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Positions in Archaeology (2008-2009 Search)


Notice: I copied this wiki to scratchpad from which seems to be down. In any case, this format seems to be much cleaner and easier to work with. 2007-2008 search is located below '08-'09. Also, don't forget to change the "Last Updated" section above whenever you edit the wiki.

'How many people use this page: //update number if you do// 15


Received an Offer From //cross off searches that have been completed//

  • Radford University - offer made and accepted
  • Lehman College - 1yr position accepted
  • University of Texas at Tyler - offer made and accepted
  • Smith College - heard that an offer was made and accepted
  • Centre College- offer made and accepted
  • Humboldt State University
  • Grand Valley State University - offer made and accepted

Scheduled On-Campus Interview With //cross off searches that have been completed//

  • Alabama (got email 1/28 saying that someone got offered and accepted position)
  • Colorado State U: campus interview scheduled
  • Colorado College
  • Dickinson College
  • Humboldt State U.
  • Northwestern
  • Radford University
  • Smith College
  • Southern Methodist Univ. (as of Feb. 15 they offered job to someone who accepted)
  • Vanderbilt University
  • University of British Columbia (Bioarch)
  • UC Santa Barbara (presumably scheduled)

Received Rejection Letter From

  • Carleton College
  • Colorado College (letter dated 12/12/08)
  • Colorado State University (email that says there was a large applicant pool. 2X email says we've already narrowed our pool)
  • Southern Methodist University (mailed letter says they have their top 12)
  • University of British Columbia (offer made and accepted)
  • University of Pittsburgh (letter says 80+ applications received X2)
  • University of Colorado-Denver (email says review of applicants has been completed)
  • UC Santa Barbara (email says they have narrowed to a short list)
  • UT Austin (letter dated 27 March 2009)
  • Yale U (letter dated 5 March 2009, mentions that search had become a senior search)


(This list is sure to grow, other wikis for other fields have them already)

  • Albion College (email 12/19, cancelled but no reason given)
  • Ft. Lewis College (email 1/23, Anthro dept will appeal the freeze for this position)
  • Lehman College (downgraded to 1yr)
  • Northern Arizona University (received an email saying the search has been suspended due to state economy. The future of the search will be decided at a later date, but the university may be headed towards a hiring freeze.//This search was cancelled last week due to budget cuts. NAU would like to thank those who applied. Letters are on the way.)
  • St. Cloud State University (just received a call saying the search has been suspended due to crappy financial situation/freeze on hiring at the university level. This is getting scary.)
  • University of Kansas
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • University of North Carolina at Greensboro (Dec. 5/08)

Have Scheduled Phone or AAA Interview With/Had Letters Requested From //cross off searches that have moved to the next stage//

  • Alabama (AAA interview scheduled)
  • Albion College (search cancelled)
  • Ball State (AAA interview scheduled)
  • Centre College (AAA interview requested, scheduled)
  • Colorado College (references requested; phone interview scheduled 12/10)
  • Dickinson College (scheduled AAA interview)
  • Ft. Lewis (email inquiry into AAA attendance)(had an informal interview/"conversation" with a single member of the search committee at AAA) (Letters requested as of 12/10) (email 1/23, they have narrowed their list to the phone interview stage, but just got a hiring freeze)
  • Grand Valley State (AAA interview scheduled)
  • Hamilton College (short list has been made and letters requested)
  • Humboldt State (Phone Interview)
  • Northern Arizona (phone Interview)
  • Northwestern
  • Radford University (phone interview on Dec. 3)
  • St. Cloud State (letters, supporting material requested; phone interview requested)
  • Skidmore (letters requested; AAA interview requested)
  • Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (letters requested)
  • Smith (AAA interview requested & requested additional materials post-AAAs)
  • Southern Methodist University (AAA interview requested)
  • UC Santa Barbara (Letters/Syllabi/Pubs Requested)<s>
  • <s> UNC-Greensboro
  • U. Michigan (letters and supporting materials requested)
  • University of Pittsburgh (letters, supporting material, phone interview requested).
  • UT-Arlington (letters requested)
  • UT Austin (copies of publications and letters requested)
  • Vanderbilt (AAA interview)
  • Wheaton College (AAA interview scheduled, references requested Dec12)

