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African American Literature Edit

Last Update: Feb 18, 4:30 pm EST Please change the date/time when you update the page.

Arcadia Due 11/1

  • ack. snail mail 11/7
  • scheduled MLA interview (12/10)

Bard No deadline (confirmed via email)

  • Writing sample request 12/4
  • MLA interview scheduled by email 12/09 (x2)
  • campus interview list decided, note via email (02/03)

Bard College at Simon's Rock Due 11/1

  • ack. 11/7 snail mail
  • email requesting phone interview 12/13, 12/15

Bowdoin C. Due 12/8

  • ack. and affirmative action forms via snail mail 11/24
  • any word on this one...? 2/6
  • they are interviewing candidates this week and next 2/18

Brown Due 11/1

  • campus visits scheduled

Clark Due 11/1

  • ack. email 11/4

MLA interview scheduled 12/10

College of Holy Cross Due 11/14

  • rec'd email requesting writing sample (12/8). email said they had sent out earlier email, but i never got it. others may also be in this position, but at least they try again!
  • Did anyone else hear from them??

College of Saint Rose Due 11/1

  • Writing sample request via email 11/11 (x2)
  • MLA interview 12/2 (x3)

On Campus visit scheduled 1/12

Columbia (race/lit) Due 10/31

  • it looks like writing sample requests have been made. See under "Other Ethnic American"

Cornell Due 10/15

Ack. 10/22 Writing sample request via email 12/3 (x2) Is this a request for the initial ws that was req'd in the application or for one in addition to that? Additional.

  • MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/13 (x2)

Does the short list include associates and full professors?

Davis Due 11/7

  • Does anyone have info about their projected time frame? They're supposed to be interviewing at MLA, right?
  • Interview Request over a week ago (I forget the exact date)
  • I know of one MLA interview they conducted with an assoc. level person.

Florida Gulf Coast University Due 1/01/10

George Mason Due 11/3

  • MLA interview via phone 12/13 (x2)
  • Campus visit scheduled 12/31

Grand Valley Due 11/3

  • MLA interview 12/2 (x2)
  • They have already had several campus visits

Gustavus Adolphus Due 11/7

  • ack. email 11/7

Hampshire Due 11/1

Hendrix Due 11/7

  • MLA interview 12/8

any updates on this job? has it been suspended?

Hunter College, CUNY Due 11/7

  • MLA interview requested via phone (12/20)
  • Invitation for Campus Visit in February sometime (1/8)
  • Would you mind sharing what week the campus visit is scheduled for? In my interview they mentioned they wouldn't be holding visits until February.

Johns Hopkins Due 11/1

  • This search has been canceled (hiring freeze)--in email 11/7
  • Search reopened 11/25 (via email)
  • Any news?
  • MLA interview requested 12/17 (via phone)
  • Anyone else been asked for an interview?
  • Finished their search (got email regarding this) early March

New York U Due 11/1

  • Ack. 11/8
  • Writing sample, dossier request 11/11 (x2)
  • Anything else from NYU? We're talking about the Gallatin School, right?
  • there's also some stuff on this position on ethnic studies- but sounds like everyone is waiting. i just emailed them this AM to find out what's going on with the search (12/18).
  • was told that search committee recently completed its first round of interviews and is in the process of determining the finalists for this position. (12/18)

Northern Arizona University Due 10/15

Ack. 10/20 Phone interview 11/5 (x3)

Chancellor canceled this search 11/9

Rutgers Due 10/31

  • Writing sample and dossier requested, 11/25
  • Writing sample and dossier requested, 12/3
  • Writing sample and dossier requested, 12/9
  • MLA interview scheduled 12/16 (via phone)
  • the calendar of events on the English dept website lists visits in February and March by people who appear to be the finalists for this job; see

Smith Due 11/3

  • writing sample and dossier request 11/17 via email
  • writing sample and dossier request (11/25)
  • dossier and writing sample requested via email (12/5)
  • Inside email says job offered and accepted, 3/15

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Due 11/12 Anyone heard anything from SIUE?

  • I sent in my stuff, but I never heard anything. (1/7)

SUNY Stony Brook Due 11/1

  • This search has been canceled (hiring freeze)--in email 11/3.

UCSD Due 11/15

U of Chicago (up to three open positions) Due 11/3

U of Colorado (ethnic/afam) Due 10/24

  • writing sample requested

U of Kentucky Review begins 11/15

  • Acknowledgment via snail mail 12/1

U of Michigan Due 11/10

  • MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/09
  • kind rejection email 12/19
  • rejection after MLA interview (no campus visit) 01/15

U of Missouri, Columbia Due 11/1

  • Search canceled because of hiring freeze- very nice email 11/19

U Nebraska Due 11/2

  • received e-mail notification that search has been "paused" for this year 1/27/2009

U North Carolina, Charlotte Due 10/15

  • received request for more materials (11/7)
  • Phone interview 11/19
  • Rejection letter 1/06/09

UNC Wilmington (African American or Latino/a Lit) Due 11/1

  • scheduled MLA interview via phone 11/26

U of Oregon Due 10/31

U of Oregon (open) Due 11/15

  • MLA Interview 12/2 (x2)
  • rejection letter via snail mail 12/26ish

U of South Carolina Due 10/31

  • Search cancelled 11/20

U Tennessee Martin Due 11/1

  • Writing sample, dossier request 11/12

MLA interview scheduled 12/4

U of Wisconsin, Madison Due 10/20

Ack. 10/31

Writing sample requested (when?) WS requested 11/15 or so

  • MLA interview scheduled 12/11 (x2)

Wesleyan Due 11/15

  • MLA Interview 11/24 (x3)
  • Rejection Letter (snail mail) 12/6 (x3)
  • MLA Interview and they didn't bother to read the writing sample (the committee read my sample and asked questions about it)

Willamette Due 11/7

  • Writing sample, dossier request 11/12 (x4)
  • MLA Interview scheduled 12/5 (x2)
  • Rejection e-mail (12/18)
  • They have job talks listed on the dept calendar so I guess that's as good as a rejection letter.
  • Real classy, Willamette! (2/6)

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