 moving (negotiated), $1200/yr conference
  • NE SLAC, large city, TT assistant prof (female assistant prof), 4/4, $66K (negotiated), $1500/yr conference travel, computer
  • NW SLAC, large city, TT assistant prof (female assistant prof), 3/2, $60K + $6K start-up, $4K moving, $1500/yr conference travel, computer, health, excellent retirement contributions, first-year course release. Negotiated salary, start-up, and a house hunting trip.
  • Public, small city, R1, TT assistant prof (female postdoc), 2/2, $60k (negotiated) + $20k start-up expenses (including moving), $5k technology, $5k additional travel, health insurance and retirement
  • NW private rural, TT starting assistant (female ABD), 2/3, $54K (negotiated) + $4K research start-up, $3.5K moving, $1.3K conference/travel fund, computer and basic technology, health insurance and matching retirement benefits.
  • Midwest SLAC, small city, TT Assistant Professor (female VAP), 3/3 (3/2 first year), $52 (non-negotiable) + $3K research startup, $5K moving, $1.2K conference/travel fund per year 
  • NW public R1, TT assistant (female post-doc), 2-1, $60K (non-negotiable) + $4K research start-up, $8k moving, great health insurance and retirement benefits package
  • SE SLAC, small city, TT Assistant Professor (male VAP), 4/4, $50K
  • SW, private SLAC, large city, TT assistant professor (female assistant professor), 4/4, $67K (negotiated), $3k moving, $1.5K conference/trave funding each year, good health insurance and retirement benefits package
  • South, R1, TT assistant professor (male ABD), 2/2, $68k salary, $8k in research funds first three years (negotiated up from $6k), $1.9k in yearly conference travel support, $4k moving, course release in first semester (negotiated).
  • South R1, TT assistant professor (female NTT), 2/2, $58k (negotiated up from $54), $9k start-up (non-negotiable), $2.4k yearly travel/research, new computer 
  • SC, large city, R2, TT assistant prof (male VAP), 4/4, $65k + $2k start-up expenses (including moving), $2.5k conference/travel funding per year, health insurance and retirement
  • SE private R2, small city, TT asst prof (male postdoc), 2/2, $65k + $5k moving (negotiated from $64k and $1.5k), $1.5k conference/travel/yr, computer, no start up/research funds (non-negotiable), usual health/benefits
  • R1, expensive city, TT Assistant Prof (female VAP), 2/2, base salary $88K (non-negotiable; negotiated for 3 years of summer ninths); $6K annual research funding; $15K startup (negotiated from 10K); additional moving and computer budgets; negotiated first year course release.
  • mid-Atlantic private R1, large city, TT Assistant Prof (female postdoc), 2/2 (with 1 first-year course release), $75k (negotiated from $73k), $27,500 startup (incl. moving expenses, negotiated from 20k); $1.4k annual research funding
  • Midwest SLAC, small city, VAP (female ABD), 3/2, $54K, $2k moving expenses, conference funding and professional development funds
  • Midwest SLAC, small city, TT Assistant Professor (female postdoc), 4/4, $44K (negotiated up from $43K), $3K moving expenses
  • mid-Atlantic private R1, large city, TT Assistant Prof (male assistant professor), 2/2, $82k, $6k start-up, $7k moving (negotiated from $5k), $1.75k annual conference and research funding, course release, one semester pre-tenure leave, new computer
  • South public regional, mid-size city, TT Assistant Prof (female ABD), 2/1-3/2 range, $63K, $7.5K start-up, conference and research funding, course release in first year
  • South public regional, small city, TT Assistant Professor (female Assistant Professor), 3/3 (2/3 first year; negotiated), $64K (negotiated from $63K), Macbook laptop, $2K a year travel, $3K Summer Research Stipend (negotiated), Graduate RA (negotiated)

Salaries for Creative Writing Jobs starting in Academic Year 2016-2017Edit

Salary Information from Previous YearsEdit

For some further comparisons and information, see pages from previous years:

Questions / DiscussionEdit

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