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Tenure-track positions in Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2011 search Edit

Please contribute by adding your personal updates here. You can add an entry very quick! Hope everyone can find a good job in this tough year...Good luck and please contribute!

Case Western Reserve University Offer made and accepted [Jan 2011]


Columbia ?

Cornell ?

Univeristy of Delaware Wrapping up their search. No additional candidates will be invited for interview [2/28]

Lehigh University Onsite interviews [2/07]

Michigan Ann Arbor Onsite interviews [2/18]

MIT Reference letters requested [1/3]

NCSU Phone interviews [1/28]

Northwestern References requested [4/03]

Notre Dame Onsite interviews [3/03]

Princeton Onsite interview invitation [2/17]

USC Onsite interviews [2/07]

isbn number search

Tenure-track positions in Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2010 search Edit

Please contribute by adding your personal updates here. You can add an entry very quick! Hope everyone can find a good job in this tough year...Good luck and please contribute!

Alabama Position Cancelled? rumor though. They posted the ad again on Mar 3, back to life?

Boise State U [1/15/2010] Rejection Email. Good luck to those who have not received an email. tears... Who want's to work at a place with a blue football field? ;) reference requested [2/2010]

Boston  [12/09] Rejection letter [2/10] Rejection letter snail mail [2/12/2010] Reference requested (via e-mail) [02/10] On campus invitation. [03/10] Possible partial list of candidates from the department website: Sam Hasinoff, Vinod Prabhakaran, Bobak Nazer, Satish Korada, Paolo Minero, Sewoong Oh, [05/10] Offers made. Bobak Nazer starting Jan 2011.

Bradley Rejection letter

Central Florida [anyone heard from this?] Rumor: Onsite interview [03/05] Rejection Email [06/05]

CMU Onsite interview: lav Varshney. offer made.


Clarkson Univ Onsite interview - see website for seminar details

  • rejection mail

Colorado School of Mines [any one heard from this?] rejection letter.

Columbia Reference requested [12/13] rejection email [3/5/2010]

Cornell Reference requested [01/04]

Delaware Reference requested [02/11]

Denver interview started [2/5/2010] [Phone or on-campus?]

  • Any onsite invitations?

Duke [Anyone heard from this?]

Elizabethtown [1/18/2010] Rejection email

EPFL [2/6/2010] Rejection email. [2/18/2010] Rejection email. Applications still being considered [3/2/2010] Rejection e-mail [3/30/2010]

Florida Phone Interview [1/27/2010] Onsite Invitation [2/6/2010] Onsite Interview [3.2010] Rejection email [4.2010]

  • search complete

Florida State University (Any interviews?)

Gatech [1/8/2010] Rejection email. Reason: not a fit with our present needs.

George Washington U [2/24/2010] Phone Interview.(Anyone got onsite invitation?) Offer made 04/14/2010

Johns Hopkins University [2/1/2010] Onsite Started. Short List: Amy Turner Foster

KAUST On campus interview [01/09] (already?)

Louisiana Tech [any news about this?]

Louisiana State [any one heard anything about this?]

Lehigh reference requested [01/21] invited for on-site interview [02/02]

McGill Rejection letter snail mail [2/15] Rejection mail [03/08] Search is closed - any interviews? [03/19] Rejection - Snail Mail [05/17]

Miami (Any news?)


Michigan [03/18] Onsite interview

Michigan Tech [any interviews from MTU?] First round candidates selected. [1/2010] rejection email [2/2010]

onsite invitation start 3/2010

Minnesota - Twin Cities Reference requested [1/15] On-site: Lav Varshney, Philip Feng, Thomas Goldstein, Xiaodong Cai, Jarvis Haupt, Marco Duarte, Mo Li, Vaneet Aggarwal, Hua Wang, Amir Amirkhany. [04/15] No Further Consideration. [5/4] Offers made.

Missouri Reference requested [1/28], Phone interview invitations sent [2/22] Rejection Email [3/10/2010] Offers made [4/2010]


MIT Reference requested [Dec/2009]

NCSU Onsite interviews [4/19]

Notre Dame Reference requested [01/06] Onsite interview [02/10] Rejection email [04/27] [05/10] Offers Made

North Texas

Ohio State onsite interview [02/10]

Rochester Reference requested [02/04/2010]

Penn State University Park [12/30/2009] First round candidates were selected. (any interviews?)

