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any news? 2/7/2014

Committee is scheduling/making phone interviews over the next few weeks 3/9/2014

Any news for candidates who had phone interviews? 5/16/2014--> I haven't heard any news (had a phone interview) 5/20/2014

Interviews on campus in April 2014

Arizona State UniversityEdit

Contacted for Phone interview 2013-11-27

Onsite scheduled yet?

First offers made, hiring continuing 1/4/2014

any offers made yet?

which search area the  first offer made?

My freind just got offer

Baylor  (ME hiring BME)Edit

Rejection 1/29/2014


Any news?

Partial seminar list posted 1/4/2014


Any news?

Any news? 2014-01-11

George Mason UnivEdit

any news 3/14/14?

Partial candidate seminars on departmental website

George Washington UnivEdit

any news 2/20/2014?

any news 3/10/2014?

Rejection 4/2/14

Georgia Tech/EmoryEdit

skype inteview is going now


Any news? 2-28-2014

Maryland - College ParkEdit

Any update?

Candidate seminars on departmental website

Michigan State UniversityEdit

Synthetic biology position (

Finalists have been contacted 12/18, interviews scheduled for February.


Any news?

Onsite interview scheduled


Reference letters requested. 12/17/13

Any updates? 03/02/14

Rejection 3/31/2014

SUNY BuffaloEdit

Phone intervewed on Jan 15, 2014// any update?

on-site interview scheduled

Stony Brook UniversityEdit

any news 4/10/2014?

Temple UniversityEdit

any news?

Phone interview at 2/11 and got rejection after 3 days.

Seminar list posted to department webpage.

Rejection 05/01/14


Any news? Jan 8, 2014

on-site in feb

Tulane UniversityEdit

Any news? 2/27/2014

University of ColoradoEdit

Rejection 12/20/2013

Rejection 3/11/2014 (+1)

U ConnEdit

any news (2.5.14) ?

any news (3.9.2014)?

skype interview in mid Mar

U DelawareEdit

News (2/5/14)?

Univ. Mass. DartmouthEdit

any news 3/10/2014?

Univ. Nevada - Reno (BME/EE)Edit

Rejection 1/14/2014

Phone interview 2/12

UT AustinEdit

Rejection Jan 13 2014

UT San AntonioEdit

Phone Interviews  Nov 2013

Rejected 3.18.2014 x2

University of WashingtonEdit

1/23/2013 Rejection came ("Your application is impressive but our search committee needed to consider many factors in our final decision")

same here, and misspelled my name

Vanderbilt (BME/ChBE)Edit

Rejection 1/30/2014 x2


Any news? Feb 17, 2014

Worcester PolytechEdit

Letters requested. Dec 2013

Any news? Jan 8, 2014

Onsite scheduled in Feb

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