Page for Academic Positions in Creative Writing that begin in 2019.

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Salary information from past job seasons available at: English Lit Salaries for AY 2018-2019, English Lit Salaries for AY 2016-2017 and English Lit Salaries for AY 2015-2016.

RECENT ACTIVITY on Creative Writing 2019 WikiEdit

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FICTION - Full-Time / Tenure-Track PositionsEdit

Skidmore College (NY) - TT Assistant/Associate Professor of Creative Writing: FictionEdit

The Department of English at Skidmore College invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant or Associate Professor in creative writing/fiction. We are particularly interested in candidates who can add to the diversity and excellence of our academic community through their research, teaching, and service. Normal teaching load is 4-5 courses per year depending on credit hours. All professors are expected to participate fully in the life of the college, including advising, faculty governance, department activities, and periodic teaching in the college’s First Year Experience program.

Ph.D., M.F.A., or equivalent required. Desired qualifications include a significant record of publication with major independent, university, or commercial presses and a range of reputable journals. Applicants must demonstrate excellence in teaching fiction workshops at the college level as well as a commitment to undergraduate liberal arts education.

To ensure full consideration, application should be received by October 15, 2018.

All applications will be acknowledged; interviews will be held via video conferencing in early January. Individuals from underrepresented groups and who have experience teaching students from a diverse range of backgrounds are especially encouraged to apply.

Skidmore is a highly selective liberal arts college that fosters creative approaches to teaching and learning. With its relatively small size and student-faculty ratio, the College is a close-knit academic community. Skidmore’s faculty of teacher-scholars are devoted to the instruction and mentoring of approximately 2,400 talented undergraduates from some 47 states and 46 countries.

You can apply for this position online at


Deadline: Oct. 15

Acknowledgment received:

Request for additional materials:

Rejection (no interview):

Preliminary interview scheduled (please specify: MLA, phone, Skype, etc.):

Rejection (after preliminary interview):

Campus interview scheduled:

Rejection (after campus interview):

Offer made:

Offer accepted:


NON-FICTION - Full-Time / Tenure-Track PositionsEdit

POETRY - Full-Time / Tenure-Track PositionsEdit

OPEN / MIXED GENRE - Full-Time / Tenure-Track PositionsEdit


See also: Humanities and Social Sciences Postdocs 2018-2019Edit

Q & AEdit

Q: Expected Job OpeningsEdit

  • Q: Does anyone know of any expected job openings for this next cycle (i.e. jobs that will begin in Fall 2019)?



under 30: 1

30-35: 2

36-40: 2

41-45: 1


over 50: 1

prefer not to state age:

TOTAL: 7 <-- Don't forget to update Total!

Field Edit


Fiction Writer: 1

Nonfiction Writer: 1


  • Poetry/Criticism:
  • Creative Nonfiction/Fiction: 1
  • Fiction/Poetry: 1
  • Hybrid/Fiction/Poetry/Theory/Pedagogy:
  • Fiction/Creative Nonfiction/Poetry:
  • Creative Nonfiction/Poetry:
  • Creative Nonfiction/Fiction/Poetry:
  • Fiction/Creative Nonfiction/Playwriting:
  • Fiction/Creative Nonfiction/Screenwriting/Journalism:
  • Fiction/Creative Nonfiction/Screenwriting:
  • Fiction/Screenwriting/Playwriting:
  • Fiction/Poetry/Criticism: 
  • Nonfiction/Poetry/Criticism: 1
  • Poetry/Fiction/Nonfiction/Criticism:
  • Poetry/Film/Visual Arts:
  • Fiction/Poetry/Film:
  • Fiction/Literary essays/CNF:
  • Poetry/Visual Arts:  
  • Fiction/Criticism:
  • Fiction/Screenwriting/Comics/Nonfiction:

Search Committee Lurker:

Other Lurker:

Partner/Spouse Lurking on Behalf of Applicant:

Employment STATUS Edit

Unemployed and looking for job:

Administrative job/Publisher:

Employed in other field, wanting to re-enter academia:

Employed in other field, just trying to break into academia: 1

Finishing MFA or Ph.D. & going on the market: 3

Have fellowship after MFA or Ph.D. & going on the market:

Working as adjunct/lecturer, looking for TT job: 1

Have visiting gig, looking for TT:

Have fixed-term gig, looking for TT:

Have visiting gig, looking for another visiting gig (not TT):

Have TT job and looking for new one:  

Have TT job and on the market because of a spouse/partner:

Had TT job but quit to go on the market because of spouse/partner:

Have TT job and want to keep it but need an offer elsewhere to get a raise: 1

Tenured and on the market because of a spouse/partner:

Have tenure but looking for new job:

Tenured at undergrad-only institution, looking for job in MFA program:

Window shopping:  


Degrees Edit

PhD only:

PhD and MA: 2

PhD and MS:

PhD and MA (lit, not cw):

Phd and Terminal MA:

MFA and ABD: 1

MA and ABD:

MFA, MA, and ABD: 1

MFA only: 1

PhD and MFA in . . .

  • Fiction:
  • Poetry: 1
  • Nonfiction:

PhD and MFA (two genres):

PhD, MFA, and MSc (three genres):

PhD, MFA, and MA:

Two MFAs (in different genres or same):

Terminal MA: 1

MFA and MA:

MFA and MA (not in CW):

MA (not terminal):

MAT and MFA:

Other: (PhD Rhet/Comp MFA Creative Nonfiction) (PhD Critical Theory/Cultural Studies, MFA CW) (MA in English Lit & Cultural Studies/MA in Creative Writing)(JD) (PhD Lit--ABD, MFA Fiction) --PhD in Lit, MFA in fiction

Publications Edit

No book yet:

First book under contract:

First academic book under contract:

First book published:

First book under contract + edited anthology published: 

First book + edited anthologies published: 4

Edited book under contract:

First book + critical book published + edited book under contract:

First book published, second book under contract:

First book published, second book in submission: 1

Second book published:

Multiple books published:

Multiple books + edited anthology published: