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This page is for dissertation fellowships for 2017-2018 (including research fellowships, dissertation completion fellowships, and other predoctoral opportunities).

See also fellowship discussions at theGradCafe: The Bank

  • This is an initial post to start the page as in years past - please add calls and information!

RECENT ACTIVITY on Dissertation Fellowships 2017-2018 Wiki Edit

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AAUW American Dissertation Fellowship Edit

Applied (x4)

AERA Minority Dissertation Fellowship Program in Education Research Edit

ACLS / Mellon Dissertation Completion Fellowships Edit

Deadline: October 26, 2016


Who's applying this year? 

  • Applying (x10) 

Project statement: anyone know whether page numbers in the header need to be adjusted to give a full 1" margin at the top, or whether the page numbers can be in the margin space (as headers typically are)?

Let the waiting commence! 

  • This wiki is so quiet this season. Glad there are at least a few of us here!
  • I felt ok about this application until I read that they got over 1,000 applications last year... Arghhh!!!!!
  • It's a total crapshoot, of course, but yay to all of us for even trying!

American Academy in Rome, Rome Prize Edit

American Philosophical Society Predoctoral Fellowship Edit

CAA Professional Development Fellowship Edit

CAORC Mediterranean Regional Research Fellowship Edit

CASVA Pre-Doctoral Fellowship of the National Gallery of Art Edit

Center for Jewish History Dissertation Fellowship Edit

  • The Center for Jewish History offers ten-month fellowships to doctoral candidates to support original research using the collections of the Center’s partners – American Jewish Historical Society, American Sephardi Federation, Leo Baeck Institute, Yeshiva University Museum, and YIVO Institute for Jewish Research
  • Application deadline: February 2, 2017
  • See for more information.

Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship Edit

Applied x4


Consortium for Faculty Diversity (Dissertation and Postdoctoral Fellowship Fellowships) Edit

Applied x2

DAAD Graduate Research FellowshipEdit

Dolores Liebmann Fellowship Edit

Dumbarton Oaks Junior Fellowship Edit

Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship Edit

Applied x3

Help! Is anyone getting the validation error "A Ph.D. or Sc.D. degree must be entered in your educational history" even though you've already entered that information into the education form?

  • I'm having the exact same issue! Right now I've got listed my institution twice, once as saying I've earned the PhD in 2018, and again as the proposed institution for the fellowship.
  • Did exactly the same as the person above
  • Did it let you submit the application with that format? I put in an e-mail to the helpline, but it was right around 5pm ET today. It would be nice to be able to submit tonight rather than waiting for their response (if one even comes) tomorrow. --> Submitted this morning. The help people did e-mail early this morning saying that my education materials were validated, but this was only after I had already implemented your workaround. Thanks for helping!!

Fulbright IIE Study/Research Grants Edit

Fulbright Hays DDRA 2016-2017 Edit

Getty Pre- and Postdoctoral Fellowship Edit

Getty Library Research Grant Edit

Harry Frank Guggenheim Fellowship Edit

Horowitz Fellowship Edit

Huntington Library Fellowship Edit

IHR Doctoral Fellowship (Scouloudi, Thornley, RHS) Edit

Ithaca College Pre-Doctoral Diversity Fellowship Edit

Japan Foundation Japanese Studies Fellowship Edit

Jennings Randolph Peace Scholarship Dissertation Program Edit

Josephine de Karman Fellowship Edit

Koc Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations Residential Fellowship Edit

Kress Foundation History of Art Institutional Fellowships Edit

Lake Institute Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship Edit

Louisville Institute Dissertation Fellowship Edit

Mabelle McLeod Lewis Memorial Fund Edit

Marilyn Yarbrough Dissertation/Teaching Fellowship (Kenyon College) Edit

Applied x2

Mellon-CES Dissertation Completion Fellowship in European Studies Edit

CLIR-Mellon Edit

Metropolitan Museum of Art, Art History Fellowships Edit

Miller Center for Politics and History (UVA) Edit

NAEd/Spencer Dissertation Fellowship Program Edit

  • Deadline October 6, 2016 at 5 pm EST.
  • Applied, after a heart attack at the application page not loading within hours of the deadline. 

NSF Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant Edit

Penn Predoctoral Fellowships for Excellence through Diversity Edit

Robert N. Ho Family Foundation for Buddhism Studies/ACLS Dissertation Fellowship Edit

Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations (SHAFR) Dissertation Completion Grant Edit

SSRC Pre-Dissertation Fellowship Edit


Smith Richardson Foundation, World Politics & Statecraft Fellowship Edit

Soroptimist [Founder Region Fellowship] Edit

Tufts University Mellon Comparative Global Humanities Dissertation Fellowship Edit

Tobin Project Graduate Fellowship and Workshop Edit

Tobin Project Prospectus Development Workshop Edit

University of Southern California (USC) Shoah Foundation Center for Advanced Genocide Research Fellowships Edit

There are four month-long fellowships available during the 2017-2018 academic year: the Genocide Prevention Research Fellowship; Katz Fellowship in Genocide Studies; Greenberg Fellowship; and Breslauer, Rutman, and Anderson Research Fellowship. 

The Genocide Prevention Research Fellowship for PhD Candidates is due November 23, 2016. This fellowship will be awarded to an advanced-standing Ph.D. candidate from any discipline who will spend one month of residence at the Center in the Spring of 2017 to advance research on genocide prevention through the use of the USC Shoah Foundation Visual History Archive and other USC resources.

The Katz; Greenberg; and Breslauer, Rutman, and Anderson fellowships are due December 15, 2016 and will be awarded to outstanding advanced-standing Ph.D. candidates from any discipline for dissertation research with innovative approaches focusing on testimony from the USC Shoah Foundation Visual History Archive and other USC resources. 

The USC Shoah Foundation Visual History Archive contains over 54,000 video testimonies of survivors and witnesses of the Holocaust and other genocides, including the Rwandan, Armenian, Guatemalan genocides and the Nanjing Massacre in China. These interviews were conducted in 62 languages and in 41 countries and cover the entire life history of the interviewees before, during, and after the genocide.

Wenner-Gren dissertation fieldwork grant Edit

Winterthur Dissertation FellowshipEdit

Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Fellowship in Women's Studies Edit

Applied x1

Yale ISS Smith Richardson Predoctoral Fellowship Edit

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