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This is a wiki for tracking searches in various categories for academic (i.e. faculty) positions. Please post listings by subject area. Note that some areas need filling in with actual pages .

Relevant Articles

[IMHO Bousquet has hit the nail on the head here, whether we like it or not.]

Academic Networking and Job Resources

Non-Academic Career Resources

(some requests for things like this on the venting page, which would not open for editing in the javascript editor because it is a table instead of editable topics)

  • The Versatile PhD, new home of Wrk4us, an international email discussion list on nonacademic careers for people with graduate education in Humanities, Education, and Social Science disciplines.
  • National Assocation of Independent Schools website - includes a national list of teaching positions open at independent college prep schools.
  • Another idea: look at administrative positions at universities you are interested in. One of my friends moved quickly from grad student to Associate dean (in under 5 years) and he told me, "a PhD can be like a union card for many of the most powerful positions at a university." Something to consider. Plus, many schools will let you work out a joint appt (you teach maybe one course a year but have an administrative position in student advising, the graduate school, etc. )
  • The Leaving Academe forum at the Chronicle of Higher Education
  • is a great resource for historians or others wanting to do public history, digital humanities, etc.
  • I hope it's not a breach of protocol to mention my own blog, , here, but my friend and I recently started it to address life beyond academia for academics--in addition to a good dose of academia-related stuff, of course! I'm mostly discussing my experiences on the academic job market (some of which is inspired by the Wiki), while my friend is providing more of the hands-on information on how to make a transition outside of the academy. (If this is bad form, someone can go ahead and delete this link!)
  • See also the career advice columns 'Leaving Academia' and 'On the Fence' at Inside Higher Ed:
  • Eliza Woolf, who writes 'On the Fence' also has a related blog:
  • #alt-academy: Alternate Academic Careers for Humanities Scholars
  • Webcomic about leaving academia: Literary Emergency

Humanities Journals

  • Documenting the experiences of working with academic journals in the humanities. Which journals move quickly on submission? Which journals give useful feedback? Which journals help your research reach an audience? Go to Humanities Journals Wiki to see others' experiences and add your own.

Interview experiences

Application Year 2012-2013

Application Year 2011-2012

Application Year 2010-2011

Application Year 2009-2010

Dissertation Fellowships (Research, Completion, Predoctoral)

Pre 2009-2010 search year Archive:

Various others listed below still need formatting

Film and Media Studies Human Relations Leisure_sciences Linguistics

Mass Communications:Journ/PR/Adv Engineering, Mechanical middle_east_history Music Neuroscience Organizational development Philosophy Physical Anthropology 07-08 Link Political Science Religion social work STS/History-Philosophy-Sociology of Science Urban Studies and City Planning studio_art

Comic Relief

  • Anyone looking ahead to the next job season and needing a good laugh might like to check out this MLA spoof. It's ongoing and borderline brilliant.


Exhaustig, as my chums from school
Did grum and gream at Em Allay:
All mopesy was the Chronicule,
But we’d been twerking all day.

“Beware the Jobberwik, my son!
Five-minute tasks shall take five days!
Beware the Letter Service! Shun
its mislaid dossiers!”

Took hours to choose our vorpal pens:
And sighned our coverlets with pride –
And threw Seevees into the breeze,
And sat awhile, and cried.

And as we kvented and kvetched
The Jobberwik, that pushy moocher,
Shtiffled past us as we retched,
And sketchered at our futures!

Oi veh! Oi veh! All night, all day
At Em Allay we groamed and grobbed –
And left half-dead, but in our heads
The slight hope we’d been jobbed.

“And shall we feed the Jobberwik?
And shall we gain or lose employ?
Regardless, shall we kill morale,
or fight despair with joy?”

Exhaustig, as my chums from school
Did grum and gream at Em Allay:
All mopesy was the Chronicule,
But we’d been twerking all day.

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