University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown, two TT positions [3/15/10 app. deadline]

Pittsburgh [03/10] Reference requested [06/17] Rejection mail.

Princeton Reference requested [01/27] Onsite interviews [04/22]

Rice [03/2010] Onsite interviews - see website for details [05/10] Offers Made

Stanford: Reference request [01/14]

South Carolina

South Dakota School of Mines Phone Interview [02/10] Onsite interview [03/10]

South Florida Phone Interview [Feb/2010]

South Alabama: Reference requested [01/06]

Tennessee: Rejection Email[2/28]

  • Onsite interview

Texas at Arlington who can confirm this? any interview?

Tufts [2/12/2010] Reference requested [3/2010] Onsite invitation [4/10] Onsite interviews - see website for details

University of New Hampshire at Manchester [rejection email 02/2010]

Virginia Tech Phone Interview[02/2010] Email rejection [03/24] - job opening canceled?

Virginia Commonwealth Univ Rejection letter in mail [02/11] rejection mail [2/22]

Wayne State

Wisconsin - Platteville

Worcester Polytechnic

Washington-Seattle ExCEL - Rejection mail [3/22]

Washington State University [04/19] Reference requested [04/30] Onsite Interview

Waterloo [06/20] Rejection snail mail

University of Texas at El Paso [Rejection email 03/17]

University of Alberta [02/26/2010] Rejection snail mail. [04/xx] Offer made. Interview still going on.

University of Arkansas [04/2010] Conducting interview

University of British Columbia [Anyone heard from this?]

University of Texas at San Antonio

UCLA Internal candidate? (rumor)

USC Reference requested [Jan/2010]---Search may be cancelled. Short List: Mo Li, Lan Wei, Jeff Weldon

UIUC References requested as of Feb 28.

UPENN [01/12/2010] Rejection email. Short List: - Mo Li, Qiang Lin

Utah Onsite interview - see website for seminar details [2/8/2010]. Offer made [03/10]. Interviews still going on at 3 different areas: EM, Communication, and Signal processing. USTAR position still under review.

Waterloo [Feb.4 2010] Rejection mail.Yeah, it is a snail mail.

York College of PA [2009/11] Short list, rejection letter [01/06/2010] Phone Interview

Tenure-track positions in Electrical Engineering, 2009 search Edit

[02/25] reformat to single list, similar to CS page

Arkansas Little Rock

Offers made

Boston University

[02/17] Rejection letter

[03/15] Campus Interview

Cal State, Fresno

Cal State, Los Angeles


Carnegie Mellon Univ

Search suspended


Cooper Union


Search Suspended


[05/18] Rejection Letter

Denver University

[02/XX]phone interview




[02/26] rejection email


Iowa State

[01/xx] Rejection letter

[03/xx] short list


[01/29] Campus Interview

[03/12] Offers made

Michigan Tech(MTU)

[03/xx] short list

started campus Interview

NC State


[02/03] Campus Interview

Notre Dame

started campus Interview

[04/xx] Offer Made

[05/12] Rejection letter

Penn State

[02/16] Short list


[03/12] Onsite Interview

Portland State


[04/xx] Offer Made


search suspended


[2/26] Rejection letter


[4/16] rejection (email)

Texas State Univ (San Marcos)

U Colorado Denver

U connecticut

UC Irvine


[3/9] On-site Interview, Douglas Densmore, UC Berkeley

UC Riverside

UC San Diego

U Denver


U Kentucky

U Louisville

[04/XX] Offer Made

U Michigan

[05/12] Rejection letter

U Minnesota

search suspended

U New Hampshire

[5/2] rejection letter

U Penn

Physical device position canceled

U Pittsburgh


U South Carolina

started onsite interview

UT Arlington

University of Texas at El Paso

[03/xx] short list

UT San Antonio

U Toledo

U Utah

onsite interview

[05/22] Rejection letter

U Washington

[04/14] Rejection letter

U Wisconsin Platteville

Short list (02/XX)


[01/xx] Rejection letter

[03/xx] short list

Virginia CommonWealth University

[03/05] Campus Interview

[04/XX] Offer Made


[03/06?] rejection letter

[3/27] rejection letter

Washington U St Louis

[04/XX] Campus Interview

York College

[03/xx] short list

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