This is a page for job applicants to call out universities and departments that treat applicants poorly, for example, by not informing applicants of their status, by never informing finalists that they were not chosen by a position, by taking more than a month to reimburse finalists for expenses, by harassing finalists, and so forth.  Please share information and be as specific as you are comfortable being.  Let's shrink the power imbalance between applicants and job committees just a tad.

Universities that don't bother Informing Applicants of their statusEdit

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Universities that don't bother informing finalists--ever--that they did not get chosen for a positionEdit

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Universities that mistreat and disrespect finalists (e.g., sexism, racism, other forms of disrespect and rudeness)Edit

Universities that take a gazillion years to reimburse finalists for expenses or never do so at allEdit

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