TT AP Openings in BME for 2010

Boston University

Carnegie Mellon U.

Case Western Reserve U (Any update from CASE? Is the shortlist determined? )

The Catholic U. of America


Duke University

George Mason U

Louisiana Tech U.

Old Dominion U

Penn State U

Renssler Polytechnic Institute

Rice U

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

SUNY Stony Brook

SUNY Buffalo

U. Delaware

Drexel U.

U. Florida

U. Minnesota

Universityof Louisville

U. Penn (Bioengineering)

U. Rochester

U. South Carolina

U. Southern California

UT Austin

UT San Antonio

Univ. of Florida

UNC Chapel Hill

Vanderbilt U

Washington U St. Louis

Worcester polytechnic institute

Rejection letters

Boston University 1/7/2010

Boston University 12/19/2009

UT Austin 1/11/2010

UT Austin 1/5/2010

Tufts Univesity 1/5/2010

SUNY Stony Brook 2/3/10

U. Southern California 2/4/10

U. of Colorado 2/1/2010

Renssler Polytechnic Institute 2/21/2010

University of Louisville, Kentucky 3/22/2010

University of Minnesota 3/30/2010

University of Akron 4/4/2010

Duke University 4/14/2010

University of Illinois at Urbana -Champaign 3/30/2010

Phone Interview

Case Western Reserve U. Dec. 2009 (How about the result? Any shortlist?)

Old Dominion U. Dec. 2009

University of South Dakota 12/17/2009

Baylor College of Dentistry (Texas A&M) 4/12/2010

On-Site Interview



University of South Dakota 2/10/2010

U. of Minnesota

University of Illinois at Urbana -Champaign (3/15/10)

University of Illinois at Chicago (3/10/10)

University of Florida 3/10/2010

Univ. of Maryland

Uni of Buffalo (SUNY) 4/12/2010

Offers made

Position Filled

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