Note: Anyone looking ahead to the next job season and needing a good laugh might like to check out this MLA spoof. It's ongoing and borderline brilliant.

  • Allegheny College
    • offered and accepted 03/10

  • American University
    • interview; nothing happened since
    • Has this position been filled already? Apparently, per mass e-mail from department assistant. Email received that the search is concluded.

  • Austin College - campus interviews arranged; Offered and accepted (2/10) (ABD, modern lit)
    • Very cold rejection letter received. Thank you, AC!
    • Me too; and, they spelled my name wrong!

  • Bates College
    • rej. letter rec'd; position filled (2/10)
    • An ABD got the offer.
    • What is your field?

  • Baylor U.
    • Position filled

  • Boston U. (lecturer position)
    • Got a mail from BU, saying the position was cancelled (3/15).

  • Boston U. (Chinese Language and Comparative Literature)
    • Rejection letter received

  • Boston U. (Chinese Language and Comparative Literature)
    • rej. letter rec'd

  • Bucknell U.
    • Rej letter rec'd (4/26)

  • Cal Polytech
    • Any word?
    • rej. email rec'd (4/29)

  • Carnegie Mellon U.
    • MLA interview
any news?
is the search still on? Offer made and accepted

  • Case Western Reserve U.
    • Any news?

  • Centre College (post-doc)
    • Offer made and accepted

  • Christopher Newport U.
    • MLA Interview
    • Any news?
    • Letter rec'd (6/10) saying search was cancelled.

  • Clark U.

  • Columbia College Chicago
    • Any news? (4/12)

  • Foreign Service Institute (FSI)
    • rejected

  • Georgetown U.

  • Grand Valley State University (Visiting)
    • Any news? (4/12)
    • offer made (not sure if accepted)

  • Harvard U (Preceptor)

  • Indiana Univeristy of Pennsylvania (IUP)
    • Any news? Is the search still ongoing?
    • I am wondering too (4/12).
    • rej letter rec'd (4/30)

  • Lafayette College
    • rej letter rec'd (1/04)

  • McGill U.
    • offer made.
    • And accepted?

  • Michigan State U (Asst. Prof.)
    • has an internal candidate
  • Middlebury College
    • CLTA interview
    • offer made
    • And accepted?

  • Northwestern (Lecturer)

  • Penn State
    • interviews arranged
    • Any news?
    • Offered and accepted

  • Princeton (Lecturer)

  • Queensborough Community C
    • Any word from this community college?
    • rej letter rec'd (6/1)

  • Rhodes College (one-year position)
    • any news? (4/13)

  • Rice U. (Lecturer)

  • Savannah State U. (Assistant Prof.)
    • Anyone applied to this university? I only submitted CV and cover letter. Received their acknowledgement letter last week (3/12)
    • Email rejection this morning (3/30)

  • Saginaw Valley State University (Assistant Prof)
    • Any news?

  • Saint Joseph's University (Lecturer)
    • Any news from this school? (4/12)
    • rej. letter rec'd (4/14)

  • SCAD Savannah
    • Any news?

  • Stanford U. (postdoctoral fellow)

  • Stanford U. (Lecturer)
    • Any news?
    • rej. letter received.
    • Also received rejection letter today (3/30)

  • Trinity C.
    • rej. letter rec'd (3/9)

  • Trinity U.: CLTA Interview, and finalized the candidates
    • Campus interview arranged
Any news?
 Offer made. Congratulations!

  • Union College
    • phone interview (X2); offered (3/10)
Any news since then?

  • U of Arkansas
    • rej. letter rec'd

  • U of Florida

  • U of Hawai'i at Hilo (Visiting)
    • Any word from this university?
    • rej email/letter rec'd (6/15)

  • U of Hawai'i at Mānoa (Linguistics, tenure-track)
    • rej letter rec'd (7/5)

  • U of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (Lecturer)

  • U of North Carolina-Charlotte
    • rej letter rec'd (8/4)

*U of North Florida (film and media)

  • U of North Florida (Chinese language and literature)
    • rej. email rec'd (3/25)

  • U of Oklahoma
    • MLA Interview
    • Invite 4 candidates for campus interview
    • rej. email rec'd (4/30)
    • Offer made and accepted

  • U of Oregon (Visiting)
    • rejected

  • U of Pennsylvania (lecturer)

  • U of Rochester
    • Request for more materials (11/09)
    • Any news? Is the search still on? (3/6/2010)

  • U of San Francisco (Teaching position)- ACTFL Interview (11/09)
    • I had the interview with them at ACTFL. But was told later that the position was closed due to budget cut.
    • I had an interview at ACTFL, but haven't heard anything else since (3/17)
    • rec'd email notice saying search cancelled (4/28)

  • U of South Florida (tenure-track AP)
    • campus visits happening
    • offer made and accepted

  • U of South Florida (Director of CI)
    • campus interviews arranged
    • offer accepted

  • U of Tulsa
    • Any news from them? (3/19/2010)
    • AAS/telephone interview arranged in early March

  • U of Wisconsin-Madison: campus visits sent
    • rejection letter rec'd 3/5
Where is the job ad?
It was on the AAS job site (July 2009).

  • Utah State: phone interview completed (x3)
    • Were these interviews in Jan or Dec?
    • Dec (x2)
    • Any news here? Received email indicating search is ongoing and requesting updated materials. (3/10)
    • Campus interview (4/19)

  • Washington State U.

  • West Virginia U.
    • rej. letter rec'd (3/15)

  • Whitman College (CLTA interview in San Diego)
    • Search suspended
    • Search resumed? (3/1/2010) Visiting position
    • Invited for interview at AAS conference (3/19/2010)
    • Offer made and accepted (4/22)

  • Widener U.
    • rej. letter rec'd
    • Offer made.
    • Any news? And accepted?

  • Wofford C. (Asst. Prof.)
    • rej. email rec'd (4/15)
    • Same with me. (4/15)
    • Same here (4/15).

Hi, those who get job offers this year,

Congratulations! Could you please answer a few questions?

1) Job type: Research university or teaching college/university

2) Number of publications

3) Your teaching experiences?

4) Please describe your training in teaching Chinese as a foreign language.

5) Your current status (ABD, PhD, adjunct, visiting)

Thank you!

Could we also get a sense of how many people are using this wiki? - 8+1+1

  • I applied to quite a few lecturer positions in Chinese this year. Nearly no news at all, except for rejection from East Tenn. State Uni. and Tufts. How about others? any lecturer offer in Chinese so far? Thanks
  • I did not apply. Most schools interview applicants for lecturer positions much later. Don't panic.

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