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Alaska Univ.Edit

Rejection email received.



Candidates are already being interviewed

Boston UniversityEdit



Any updates?

Also anything about Applied Physics?




contacted yet?

News (3/3/14)?

Cornell UniversityEdit

news?phone interview scheduled

which area?

interviews started.



Rejection email 02/19/2014

Rejection email x 2 on 02/19/2014

invitation for interview


Offer made (declined!)


Candidate seminars


Special seminars:


Offer made (declined)

When was the offer made? When was it declined? March 29. Which area ( energy/big data/medical device)? Big data

offer made and accepted, in medical device

Ohio State UniversityEdit



news? 2 candidates have been invited

Pennsylvania State University Edit

Any news?

reference request: Feb 15 -->which area? --> comm & control

Any Interview Information?

Interview invitation (March 21).

which area? Communications & Signal Processing (invitation declined).

any updates on the current search? is search closed? (i.e., is there a candidate who accepted the offer?) Interviews scheduled for mid April.

any news?


news? Interview (declined)



news? On-site interview scheduled.

Which area?

When did they send the invitation? Is it posted somewhere? 

Offer made and accepted.

Stanford UniversityEdit

Rejection email (2/5/14).

United States Naval Academy - Systems Engineering DeptEdit

Opening: Tenure Track position


any news? any reference requested?


any news?

several candidates are interviewing this week.


any news? More than 5 candidates have been invited. (Optoelectronics and System)


any news? 1 candidate has been invited. (MEMS)


any update?

reference request

interviews started

UMass AmherstEdit

any news? Jan 16 2014 any news for onsite interview? March 9 2014

Any news for onsite? March 14 2014

University of Colorado BoulderEdit

Skype interview 1/21-24

Six candidates have been invited for bioengineering search. 2/6/2014

Three candidates have been invited for control search. 

Rejection email (3/13/14) => After campus interview??

Offer?? (offer declined)

One Offer Accepted (in control)

University of DelawareEdit

any news? 3/6

University of Wisconsin MadisonEdit

Start interview yet??

Any communicatioin from search comittee?

Reference request Jan 27, 2014

Reference too; any news on interview?

Which area?

interview started

University of UtahEdit

Shortlist completed. Phone interviews. What area? Power and energy.

- Any news on onsite interview? 1/22/2014

University of WashingtonEdit

Skype interview scheduled.

Which area?

University of PennsylvaniaEdit

Reference letters requested X2

Which area?

More than 6 candidates have been invited. 

which area? solid-state

University of PittsburghEdit

Offer made (declined)

University of Texas at AustinEdit

Any news?

Rejection email (4/9/14)

University of Texas at El PasoEdit

Phone Interview 11/12/2013

Any news? March 9, 2014

University of VirginiaEdit

Reference request

6 candidates invited (2/18/14-3/7/14)

Any news? is search closed?... is there a candidate who accepted the offer? (3/27/14)

one offer made and accepted

University of ArkansasEdit

Rejection letter received. X 3

Virginia TechEdit

Offer made (declined)

NYU - PolyEdit

Any news?

reference request x 2

telephone interview scheduled. What area?

on-site interview scheduled in the area of emerging devices and circuits + analog  

Rejection email (2/14/14)

Rejection email (3/13/14)

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