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Cal Poly Pamona

Cal State Fullerton

Cal State Long Beach

Case Western

  • Rejection letter, position filled (05/13/2014)

Catholic University


  • Letters of Recommendation Requested (12/20/2013)
  • Recommendation Letters Requested (12/22/2013)
  • Rejection Letter ( February 2014)

Clarkson (Open Rank)

Clarkson (Junior Professor)

  • Letters of Recommendation Requested (10/8/2013)
  • Phone Interviews Scheduled (11/12/2013)
  • Campus Invitation Made (11/26/2013)
  • Rejection came 11/05/2013

FAMU/Florida State  

  • Any news? (04/02/14)
  • Any news (05/07/2014)

Florida International

Georgia Tech


Iowa State University

Marshall University

  • Phone interview requested (12/27/2013)

New Mexico State University

North Carolina State University

  • Any news? 03/11/14
  • Phone interview in new since then

Penn State University (Architectural Engineering)

  • Rejection email received (2/17/2014)


South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

  • Phone interviews scheduled (1/17/2014)
  • Campus interviews scheduled (1/24/2014)
  • Offer extended and accepted (4/2/2014)

Texas Tech University


University of Central Florida

  • Rejection email & position filled (4/29/2014)

University of California, Irvine

  • any news? (03/12/2014)

University of California, Los Angeles

  • any news? (03/12/2014)
  • phone interviewed on 03/12/2014; invited for onsite on 03/14/2014 (which area?)

University of Colorado Boulder

  • rejection letter recieved*2 (1/30/2014, review completed)

University of Connecticut

University of Texas at Austin

  • phone interviews (jan 2014) 
  • any news (03/30/2014): Heard about four onsite interviews

University of Michigan

  • Onsite interviews have taken place
  • Rejection email*2 (4/22/2014)

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

  • any news (03/16/2014)
  • Contacted references (03/24/2014)
  • Campus Interviews Scheduled (3/28/2014)

University of Washington

University of Wisconsin

  • Rejection email (2/18/2014)

Valparaiso University

Virginia Tech

  • Letters of Recommendation Requested (11/22/2013)

Washington State University

  • Phone Interviews Scheduled (1/27/2014)
  • Campus Interviews Scheduled (2/13/2014)

West Texas A&M

  • Phone Interviews Scheduled (10/16/2013)
  • Campus Interviews Scheduled (11/6/2013)


University of Alabama

University of Minnesota

  • Letters of rec requested for short list (2/5/2014)


The University of Alabama

Wayne State University

  • Phone interviews (mid-November)

Purdue University

  • Any news? 3/24/14

The University of Texas at Austin

Gerogia Tech

  • Any news? 3/24/14

UC Davis

  • Any news? 3/24/14

UC Merced

  • Any news? 3/24/14

Ohio State Univ.

  • Any news? 3/24/14

Columbia Univ.

  • Any news? 3/24/14


  • Any news? 3/24/14

Arizona State Univ.

  • Any news? 3/24/14

Iowa State Univ.

  • Any news? 3/24/14


Water ResourcesEdit

Valparaiso University


Oregon State University

  • Onsite Scheduled (Feb 2014)

Penn State University

  • Phone Interview (Dec 2013)


UC Berkely (Resilient Infrastructure)

  • Review completed (March 2014)


Florida Gulf Coast University (Renewable Energy Engineering)

Drexel University (Urban Infrastructure, Energy, and Environment )

Oklahoma State University (Transportation, Infrastructure and Environmental Sustainability, Extreme Events on Structures, or Energy Infrastructure Systems)

  • Rejection email (May 21 2014)

Penn State University (Sustainable & Resilient Infrastructure)

  • Rejection letter (April 23 2014)

Stony Brook University(intelligent transportation systems, traffic monitoring and simulation, pavement and transportation infrastructure, infrastructure monitoring, infrastructure resilience and sustainability, geotechnical engineering, and geo-environmental engineering)

Rowan University( smart structures, infrastructure, environmental and/or water resources sustainability; and intelligent transportation systems or sustainable transportation systems)

Virginia Tech (Infrastructure/Resiliency)

  • Phone interview (December 2013); Rejection email (March 2014); Rejection email (Feb 27 2014)


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