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- TT positions in Civil Engineering: Structural/Geotech/Environmenta/Transportation/Water Resources Engineering (2009-2010)

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Not yet heard

  • West Texas A&M University (Asst Professor-Civil Engineering)
  • Case Western Reserve University (Non TT Assistant Professor)
  • University of South Alabama (Non TT Assistant Professor)
  • Arizona State University (Lecturers)
  • Bradley University (Structural)
  • Missouri State University (Any)
  • McGill University-Canada (Structural)
  • University of South Carolina (Structural)
  • University of Delaware (Structural)
  • Florida A&M University (Construction/Structures/Transportation)
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Structural)
  • University of Alabama (Multiple - Environmental, Materials, and Structural)
  • University of Hartford (Structural)
  • University of Dayton (Structural)
  • US Air Force Academy (Structural)
  • University of Texas Austin (Environmental)
  • Georgia Tech (Environmental)
  • Cal State Fresno (Structural)
  • Oregon State (Water Resources)
  • University of Texas at Arlington (Water Resources/Transportation Planning)
  • West Virginia University (Water Resources)
  • Columbia university (Infrastructure)
  • Texas A&M University (Transportation)

Request for recommendation letters

  • University of Washington (Structural)
  • University of Pittsburgh (Infrastructure)
  • University of Minnesota-Twin City (Transportation)
  • Cargnie Mellon University (Infrastructure)
  • University of Connecticut (Structural)
  • Cornell University (Infrastructure/Transportation)

Phone Interview

  • University of Missouri Kansas City (Structural)
  • Santa Clara University (Structural)
  • UMass Dartmouth (Structural)

On-campus interview

  • Arizona State University (Transportation)
  • City College of New York (Transportation)
  • UIUC (infrastructure/Environmental)
  • Virginia Tech (Structural)
  • University of Central Florida (Lecturer in Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering)
  • New Mexico State University (Structural)
  • University of Minnesota Duluth (Water Resources)
  • Mississippi State University (Structural)
  • University of New Hamphsire (Infrastructure)
  • University of Washington (Structural)
  • University of Connecticut (Structural)
  • Ohio Northern University (Structural)
  • Pennsylvania State University (geotech)
  • Lehigh (Geosystems)
  • University of Houston (Environmental, Infrastructure, Geosensing)
  • North Carolina State University (Structural)
  • University of Washington (Infrastructure)
  • MIT (Transportation)

Rejection letter

  • Cargnie Mellon University (Infrastructure)
  • University of Minnesota (Transportation)
  • Cornell University (Transportation)
  • University of Washington (Infrastructure)
  • Arizona State University (Energy)
  • University of Minnesota-Twin City (Transportation)
  • Missouri University of S&T (Structural)
  • University of Connecticut (Structural)
  • Rice University (Structural)
  • Cal State Fullerton (Structural)
  • University of Minnesota-Twin City (Structural)
  • University of Utah (Structural/Infrastructure)
  • Pennsylvania State University (geotech)
  • UNL (Water Resources)
  • UT Arlington (Water Resources)
  • University of Maryland (Water Resources)
  • South Dakota State University (Structural)
  • Seattle Univeristy (Structural)
  • Louisiana Tech Univerisity (Structural)
  • Oregon Institute of Technology (Structural)
  • Rice University (Infrastructure)
  • Stanford (Infrastructure)
  • St. Louis University (Structural)
  • Penn State (Structural)
  • Virginia Tech (Structural)
  • University of Connecticut (Structural)
  • Stevens Institute of Technology (Structural)
  • Drexel (Infrastructure)
  • University of Vermont (Structural)
  • University of Tennessee (Geotech)
  • Colorado State University (Structural)
  • SUNY Buffalo (Infrastructure)
  • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (Construction)
  • University of Washington (Structural/Geotech)

Offer letter

  • South Dakota State University (Structural)
  • Pennsylvania State University (geotech)
  • Oregon Institute of Technology (Non-Tenure Track: ENVE)
  • SUNY Buffalo (Materials/Infrastructure)

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