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Please add universities with positions below according to alphabetical order.

Arizona State University- Anything?

Boston University (interviews started - Jan 26th)

California State University Northridge - (Analog specialization and Biomedical specialization)

Carnegie Mellon (on site invitation sent) - which area? All areas.-Their tenure clock is 8(or 9) years for all departments. FYI. where do you see the candidates areas? Confidential sources.

Columbia - Anything so far?

Colorado School of Mines

Cornell (phone interview in the last week of Jan) - could you share what area?- they look at all areas. Any news about interviews?-Onsite invitation received in late Feb. - which area?-broad search- Onsite x2 received in early Feb.


Georgia Tech - Phone interview 12/2014 no further activity detected

Harvard (electrical engineering seminar series) - Reference letter soliciated 2/4 - Interview invitation

Iowa State University - candidates talk can be found on ECE website;

Lehigh University (Phone interview scheduled X2, onsite invitation) -- when did you get the onsite invitation?- First half of Feb.

MIT (special seminars)

North Carolina State University

Northeastern (Phone interview) - which area?

Northern Arizona University

Ohio State University

Penn State - Interview Invite - which area?

Princeton: Invitation for on-site visit X2 (departmental seminar)

Portland State University

Purdue - on site done on control systems

Rice (interview invitations sent out)

Rutgers (Received an auto email saying that onsite interviews will start after Feb 15th, no invitations though)-Phone interview with Rutgers in Feb.- Which area?


SUNY-Binghamton phone interview (Feb.17)

SUNY-Buffalo phone interview Feb.3 EE

SUNY-Stony Brook (on site early Jan)

Syracuse University (phone interview in VLSI on Jan 13th) - which area?

Tufts University

United States Naval Academy (Systems Engineering)

University of Alberta (onsite invitation sent); which area? Energy

University of Arizona

University of Arkansas - Rejection (on Jan. 13rd) x 6 - Interviews started

University of Delaware

University of Houston - Rejection (on Dec 27) Rejection (on Jan. 13rd) * 2; onsite interviewed early Feb; - which area?

University of Illinois at Chicago (on site invitation sent)

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (event -> faculty candidate)

University of California, Berkeley (EECS seminars)

UCLA EE (onsite invitation on Feb 8)

University of California, San Diego ( on Jan 21 - still haven't heard back) (probably reject if you still haven't heard, obvious candidate list on their ECE website ... 7 interviewees all female)

UC Irvine-Anything?

UCSB - candidates talk can be found on ECE website; - did they close the electronics search? very strange. This search has been just disappeared.

UC Riverside ECE (rejection after inquiry) On-site invitation early Feb. candidates talk can be found on website

UMass CS (rejection)

UMass Lowell ECE - any news?

University of Colorado, Boulder ECEE (rejection after email inquiry)

University of Michigan (listed online) - On-site invitation

University of Minnesota  - On-site invitation - which area? Control - offer made.

University of Missouri-Kansas City

University of New Hampshire

University of Notre Dame (reference request in Feb) - which area? candidates talk can be found on website

University of the Pacific - Did anyone get an offer?

UT Austin (Phone interview in February) - which area?

University of Utah ECE (onsite invitation around end of Jan) candidates talk can be found on website

University of Washington, Seattle (phone interview)-Could you share when was the interview and in which area? Middle Jan, all areas.


University of South Carolina (Phone interview)-when and which area? CSE onsite interview done

Virginia Tech - phone interview second week of December - did they close the electronics search?

Washington State University - Any news?

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