Haven't Heard From //cross off searches that have moved to the next stage//

  • Alabama
  • Albion (acknowledgement of receipt of materials)
  • Ball State U
  • Boston U (Professor Classical)
  • Brown (Assoc/Full Mediterranean/Near East)
  • Centre College
  • Colorado College
  • Colorado State U
  • Dickinson College (acknowledgement of receipt of materials)
  • Fort Lewis College
  • Grand Valley State U (acknowledgement of receipt of materials)
  • Hamilton College (acknowledgement of reciept of materials)
  • Humboldt State (acknowledgement of receipt of materials)
  • Indiana U of Pennsylvania
  • Lehman College/CUNY (heard that this position was canceled and downgraded to a year VAP [2x, it is a 1 year, need Ph.D. in hand by early Jan])
  • McGill
  • Memphis
  • Northern Arizona U
  • Northern Michigan U (acknowledgement of receipt of materials)
  • Northwestern
  • Ohio State- Columbus (acknowledgement of receipt of materials)
  • Ohio State- Marion (Phys anth. job wiki says letters and supporting materials have been requested. Yes, this is true.)
  • Radford University
  • Skidmore (acknowledgement of receipt of materials)
  • Smith College (acknowledgement of receipt of materials)
  • Southern Illinois U
  • Southern Methodist U (acknowledgement of receipt of materials)
South Texas College
  • St. Cloud State(cancelled due to crappy economy)
  • Stanford
  • U Alaska Anchorage
  • U British Columbia Vancouver
  • UC Santa Barbara
  • U Colorado Denver
  • U Kansas (**heard that this search has been suspended for the time being b/c of the economic woes, although the search may be resumed later this year** Correction: This search has been terminated.)
  • U Michigan<s> (acknowledgement of receipt of materials)
  • University of New Orleans
  • UNC - Chapel Hill (2 year position)
  • <s>UNC Greensboro
  • U Pittsburgh (Position cancelled 11/22/08)
  • UT Arlington(letters requested)
  • UT San Antonio (Assoc/Full)
  • UT Austin
  • Vanderbilt
  • Washburn U
  • Wheaton College (huh- others are getting reference requests, and I just received confirmation of receipt of application, which I sent 6 weeks ago 12/16)
  • Yale U (acknowledgement of receipt of materials)

======Positions in Archaeology (2007-2008 Search)

LAST UPDATED: 04-17-09

For 08-09 head on over here: [[1]]

===Haven't Heard From

//just did some alphabetizing to keep things organized....//

  • American University
  • Augusta State College (position filled)
  • California State University Fullerton
  • Cornish College of the Arts (Social Science position)
  • East Carolina University
  • Eastern New Mexico University
  • Elon University
  • Field Museum Curator Position
  • Gainesville State College
  • Heidelberg College (Converting to 1 yr temp position and opening tt search again next year)
  • Hendrix College. //This department has an inside candidate.//
  • Humboldt State University
  • Idaho State
  • Illinois State University
  • Indiana Purdue Fort Wayne
  • Louisiana State
  • Missouri State
  • Muhlenberg College (bioarchaeology position)
  • New York University (paleo position)
  • Oberlin College //This department may have an inside candidate (one source)//
  • Ohio State Marion
  • Pennsylvania State (2 positions, GIS)
  • Queens College/CUNY
  • Rhodes College
  • Southern Methodist University (Southwest Archy)
  • SUNY Geneseo
  • Sweet Briar College
  • Texas Christian University
  • Texas State University
  • U of Alaska, Fairbanks
  • U of Arizona
  • U of California, Berkeley
  • U of California, Santa Cruz
  • U of Hawaii (East/SE Asian)
  • U of Idaho
  • U of Illinois at Chicago
  • U of Minnesota //Received email for supplementary material 11-16//
  • U of Minnesota Morris //may have inside candidate, the archy there isn't tenure-track//
  • U of New Hampshire
  • U of New Mexico
  • U of North Florida (open to all fields)
  • U of Northern Iowa
  • U of Pennsylvania (Near East - Jr position)
  • University of Texas at San Antonio (Sr Position)
  • University of Texas at San Antonio (Jr Position)
  • U of Toronto (Latin American)
  • U of Toronto at Mississauga (East Asian)
  • U of Toronto (Mesopotamian - Jr position)
  • Washington College
  • Wellesley College (very broad ad) //the social anthro page suggests that materials have already been requested;

This is correct//

//cross off searches that have been completed//

===Have Scheduled Phone or AAA Interview With/Had Letters Requested From

//cross off searches that have been completed//

  • American University (Early Dec.: letters and additional info requested)
  • Augusta State College (position filled)
  • Elon (AAA; phone interviews conducted on 2/27 and 2/28)
  • Heidelberg College (post AAA, letters and phone interview requested, converting to 1 yr temp & reopening tt search
next year)
  • Illinois State U.
  • Missouri State
  • Muhlenberg College (11/9)
  • Oberlin College
  • Penn State (GIS archaeology)
Request for additional information
  • Rhodes College
  • Sweet Briar
  • Texas Christian University (11/19); phone interview scheduled post AAA
  • U of Arizona (11/27)
Did they interview at the AAAs? Don't know, just a request for add'l materials         
    Letters requested 11/27
  • UC Berkeley
  • U of Minnesota-Morris (AAA interviews)
  • U of New Mexico
  • U of Toronto (Latin American) (asked for letters)
  • Wellesley (based on the other Anthro wikis)

===Have Scheduled On Campus Interview With

  • Queens College/CUNY
  • U of Hawaii (East/SE Asian)
  • U of Toronto at Mississauga (East Asian)
  • U of New Mexico (2/6)
  • U of Minnesota, Minn.
  • UC Berkeley

//cross institutions off the list if you know campus visits are finished//

===Received Rejection Letter From

  • Illinois State University
  • SMU
  • UCSC
  • SUNY Geneseo
  • U of Illinois Chicago
  • Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne
  • Oberlin
  • Penn State
  • Rhodes College
  • UC Berkeley
  • Washington College

===Received an Offer From

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