WWW.ACADEMIA.EDU helps academics follow the latest research in their field:

You can follow what academics in your field are working on

  • the latest papers they are publishing
  • talks they are giving
  • blog posts and status updates they are writing

You can create a webpage on, and share your own research. You can:

  • list your research interests, and upload papers and talks
  • get stats on paper views and downloads
  • find what keywords people use to search for you on Google


ResearchGATE is for scientists, built by scientists driven by the concept of Science 2.0.

From a student co-authoring his first research paper to a busy post-doc or a strategy-thinking professional group leader, every scientist knows that research success is heavily based on interaction with coworkers and fellow scientists. This interaction happens visibly or invisibly in our daily lives as researchers: the chat in the library, the call to an author of a new paper or the emotional discussion at a convention reception. More formal interactions include searching for the latest research papers, talks or patents. Everybody develops his or her own habits in interacting with other researchers.

ResearchGATE offers tools tailored to researchers' need. Whether you are working with a co-researcher in a different country or even continent, or would like to find a forum to discuss your research ideas and results, ResearchGATE keeps you in touch with scientists all over the world. You can find new research contacts in people performing in the same field or in different fields using the same techniques as you do. ResearchGATE connects researchers and information.

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