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Arizona State University

  • Sustainable engineering & built environment (received an email saying they ended the search with no hire due to budget cut)

Bradley University

  • Onsite Interviews in November

Carnegie Mellon

  • Open Search

Cal State LA

  • Env Eng. Skype interview notice (Jan 20)

Cal State LB

  • Transp. Eng. Phone Interview (Feb 18)

Colorado State University, Fort Collins

  • Skype interview notice (Jan 26)


  • Environmental Processes Engineering
  • Structural and/or geotechnical system - I heard they have finished a shortlist. Has anybody got the invitation of onsite interview ? (Feb. 24) - Rejection (March 31)
  • Transportation (Phone interview 1/29)


  • Environmental engineering (rejection 2/20)

Georgia Southern

  • Notice of advancement to next round (1/22), no word since.

Georgia Tech 

  • Call for multiple positions in Civil & Env Engineering
  • Did they start their search? 

George Washington University

  • Mechanics of geomechanical and structural systems - Has anyone heard anything?
  • No response as of April 9

Humboldt State University

  • Environmental Resources Engineering - rejection email (Jan 5)

Iowa State University

  • Environmental engineering
    • Phone interview (week of Jan 19)
    • Campus interviews scheduled for Feb - early Mar
  • Civil Engineering
    • Any news?
      • Phone interview in the last two weeks of January, no news since then.
        • Any update?

Kansas State University

  • Environmental engineering
  • Has anyone heard anything?

Manhattan College

  • Application confirmation received 4/1.  


- any news?

Missouri S&T

  • Phone interview (End of Jan.)
  • On-site interview notice (Feb.25)

National University of Singapore

  • Skype interview (Feb.24)

New Jersey Institute of Technology

  • Professor of Resilient Infrastructure and Sustainability
    • Phone Interviews (First week of December)
    • Invited for On-Campus Interview (Second week of December, happening in January)

New York University

  • Multiple positions in Civil & Urban Engineering
    • Skype interview 1/20 transportation


  • Bioenvironmental and Ecological Engineering
    • Heard rumor that they are doing campus interviews now

Ohio State University

  • Smart Urban Systems: request letter (early Feb).

Penn State

  • Any word on structures position? 
  • Rejection letter (May 1)

Portland State University

  • Structures position - Job offer accepted
  • Transportation position - open search

Princeton University

  • Rejection notice (Feb. 18)


  • Material - onsite interview (3 invitees came)
  • Structures (Concrete) - onsite interview for short list of 3.(Mid March - Mid April)
    • Any new on timeline? Confirmed still interviewing candidates 3/29.   
  • Architectural - onsite interview (3 invitees came)

Stanford University

  • Urban Systems - any news? (rejection notice  March 26)

South Dakota State University 

  • Structural Engineering - references contacted week of 3/13.

University at Buffalo

  • Environmental engineering
    • Phone interview (week of Jan 5)
    • Campus interviews in Feb
  • Transportation engineering (any news?)

Temple University

  • Resilient Infrastructure Systems - rejection notice (Jan.24)

University of Arkansas

  • Transportation or environmental engineering
  • On campus interview invites issued 1/15

University of California, Berkeley (2 positions)

  • Resilient systems - Rejection email (Mar 12)
  • Sustainability Engineering - Has anyone heard anything? Answer: heard they completed their short list, don't know if phone/campus interview invites have been extended yet. Additional answer: heard they have a short list of 5 and started doing campus interviews, confirm with a student at Berkeley... (rejection e-mail Feb 26)

University of California, Irvine

  • Smart cities/intelligent infrastructure

University of California, San Diego

  • Structural health monitoring

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

  • Skype interview (Jan 29, 30) Questions sent by the committee
  • Phone interview (Jan 30) Questions sent by the search committee
  • Onsite interview

University of Iowa

  • Environmental engineering (biological focus)
    • Has anyone heard anything?

University of Southern California

UT Austin 

  • Any word on structural position?

University of Colorado Boulder

  • Building systems engineering

U of  Kansas

  • Structures (Rejection, Jan. 5th)
  • Notice that positions were filled (May 8th)

University of Maine

  • Water Resources (Phone interview mid Feb)

University of Massachussetts, Amherst

  • Structures Phone Interview (Jan.)
  • Structures rejection e-mail (Feb 18)-any news?
  • Transportation (any update?)
  • Hydrology and Water Resources (15 min skype end of Jan)

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

  • Transportation - On campus interview (on site interview at the end of March)

University of Minnesota, twin cities

  • Transportation (shortlist, Nov. 2014)
  • Transportation (rejection, Feb. 3, 2015)
  • Transportation (campus interviews all throughout February)

University of Nebraska, Lincoln

  • Reference check
  • campus interview invites issued 2/21 (Question: Was this structures?)

University of New Mexico

  • Calling References

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

  • Engineering Technology Position - Phone Interview 1/16
    • Invited for onsite
  • Environmental engineering
    • Phone interviews (week of March 2)

University of Pittsburgh

  • Sustainble engineering (letters requested Dec. 15, 2014)
  • Environmental engineering
    • Has anyone heard anything?

University of Portland

  • rejection email (Jan 27)

University of Tennessee, Knoxville

  • Structures rejection e-mail (Feb 18)

University of Utah

  • Society, Water and Climate (appointment in CE was an option): rejection Jan. 22

University of Washington - Seattle (3 positions)

  • Air Resources Engineering & Sciences - Onsite Interview (Feb.12-13)
  • Structural Engineering & Mechanics - Phone Interview notice (Feb.11)
  • Transportation (Phone interviews late Jan)

University of Wisconsin Madison

  • Env. Eng (Skype interviews Feb. 11)

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

  • Env Eng
    • Phone interview (January)
    • Campus visit invitation for early Feb

University of Wyoming

  • Structural Engineering
    • Phone Interview notice (Dec 23)
    • On-campus interview notice (Jan 7)
    • Rejection letter/position filled (Apr 29)

Valparaiso - Structural engineering -

  • Phone interview mid-feb. Any word since?  

Vanderbilt U

  • Infrastructure - Big data
    • Rejection, Jan. 5th
    • Campus interview, Jan. 12 (Got rejection e-mail).

Virginia Tech

  • Environmental engineering (Rejection, Dec 31st)
  • Structure (offer accepted, Dec 20)

West Virginia University Institute of Technology

  • On Site Interview (December 16)
  • Rejection 1/12

Michigan State University

  • Phone Interview for Transportation scheduled (Feb 23)

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